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At the time that I am writing this article I have just finished writing the Horoscopes for the week of the 5th October and I can see first hand the frustration from a whole series of planetary standoffs that are creating some tension, mainly because I know this isn’t representative of the month we’ve moved into. I also know that apart from giving a false impression of the month itself, that in every instance these are important wakeup calls, but also brief. I like to think of them as alarm clocks going off. 

Most of this is triggered by the Moon, but one opposition in particular, an opposition between Mars and Neptune on the 6th/8th October will be felt more strongly, but is the prime example of something appearing to be a problem only to be one of the best things that could have happened. Mars, in his early weeks in Virgo, has teamed up with lucky Jupiter for the first time since 2004, but it’s his opposition with Neptune, planet of dreams in Pisces that gives both a real boost. Mars is the warrior planet of the cosmos and when he’s under pressure he fights back, fuelling your passions and fighting spirit while Neptune, fearing his dreams are under attack, will have you wanting it more. Each have different agendas, but like taking a toy off a toddler, sometimes it’s not until something is threatened that you realise how much you want it and how much you’re willing to fight for it.
It’s the first 10 days of the month that are what I call tricky or frustrating, a little like Auckland traffic. If you’ve ever taken to Auckland’s motorways in peak traffic and I suspect it’s the same in any city, anywhere in the world, you’ll know that usually once you get on the motorway you’re fine, it’s in the feeder roads that you’re often stuck in traffic that barely moves. That’s what October is like, a month that starts with a lot of promise but appears stalled or stuck, only to find that once the month hits double digits that things start to clear.
In the same way that it’s a whole raft of different reasons that clog things up in the early days, it’s a whole raft of factors that suddenly has things moving again.
The month begins with the aftermath of a total lunar eclipse in Aries at the end of September having just run its course. While the eclipse was on the 28th September the Moon didn’t leave Aries until the 30th September, less than 24 hours before the new month began. Yet even here, while this created some intensity and like any Full Moon, eclipsing or otherwise some tension and pressure, this threw Venus and Saturn a lifeline, allowing you to move into the month with two very happy and grateful planets.
For falling in Fire ruled Aries, this was a huge support for Saturn as he moves into his first full month back in Fire ruled Sagittarius and for Venus, as she moves into her final days in Fire ruled Leo.
Venus returned to Leo on the 6th June for what should have been a 24 day visit aimed at fuelling your desires and expectations and triggering the laws of attraction in the Leo ruled area of your chart. Venus returned to find Jupiter in his final months and Saturn just about to retrograde back out of Sagittarius. Venus did leave in July, but retrograded back in just 13 days later and it was while she was here that she not only aligned with Jupiter twice before he left on the 11th August, but aligned with the Sun, Mercury and Mars as each returned. Venus is the planet that made direct contact with every planet that will have any influence in the Leo ruled area of your chart over the coming years, established a connection with Saturn during his final days in Sagittarius before retrograding back out, only to rekindle that connection  when he returned last month.
During the nearly 4 months that Venus will have spent in Leo before she leaves on the 9th October she also formed a special bond with Uranus in Aries, coming together in an auspicious trine aspect three times. There was even a 6 week period where they were both in retrograde motion at the same time.
So to move into the month with a total lunar eclipse in Aries having ended less than 24 hours earlier, as Saturn moves into his first full month back in Sagittarius and Venus moves into her final days in Leo, is set to have huge consequences. The Daily, Weekly and October Monthly Horoscopes will provide some insight into which areas of your chart are ruled by Leo, Sagittarius and Aries with the Monthly Horoscopes Reports providing a lot more detail. Because October is such an important gateway month we’re running a special on these this month, so look out down the bottom of this article for details. In the meantime, as an example of just how important this is, for the three Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces this will play out between your income, work and career sectors, while for the three Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, this will play out between your communication, relationship and friendship sectors.
When Venus finally leaves Leo on the 9th October she’ll not only bring her own 4 month visit to an end, but a 15 month journey that began with Jupiter’s return in July 2015. While Jupiter left Leo in August and is now beginning a new journey through Virgo, this chapter will remain in force until Venus leaves.
It’s when Venus returns to Virgo on the 9th October that she’ll team up with Mars and Jupiter and while the planet of luck and expansion has been here since August and the Sun and Mercury have both been and gone, it’s only now that things will take off. Venus spent 13 days here back in July, returning ahead of all the other planets to plant seeds before retrograding back out. Venus returns on the 9th October to find that those seeds have grown into a jungle of possibilities and potential.
Venus and Mars will both align with Jupiter this month, creating some of the most auspicious days in the year full stop and some of the most auspicious in the Virgo ruled area of your chart in over a decade. Venus won’t align with Jupiter until the 25th/26th October, but it’s Mars’ alignment that not only auspiciously straddles the middle days of the month, with its influence spreading out a week or so either side, but comes at a very auspicious time. Because Mars moves much slower than Venus, his alignment with Jupiter will last longer, lasting from the 16th October to the 19th October. Why the timing of that is auspicious, apart from the fact that it will begin building a week before and take a week after the fact to ease back, claiming the middle period of the month, is what else is happening at the time.
That something else is an auspicious trine aspect between Jupiter and Pluto from the 12th October to the 17th October. This is something that happens every 12 years, with the planets of luck and change coming together with quite literally game changing potential. However, what is auspicious about this alliance is that it has never happened while Jupiter is moving through Virgo before. Pluto, who is making his first visit to Capricorn since the American and French Revolutions, is here from 2008 to 2024 and while that’s a long time, with Jupiter last in Virgo in 2004, he wasn’t there back then and when Jupiter comes full circle in 12 years’ time Pluto will be gone. So this powerful, positive and auspicious trine aspect between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn from the 12th October to the 17th October is the first here in our lifetime. However it won’t be the last, with the two coming together again next March and finally next June.
In the same way that Saturn and Uranus are cementing a relationship between the Sagittarius and Aries ruled areas of your chart, something that will only grow stronger over the coming years, so too are Jupiter and Pluto, with this month the foundation for that period. To have Mars align with Jupiter at that very time makes this even more auspicious, especially for matters in the Virgo ruled area of your chart. While your Horoscopes and the Monthly Reports will provide more details, as an example for Sagittarians this plays out between your career and income sectors, Cancereans between your communication and relationship sectors and for Geminis between your home and financial sectors.
As you can see, a congested and tense start to the month does make way for some auspicious conditions, with Venus’ return to Virgo on the 9th October beginning the shift. However, one of the main things holding things back is that as we move into October the third and final Mercury retrograde phase of 2015 is still in effect, putting the handbrake on the Libra ruled area of your chart in particular, but having a flow on effect across the board. Mercury will turn direct on the 10th October, just 3 days before a New Moon here on the 13th October.
One of the reasons why Mercury’s direct turn in Libra on the 10th October and a New Moon here on the 13th October will see the tide turn fairly quickly, is that with the North Node spending its last full month here, leaving early next month and then not returning for another 17 years, there will be a real pull to get things moving.
It’s during that 4 day period, starting with Venus’ return to Virgo on the 9th October, continuing with Mercury’s direct turn on the 10th October and New Moon on the 13th October that things will start to move, marking the point where we break free from the traffic congestion of the early days of the month.
Even this month’s Full Moon on the 28th October will play into this month’s driving forces, which is the growing partnership between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Falling in fellow Earth Sign Taurus, this will give both a boost.
Two other events will change the dynamics, namely the Sun’s return to Scorpio on the 24th October and Ceres’ return to Aquarius on the 28th October.
The Sun will return to Scorpio 5 weeks and 1 day after Saturn’s departure, enough time to let things settle, to assimilate all the knowledge and experience gained, but also creating enough distance that it won’t be seen as a continuation of what might have been a challenging few years in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart. Yet it’s the start of a period where you’re able to build on the foundation laid and while at this stage it’s simply the Sun’s return, something that happens at this time every year, over the coming months and right through to the first half of 2016, this is destined to grow into something special.
In the same way that the Sun’s return to Scorpio brings a previously active area of your chart back into play, the same happens with Ceres’ return to Aquarius. However, while October is always the month when the Sun will return to throw the solar spotlight on the Scorpio ruled area of your chart, there is very rarely planetary activity in Aquarius at this time of year. However Ceres, who is making her first visit in 5 years, moved through from the 4th April to the 4th August, leaving not by moving on but by retrograding back out. It was her direct turn in Capricorn last month that sets the scene for her return on the 28th October and staying on until the end of January, long enough for the Sun to return to take over, this will have an impact on the closing months of the year.
This will also see Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system return in time to support Mercury and the North Node in their final days in fellow Air Sign Libra and will also be here when Venus and Mars return next month.
All in all a month that begins on a frustrating note, makes way for a very exciting breakthrough month, but also a month that is a gateway month, with most of the forces that will shape 2016 either coming into their own this month or coming into play for the first time. You don’t have to wait until 2016 to see what the coming year will bring, it’s all here now or will be by the end of the month.
It’s for this reason that I have decided to put the Monthly Report subscriptions on special, making them as cheap as possible. There are two important things to know about these Reports. The first is that these aren’t computer generated and a lot of my time each month is spent writing these. These are written in a similar style to this article, but in a way that I’m able to specifically go into details about how each factor will impact you. The second thing you need to know is that these aren’t just a one off Report, where you get a Report for the coming month and that’s it. This is a 12 month subscription, one that gives you a Report every month for a 12 month period. At the risk of sounding cheesy and a bit like an infomercial, as part of this special we’re offering something more.
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All the very best of for the coming month.
Anne Macnaughtan
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