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This month I am writing the Overview from what I have termed my ‘island’ and it is for very specific astrological reasons that I mention this. At the time of writing this I am six days on from a hip replacement and I am on enforced go slow and for anyone that knows me that would normally be considered torture. The fact that I am actually enjoying the time out would normally send me into a guilt laden spiral, except that I know when to respect the gods.

I don’t do sickness, rehabilitation, holidays or even weekends well, but this time it’s different and it’s all to do with Saturn and knowing when I have met my match.
Saturn, in Sagittarius from December 2014 to December 2017 (apart from a short break between June and September 2015), is obviously spending the whole of 2016 here and for most of that time there are no challenges and everything is smooth sailing. In fact, with Mars having just retrograded back out of Sagittarius on the 28th May and with support from Uranus and Ceres in Aries, Saturn and the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart have nothing but support. That might sound like a good thing but it’s not, because we must at some point be challenged, otherwise we risk falling asleep at the wheel, becoming complacent and drifting into the easy lane without realising. The stars know this and have a safety feature built in and that safety feature is that once a year the Sun, Mercury and Venus will reach the other side of the sky, move into opposition, provide the wakeup calls needed and then move on.
At the same time, while the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through Gemini at this time every year, having Saturn on the other side of the sky and in opposition means that their mandate is being policed in a way that leaves no room for excuses or short cuts. Saturn is not only policing his mandate in the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart but the Sun’s mandate over in Gemini.
This standoff began on the 21st May, when the Sun returned to Gemini, opposing sign to Sagittarius and in the process set the scene for this month’s opposition with Saturn, while at the same time triggering something a lot more immediate. It was pure coincidence that the Sun returned to Gemini just a week before Mars was due to retrograde back out of Sagittarius, but also that the Moon should return for its last visit before the warrior planet of the cosmos backed out, just a day later. This created a situation where, on Sunday 22nd May the Sun, during his first full day in Gemini was confronted by not only an opposition with Mars that extended out for the next few days, but a Full Moon as well. This was no gradual build up to the Sun/Saturn opposition this month and instead was more akin to coming around a blind corner and straight into a head on collision.
I am a Cancerean and for me Gemini is the ruler of my 12th House, that rather challenging (for me) area of our chart where we are asked to slow down and in the wind down of an old solar year move over into the slow lane. This is a time of reflection, finding the time to hear yourself think and creating a transition phase from one solar year to the next, so that you don’t mindlessly stumble from one to the next. I am guilty of paying lip service to this in the past but with Saturn over on the other side of the sky I know that if I were to push through I’d pay for it, hence respecting the conditions and a need to slow down.
For my fellow Cancereans I certainly hope that the lengths the universe is going to, in order to get you to slow down, pace yourself, work smarter, look after your health and take life’s burden’s off your shoulders when you can aren’t as extreme as my experience. On the other hand while writing the monthly Overview might be considered ‘work’, Saturn would be just as disapproving if I shirked my responsibilities.
For this was never about the Sun or Saturn’s mandate being more important than the other and all about each side holding the other to account and creating a need for balance, with pressure and tension if this is out of balance. The Gemini ruled area of all our charts must be honoured but so too must the Sagittarian ruled area and the problem this creates is that they are in conflict with each other. For me and all Cancereans there is a demand to be highly disciplined, responsible and accountable when it not only comes to our work commitments and matters, but with our health as well. At the same time the wind down of our current solar year requires that we take it easy and spend as much time in the slow lane as possible. That’s a real juggling act and on top of that both sides are policing the other, ready to tell on you to the gods if you try and take short cuts.
We are all experiencing this and will continue to and while it will present as different experiences for different people the dynamics are the same, in that it’s all about balance. For example, for Geminis and Sagittarians the balancing act is between your personal and relationship needs, for Taurus and Scorpios between money coming in and money going out. Even within that, for every Cancerean, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarian and every other sign the experience will be different and no two life stories will be the same, but the dynamics of this opposition are the same, in that it’s all about balance and also using any pressure as motivation and to improve things on both fronts.
Right now I’m not experiencing any pressure or tension and I hope I won’t because I’ve gone into this aware of what is happening and I will continue to abide by the gods’ laws. Right now, writing this on my laptop, a storm outside and all my comforts around me should be keeping all the gods happy, those that know that I must have this written and ready for the new month and those that want me to convalesce.
While both the Sun and Venus moved into opposition with Mars in their early days in Gemini and he has since left, they are both just days away from moving into opposition with Saturn, with tensions building or at least balancing issues being exposed in the Gemini and Sagittarius ruled areas of your chart. The Sun will move into opposition with Saturn on 3rd/4th June and Venus will move into opposition on the 4th/5th June, with the 4th June finding them not only both in opposition but the Moon getting in on the act as well. This plays out over the first weekend in June, but this is also when the Gemini ruled area of your chart is starting to find its stride.
The 4th June is not only the peak of the Sun and Venus’ opposition with Saturn but the day that their six day alignment begins and the day the Moon returns ahead of a New Moon on the 5th June, creating an opportunity for new beginnings. This is a case of the Sun and Venus holding hands, just as the doors open to new beginnings and pressure from Saturn pushes you through.
Four years ago Venus passed in front of the Sun to create a rare Venus transit (or Venus eclipse) but four years on she passes directly behind the Sun. Normally when the Sun and Venus get too close we lose Venus from the night sky, simply because she rises and sets with the Sun and the sky is too bright for us to see her. In other words she’s there, as are all the rest of the stars, but it’s simply too bright. Not this year and especially not on the 7th June, when their alignment peaks. The Sun and Venus are merging into one united force and will remain aligned from the 4th June to the 10th June. That this begins just as they both move into opposition with Saturn is a sign that they have banded together in order to match his might.
From the Sun’s return last month to Mercury’s departure on the 30th June the Gemini ruled area of your chart is only active for five weeks and five days and without pressure from Saturn you could have snoozed your way through it and never realised. Yet you're on your toes, paying attention, able to tap into all that the Sun and Venus united can attract and work with Mercury when he moves through from the 13th June to the 30th June. Mercury’s opposition with Saturn on the 20th/21st June will be the last for Saturn this year and will provide one last chance to address any balance issues.
While you must respect Saturn and in particular a Saturn opposition, because when you ignore him then this is when you will see the tough side of the hard taskmaster of the cosmos, this is easily managed and it’s all about balance. Get that in from the get go and this will be simply one factor of a rich month, a month that has a lot going for it.
One of the things that this month has going for it is that with Jupiter in his first full month in direct motion in Virgo the pace of the year is picking up and will continue to. With the support of Pluto, in retrograde motion in Capricorn and from Mercury, in Taurus until the 13th June, the Virgo ruled area of your chart will be experiencing a slow but steady increase in momentum and good fortune.
That good fortune should increase along with the pace of life as the month increases, with the period around the 20th/23rd June especially auspicious. This is when Jupiter will align with the North Node, bringing the elements of luck, fate, chance and destiny together.
At the same time Mercury, who returned to Taurus on the 6th April for what should have been a 15 day visit is still there, thanks to his retrograde phase last month. However, back in direct motion and tying up loose ends until finally leaving on the 13th June, Mercury has the right balance of support and pressure to make these final days count. Once Mercury leaves there will be no more planetary activity in Taurus until 2017, with support from Jupiter and Pluto nicely balanced with an opposition with Mars on the 9th/10th June. While this will see tensions and pressures come to a head between the Taurus and Scorpio ruled areas of your chart, it is something both sides need. Mercury needs the wakeup call for the reasons already given, while for Mars this is the only real wakeup call of any substance he’ll get.
Mars left Scorpio on the 6th March, a month before Mercury returned to Taurus so this is an opposition that shouldn’t be happening, but obviously is. This is because on the 28th May Mars retrograded back into Scorpio just months after leaving, something that last happened in 1937. Back for a rare double dip visit and in retrograde motion until the 30th June, apart from a monthly opposition from the Moon this is the only challenge you or Mars will get, providing some much needed wakeup calls.
Here a theme is definitely emerging, of pressure being balanced by support, for while Mercury is able to call on his support team, Mars is able to do the same, although it might not arrive right on time. Pressure between Mercury and Mars will come to a head on the 9th/10th June but it won’t be until Venus’ return to Cancer on the 18th June that Mars will finally have his support crew. With the Sun returning to Cancer on the 21st June and Mercury on the 30th June once that support kicks in it will remain in place and most importantly during Mars’ most critical weeks back in Scorpio. That will be good news for Neptune and Chiron in fellow Water sign Pisces, who haven’t had a lot in the way of support this year.
Beyond what is happening here this month I see June as a gateway month, the last month of not just the first half of 2016 but the last month before the dynamics of the year start to change. The second half of the year is set to be a huge contrast to this first half and while there will be a gradual transition from one to the other, that transition begins next month and therefore this is the final month of the old order.
While our calendars determine that the year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December the stars don’t suddenly shift on that day and you can’t neatly package 2015, 2016 or 2017 as a year. Astrologically life is governed by roughly 12 month blocks and those 12 month blocks occasionally line up with the calendar year, but that’s not the case this year. Those 12 month blocks are directed by Jupiter and with his yearlong visit to Virgo ending in September and his yearlong visit to Libra beginning, by the time June ends and we move into July we begin the transition to that new era.
A reminder that the Monthly Horoscopes will provide more details on where this month’s conditions will play out and what this will mean for you, with the Monthly Reports going into even more detail.
Already I am starting to look to the future and to a very exciting 12 months coming up and as is always the case in June, we will be opening up the Personal Chart special, which will come with a free ‘Roadmap to 2017 Report’, which will detail the events coming up over the next 12 months (from mid 2016 to mid 2017) and how this will impact all the areas of your chart. A Personal Chart, which I work on myself (not a computer generated chart), will detail all your personal transits over that period. Normally $125 these will be on special for just $50 and will come with the free Roadmap to 2017 Report. I will be sending out an email around the 10th June letting you know that this special is open, but if you would like to be notified before this goes public, in order to get in first, email me on earlybird@forecasters.co.nz and we’ll send you out an email.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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