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From the get go there is a sense of anticipation in the air and a sense that everything we have been working towards all year is finally coming together and with the hump of the year over, on the other side the exciting stuff is about to happen.

August belongs to Leo or at least the first three weeks of the month do, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of August here, yet with Mercury having left on the 31st July, Venus leaving on the 6th August and no more planetary activity here once the Sun leaves on the 23rd August, this is the shortest and most low key update we’ve had here in several years. Last year we had Jupiter wrapping up his yearlong visit and Mars making his first visit in two years and last for another two years. With Mars returning to Leo next year and the North Node as well, big things are set to develop here over the coming years, but this year things are strangely quiet.
The bare minimum planetary activity in any given year will be the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who without fail will return at around the same time every year. The other given is that at some point the Sun and Moon will align to form a New Moon and at some point the Sun and Moon will move into opposition, creating a Full Moon in Aquarius. If nothing else, this is the bare minimum you can expect and this year that’s what we have here, the bare minimum. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus still travelling fairly close this is a fairly compact group as well, with all planetary activity in Leo having started with Venus’ return on the 12th July and ending with the Sun’s departure on the 23rd August, a period of exactly six weeks. As we are almost at the halfway point of that six week period, as we move into the month there is a sense of urgency, especially in the Leo ruled area of your chart.
However, while this may be a fairly low key update for the Leo ruled area of your chart a case of good timing puts the planets here at an important moment in history, able to play a supporting role in stories that will provide huge support while the planets are here and then ongoing support once they move on, giving the things ruled by the Leo ruled area of your chart more clout than conditions suggest. The planetary activity in Leo could be seen as a ‘kingmaker’ playing support for Uranus, in his early weeks in retrograde motion in Aries and for Saturn, in his final weeks in retrograde motion in Sagittarius, loading the bases in the three Fire ruled signs and putting the planets there in harmony. A 14 day period from Uranus’ retrograde turn on the 30th July to Saturn’s direct turn on the 13th August puts planets that have been on friendly terms all year in retrograde motion at the same time, but that this two week period should coincide with the very time the planets are moving through Leo makes this serendipitous to say the least.
The August Monthly Horoscopes, the Monthly Reports and your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes will all provide insight into how this will play out, but as an example of what this means for the Water Signs – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio this creates a huge potential across the income, work and career fronts. By that I mean for Cancereans, the planets moving through Leo are focused on new income opportunities, while Uranus is in retrograde motion in your career sector and Saturn in your work sector, with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the work and career fronts during the short period of opportunity where the doors are open to new income potential. For the Air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius this is playing out across what are known as the social houses – that of friendship, relationships and communication, with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on two fronts and new beginnings on the third, especially around the time of a New Moon on the 3rd August.
For everyone we will all get to benefit from a sense of harmony between the Sun and two of the major players of 2016 and with Uranus in Aries all year and Saturn in Sagittarius all year, this is the point where their influence is likely to come together in a way that we can see tangible evidence that this is working for us.
If the planets moving through Leo this year are the bare minimum possible and are moving quickly through, something very different is developing in Virgo, where the Sun returns on the 23rd August. With Jupiter having returned to Virgo in August 2015 and due to leave on the 9th September, his last full month here was always going to be the point where it was time to bring things home. While the Sun won’t return until later in the month and Venus will return on the 6th August, Mercury returned on the 31st July, with the 1st August his first full day here and literally your first full day of being able to get your head in the game and turn what has been a long term project into something that is now ready to be brought home.
The one fly in the ointment will be a Full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th August, but as a Full Moon is an inescapable part of the Sun’s monthly visit to Leo, it is the Sun and Moon’s opposition that brings the only pressure, tensions and wakeup calls you’ll get and as such are hugely important. This is as important to the Leo ruled area of your chart, which needs the push this brings, as it is to the Aquarius ruled area of your chart, which has had no planetary activity for months now.
However, there is something rather mysterious about this Full Moon for it is not quite what it seems. It is not truly an ordinary Full Moon but it isn’t a lunar eclipse either, lying somewhere in the middle. Some Astronomical websites refer to this as a Full Moon and others a lunar eclipse, but the best description I have found is on the link below, which not only describes this as an ‘almost lunar eclipse’ but has a short animation which shows just how close the Moon comes to the Earth’s shadow and how narrowly this misses being a lunar eclipse:
This might not actually become a lunar eclipse but the fact that it almost does is hugely significant, for the fact that it can be this close screams out that something is happening or about to happen in both the Leo and Aquarius ruled areas of your chart. You can’t have an eclipse or even a near miss eclipse if the lunar nodes aren’t close and it was back in 2007/2009 that the South Node was last in Leo and the North Node in Aquarius. The lunar nodes are the points where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is intersected by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, which is why when you have a New or Full Moon in these regions it will become an eclipse. The fact that this is an ‘almost lunar eclipse’ means the lunar nodes are drawing close and while they won’t return until May 2017, this Full Moon is a forerunner of things to come.
For now the lunar nodes are located in Virgo and Pisces and this means that next month’s New and Full Moons will most definitely become a lunar and solar eclipse, with no ‘almost’ about it.
With Jupiter leaving Virgo early next month and not returning until 2027 this was always going to be a huge month for this area of your chart and while the planet of luck and expansion’s final weeks are always considered the best, this is only partly because he likes to leave a parting gift but mainly because this is when the support returns to bring things home. The Sun, Mercury and Venus have either already returned or will return to Virgo over the course of the month, allowing you to take the small steps that make Jupiter’s giant strides possible.
Normally moving through Virgo in just 15 days Mercury should be gone by midmonth and long gone by the time the Sun returns on the 23rd August, but instead will not only still be here but will be slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on the 31st August. While this next Mercury retrograde phase will mainly play out in September and will put the planet of communication and smart thinking in retrograde motion during Jupiter’s final days, during a solar eclipse here on the 1st September and the most important weeks of the year in the Virgo ruled area of your chart, it means instead of rushing through he’s staying on. With Mercury not leaving until the 7th October, he’ll be the planet that witnesses it all, is here to begin the process of bringing things home, will be here as Venus and the Sun returns, during all the eclipse, as Jupiter and all the other planets leave, until he and the North Node are on their own, tying up loose ends. As this is still two months away, in contrast to the very quick transit of the planets through Leo, they are lingering here to make every opportunity count.
There are two other planetary moves this month that I put in the game changing category and they are from planets that aren’t usually game changing. Those planets are Venus and Mars and as they aren’t major planets their influence is significant, but it doesn’t change the whole scope and dynamics of the year itself. Venus will move through an area of your chart in just 24 days, engaging your heart, fuelling your confidence, desires and expectations, triggering the laws of attraction and then moving on. Mars, on the other hand, will normally spend six weeks moving through an area of your chart, fuelling your passions and fighting spirit and then moving on, leaving it up to you to keep the momentum going. Both Venus and Mars are on the move this month and while in the scheme of things that isn’t significant, two very ordinary events are set to have extraordinary consequences.
I’ll start with Mars simply because this move happens first, with his departure from Scorpio on the 3rd August and return to Sagittarius as game changing as it gets. This finally brings Mars’ longest visit to Scorpio in 17 years to a close, but also his first double dip visit in 79 years. Mars first returned to Scorpio on the 4th January for what should have been a six week visit aimed at fuelling your passions and fighting spirit, a visit that should have been over by the end of February and having no mention in August’s Overview at all. Mars did leave in early March, but at the end of May retrograded back in for a double dip visit, for the first time since 1935. When Mars finally leaves on the 3rd August he is literally wrapping up his most extraordinary visit here in our lifetime. With Venus returning to Scorpio next month and your annual update still ahead, the time Mars has spent here is destined to bear extraordinary fruit over the coming months and even over the coming years.
Yet Mars’ return to Sagittarius on the 3rd August is just as extraordinary, for not only has he already spent nearly two months here and is returning for a double dip visit, his timing is spot on. Returning 10 days before Saturn’s direct turn in Sagittarius on the 13th August, this may create some frustration at first, but when Saturn’s retrograde phase ends, the handbrakes are released and the lights turn green, 10 days of bent up frustration is going to propel things forward in a way that will lend itself to the possibility of some major breakthroughs and turnarounds. Again, the August Monthly Horoscopes and the Monthly Reports will bring more details on where this will play out for you.
The other game changing event is Venus’ return to Libra on the 30th August, an event that unlike Mars’ departure from Scorpio and return to Sagittarius is not something you will recognise at the time as being necessarily significant. Mars’ influence you will feel and it will be obvious. However, for all intents and purposes Venus’ return to Libra is as mundane as it gets. Yes, your heart will have a chance to focus on the Libra ruled area of your chart for the first time this year and she will fuel your confidence, desires and expectations and trigger the laws of attraction and this is good news, but it is not game changing. For example, for Aries this sees Venus return to your relationship sector and as the planet of love and guardian of your relationships creates the start of some special weeks on the relationship front, for Geminis the start of the most romantically charged weeks of 2016 and for Capricorns a chance for her to fuel your professional confidence, desires and expectations and attract new career opportunities.
There is nothing about Venus’ return to an area of your chart, especially when she’s the first planet to arrive that year but this isn’t game changing. Yet it is what happens next and the fact that Venus’ influence will get things started that turns this very ordinary event into something that will have extraordinary consequences. For just 10 days after Venus’ return lucky Jupiter will return to Libra for the first time since 2005, kicking off the luckiest and most expansive year in over a decade. In the examples above, for Aries some of the best weeks of 2016 for relationship matters, Geminis for matters of the heart and Capricorns for career matters, all of a sudden will morph into some of the most powerful opportunities in over a decade. Venus is the opening act and there isn’t a more perfect planet for the job, engaging your heart, getting your attention, triggering the laws of attraction and setting the scene so that Jupiter can get a running start.
With Jupiter in his last full month in Virgo, the planets surrounding him in order to bring things home, Venus starting preparations for a new chapter that begins early next month, Saturn’s direct turn and Mars’ support creating the potential for major breakthroughs and turnarounds we not only have a hugely important month, but the month when the whole dynamics of the year itself is shifting. Again, the August Monthly Horoscopes and the Monthly Reports will bring more details on where this will play out for you.
All the very best for the coming month and what looks to be the entry into some of the most exciting months of 2016. Everything until now has been preparation for what is set to unfold across the final five months of 2016.


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