The solar system operates to an order and in cycles so precise that it has been referred to as the ‘dance of the spheres’, creating harmonics that form a kaleidoscope of ever changing patterns, some that move and change quickly, others that move slowly over time.
Over recent years and more so over the last 12 months we have been in a fairly difficult part of the pattern, with the ever changing cosmic landscape reaching a point where many of the planets have been at odds with each other, creating tensions and pressures.
Yes, all of a sudden, one move by one planet is going to unlock that tension, creating a shift that will have a ripple effect around the cosmos and within our lives, that will not only change just one aspect of our life but the whole energy within the solar system. The dynamics of the year is going to change dramatically and it is going to be sudden and game changing.
That planet is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system and the shift move he’ll make on the 16th July is as much about where he’s going to as it is about where and what he’s leaving. This shift is so important and so game changing, that I have included some information on how to find out when the shift happens in your time zone.
The problem that I have is that you could be anywhere in the world, with the Daily Horoscopes and visitors to our website spread out around 105 countries, which means almost, if not every time zone, so while I am writing here in New Zealand I’m aware that this might be a different date where you are. Usually that doesn’t matter too much, for even if a planetary shift comes a day later in your time zone, the influence isn’t game changing, but here it is.
Jupiter will leave Cancer and return to Leo at 10.31 pm on the 16th July New Zealand time, which means that in most places in the world it will also be the 16th July, though in the UK for instance it will be 10.30 am, in the US the early hours of the morning, while here in New Zealand it will be late at night. If you want to find out when, in your local time this shift takes place, here is a link and instructions below. If you’re in New Zealand or already know the time difference (e.g. Eastern Australia is 3 hours behind, so 7.31 pm) then skip the steps below and go down to why this is such a game changer.


Click the box that says ‘use the following time’. Select the month July, the date the 16th and the year 2014 (will be there by default)
  • In the ‘time’ box type 10:31:59 and click either ‘pm' or ’24-hour’
  • In the ‘from time zone’
  • In the ‘to time zone’ box scroll down to find where you are, click on your location to highlight it and then push the big ‘convert time now’ button.
It takes Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, 12 years to complete a cycle through the 12 signs and spending around a year in each sign this means that this is an annual event and shouldn’t be the game changer it’s destined to be. Yes, Cancer and Leo energies are very different and this was always going to change the tone of the year, with Cancer a Water sign and Leo a Fire sign, but the real impact is the relationships Jupiter will severe and form because of the shift.
Back in April we had a Grand Cross, which saw two exact oppositions form at the same time, which each of the four planets involved either in opposition with each other or at a difficult aspect known as a square. While this configuration is no longer in effect, in terms of being exact with Uranus still in Aries, Pluto still in Capricorn, Mars still in Libra and Jupiter still in Cancer, that pressure is still there.
What Jupiter’s departure from Cancer will do is see that Grand Cross energy collapse, because with the four sides no longer exerting equal pressure on each other the whole thing collapses. What is going to defuse this tension even more is when Mars leaves Libra on the 26th July, but it’s Jupiter’s departure from Cancer on the 16th July that sees the dynamics keeping that pressure intact collapse completely.
By the end of the month the only two planets that will still be at odds are Pluto and Uranus, but they have been at odds for several years and will do so for several more years. There is a big difference between two planets at odds and four, which locks everything down.
If for no other reason, Jupiter’s departure from Cancer on the 16th July is a game changer, even though Jupiter has managed to bring an enormous amount of growth to the Cancer ruled area of your chart, something that you will only probably appreciate after he’s gone.
Yet it’s Jupiter’s return to Leo, for the first time since 2002/2003 that changes things completely, with Fire energy suiting the planet of luck and expansion, bringing us to the start of a year that is more passionate, action and progress focused. It’s also the relationships Jupiter will form that makes this such a significant shift. Until the 16th July Jupiter is still at a square aspect to Uranus in Aries and to Mars in Libra and in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. From the 16th July the Jupiter/Pluto oppositions of the last 12 months are over, so it not only releases the pressure on the Cancer ruled area of your chart but the Capricorn, Libra and Aries ruled areas as well.
At the same time this sees Jupiter move out of a challenging square aspect to Uranus in Aries and into a positive trine aspect, with these two planets working as a team over the next 12 months. On Christmas Eve Saturn will return to Sagittarius, the third of the Fire signs where he’ll stay for the majority of the next 3 years, creating a triad of Fire energy and support that will influence the coming years.

Jupiter’s return to Leo on the 16th July brings to an end a pattern of challenging aspects between the stars and begins a pattern where the planets are going to start working more harmoniously and that’s going to be a game changer.
The faster moving planets will continue to move and change the dynamics, but as they move so fast they influence things for a few weeks before moving on and not the year itself, which Jupiter’s shift will do.
As well as changing the harmonics of the year itself, this is very good news for the Leo ruled area of your chart, which until Jupiter returns has had no planetary activity this year, but also the Aries ruled area, with the Sagittarius ruled area joining in from later in the year. The Monthly Horoscopes will give you some insight into where this will be for you, but you can find more details in both the Monthly Horoscope Reports and the Roadmap to 2015 Report, an approx 44 page report that I have just finished writing and is available from the 1st July, which will detail what’s happening in all 12 areas of your chart over the next 12 months, from mid 2014 to mid 2015.
As a quick example, for Cancereans Jupiter will move into your income sector, supporting Uranus in your career sector and for Aquarians this will see Jupiter return to your relationship sector, with support for and from Uranus in your communication sector.
Yet while Jupiter’s departure from Cancer and return to Leo is a game changer and the biggest event of 2014, changing the whole dynamics and relationship between all the planets in the solar system and life itself, this isn’t the only planetary movement this month and to a lesser degree life goes on.
We will move into July with Mercury still in retrograde motion and the second Mercury retrograde phase of 2014 still in effect, which means Mercury madness is in effect. If you're travelling to the airport, assume there’ll be a breakdown on the motorway or like in Sydney Airport last week, that the terminal will have a power failure and all flights will be cancelled. E.g. don’t leave things for the last minute and leave room for Murphy’s Law, the same goes for computer and technical equipment and all communications. Last Friday we had a thunder and lightning storm roll through Auckland and while I was busy with end of month writing deadlines, knowing Mercury was still in retrograde motion I turned both my PC and laptop off.
We won’t have to wait long though, for Mercury will turn direct on the 2nd July in Gemini, where he and Venus are tying up loose ends. The Sun, who will always move through Gemini in May/June each year, is gone and once Mercury leaves on the 13th July and Venus on the 19th July there’ll be no more planetary activity here until 2015.
Mercury will return to Cancer on the 13th July, 3 days before Jupiter leaves, so will be there in time to help bring this year long visit home, but Venus won’t return until 3 days after, which is when we’re set to find out just how lucky we are. Jupiter has had a tough transit through Cancer, which has masked the benefits he’s actually created but when Venus moves through, triggering the laws of attraction, that’s when everything is likely to come together. Moving through Cancer from the 19th July to the 12th August, Venus is likely to steal a lot of the credit for the hard work that was actually done before she even got there.
The Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of July in Cancer and not due to leave until the 23rd July will be throwing the solar spotlight on the Cancer ruled area of your chart during Jupiter’s final days.
What is going to make Jupiter’s return to Leo such a dramatic line in the sand is that he’ll be the first planet to return, with the Sun not returning until a week later. The New Moon in Leo on the 27th July will be the first involving Jupiter since 2003 and will be a chance to commit to both more immediate matters in the Leo ruled area of your chart, but also to this important and expansive new 12 month chapter.
The other game changer this month is that Mars’ epic visit to Libra, one that began on the 8th December 2013, is finally coming to an end. When Mars returned to Libra last December it was for what should have been a 6 week visit, yet by the time he finally leaves on the 26th July, nearly 8 months later, he will have clocked up his longest visit in 32 years. When Mars first returned he fired up your passions and your fighting spirit, but as he stayed on and then turned retrograde, what was a sprint became a marathon. Now, in his final weeks, Mars is turning a marathon back into a sprint, this time for the finishing line.
It’s on the 26th July that Mars will finally return to Scorpio, just 5 days after Saturn turns direct here. With Saturn due to leave Scorpio on Christmas Eve, Mars will return to fire things up and to begin the job of bringing things home.
This month’s Full Moon will fall in Capricorn on the 12th July and aligning with Pluto on the same day, this will bring a lot of the things that have been under pressure over recent months to a head or to a tipping or turning point.
July is a huge month, with much more going on than I can fit into this overview and it is also the gateway into both the second half of 2014 and the start of a new 12 month Jupiter experience. You will find more details and more important information on how this will impact you directly through the Monthly Horoscopes and even more details in both the Monthly Horoscope Reports and the Roadmap to 2015 Report, an approx 44 page report that I have just finished writing and is available from the 1st July, which will detail what’s happening in all 12 areas of your chart over the next 12 months, from mid 2014 to mid 2015.
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