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August is a rock star of a month, a month that is full of divas fighting for your attention and some even grabbing world headlines as a result. Before I go into the events that are being packed into this one month, we have to address the real darling of the press at the moment, namely Pluto and what a big deal New Horizons’ Flyby really was.

It’s not just that Pluto was downgraded to dwarf planet status in 2006 that made him such an interesting planet, but the fact that we literally knew almost nothing about him. The best way to explain what I mean is to show you. 

Pluto old-721Until just a few weeks ago this is what the best picture of Pluto looked like. We didn’t know what he looked like, his colour, composition – absolutely nothing and that suited him just fine, especially as he’s a planet that represents all things mysterious and hidden. As the planet of change and revolution he works on our hidden passions and drives, those things that run all our systems behind the scenes.  Now look what we have – Pluto finally revealed in all his glory and one of the most mysterious mysteries of the solarPluto new system solved and I think getting his own back. Whatever you call him Pluto is not about to be put in a corner or stay hidden in the shadows and what astounds me, is that this is being mirrored Astrologically, for this is the month that whether he was fated to remain in the shadows or not, he was destined to become a much more active part of our lives. This is also being mirrored by what is actually happening, for Pluto is doing nothing. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and he’ll remain there until 2024 and at this time of year he’s even in retrograde motion, but in the same way it’s the fact that New Horizons has flown by that has put him in the world headlines, it is Jupiter’s return to Virgo that puts him on centre stage this month. Pluto loves drama and attention, whether of the good or bad kind and we’ve had enough of the bad drama, ready for the good kind.
I started by saying that August was a rock star of a month and it is, full of game changing developments that in their own right should be front liners, but instead have to get in line and wait their turn.
As massive as Jupiter’s return to Virgo on the 11th August is, so too are his final days in Leo. At the same time Saturn’s direct turn on the 2nd August marks a major turning point in the year itself. Also fighting for your attention is Mars, in his final days in Cancer, where on the 9th August he’ll wrap up not only his first visit since 2013 and last until 2017, but all the planetary activity here for the year. Another game changing development is Venus who having left Leo and returned to Virgo last month retrogrades back on the 1st August, with fateful consequences on both fronts.
I started with Pluto so I’ll stay with Pluto, whose fortunes have already changed dramatically. The last few years haven’t been that kind on Pluto, with Jupiter in opposition between mid 2013 and mid 2014, a series of Pluto/Uranus squares over recent years and no real ally. Since Pluto returned to Capricorn in 2008 the only real support he’s had was during Jupiter’s yearlong visit to fellow Earth sign Taurus, from June 2011 to June 2012.
Though to start with things don’t look that promising, for the support Pluto got last month was from Venus’ return to fellow Earth sign Virgo, though while she’ll retrograde back out on the 1st August this will leave Pluto with a new sense of confidence, which he’ll pass onto you.
It’s just a week later that your faith will be rewarded, with Mercury’s return on the 8th August followed just 3 days later by Jupiter’s return to Virgo on the 11th August and with this is something much more than either Jupiter or Pluto expected. When Jupiter moved through Taurus from June 2011 to June 2012 he was on especially good terms with Pluto, but it was only for a 12 month period. While Jupiter will leave Virgo next September, in November the North Node will return, for the first time in 2 decades and won’t leave until May 2017, with a partnership between the cosmic activity in Virgo and Pluto in play for most of the next 2 years. This makes Pluto one very, very happy planet and both the Virgo and Capricorn ruled areas of your chart suddenly two of the most blessed, with big potential here over the coming weeks, months and year. This completely turns things around, because until now Virgo has been one of the least active areas, only active when the Sun moves through in August/September each year.
While the Sun will stay on in Leo to help wrap up Jupiter’s yearlong visit, he will leave and join Jupiter in Virgo on the 23rd August, but the message as he goes will be ‘don’t worry’, we’ve got this covered. That message will come from Mars, who will return to Leo on the 9th August and from Venus, who will retrograde back in on the 1st August. With Mars here until the 25th September and Venus, who won’t turn direct until the 6th September not leaving until the 9th October you’ve got several months to fully exploit all the potential Jupiter will leave you with.
In the same way that Jupiter’s return to Virgo will give Pluto in Capricorn a massive boost Uranus, in his early days in retrograde motion in Aries, will continue to enjoy the support of the planets moving through Leo for months to come. Uranus only turned retrograde on the 26th July, just a day before Venus turned retrograde, but it’s her return to Leo on the 1st August that really gives Uranus and his retrograde phase a massive boost. Aries and Leo are both Fire signs and with Uranus in retrograde motion in Aries until December and Venus in retrograde motion in Leo until the 6th September, for the whole of August they’ll be holding the doors open to second chances at the same time.
Your Monthly Reports will provide more information on where and how this will play out for you, but for example if you are a Cancerean then Jupiter’s return to Virgo puts him in your communication sector, while Pluto is in your relationship sector, creating some auspicious conditions for communication and relationship matters, not just this month or over the coming months but for the next few years. This is a real turnaround from the personal and/or relationship tensions and challenges of recent years. At the same time this will put Venus in retrograde motion in your income sector and Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector, holding the doors open to second chances on the income and professional fronts at the same time that Mars will be smashing through as many glass ceilings as possible.
A New Moon in Leo on the 15th August, just 6 days after Jupiter leaves but with so much still unfolding will be an opportunity for new beginnings at a time when the doors are also open to second chances and untapped potential, but also to commit to the journey ahead. Jupiter’s influence and legacy will live on long after he’s left.
In the meantime, even Saturn has plenty of support this month, including as he turns direct in Scorpio on the 2nd August, during his early weeks in direct motion and even as he gets ready to return to Sagittarius next month. With Mars in fellow Water sign Cancer until the 9th August and Neptune and Chiron long term residents in fellow Water sign Pisces, there is a huge amount of support there. Again your Monthly Reports will provide more information on where and how this will play out for you, but for example if you are a Taurus then Saturn is in your relationship sector, with a turnaround on the 2nd August coming just as Mars moves into his final week in your communication sector, ready to turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. All this while Neptune and Chiron provide support for some powerful friendship and relationship building. That will be especially so when a Full Moon in Pisces on the 30th August brings things to a head, turning and/or tipping point.
There are two events that I feel could easily go under the radar and that’s Ceres’ departure from Aquarius on the 4th August and Mercury’s return to Libra on the 28th August. I’m not worried about where Ceres is going, for she’ll return to Capricorn and team up with fellow dwarf planet Pluto, stepping right into the limelight. With no planetary activity in Aquarius at this time of year, it’s the Aquarius ruled area of your chart that could drop off your radar. Your Monthly Reports will provide more information on which area of your chart is ruled by Aquarius, as an example if you are a Leo this is your relationship sector, for a Cancerean this is your financial sector and for an Aquarian this means you’ll lose your own personal advocate, one that has been keeping your needs alive against an onslaught of relationship focus.
Mercury’s return to Libra on the 28th August may also go unnoticed, mainly because with the North Node here since February 2014 there is a subtle force in play 24/7 and as he’ll only influence the closing days of the month, the real impact of his return won’t be felt until next month. The Sun will always return to Libra on or around the 23rd September and with Venus and Mars not returning until November, but the North Node leaving in November it was looking like a late start this year. However, Mercury is not only in a hurry to get there he’ll be reluctant to leave once he does, for while he’ll return on the 28th August for what should be a 15 day visit, he won’t leave until the 2nd November, just 10 days before the North Node is due to leave. That’s because Mercury will turn retrograde next month, managing to stay on to make the North Node’s final months count. This I think is the dark horse of the month, for while you’ve got all these rock star developments in so many other areas of your chart, Mercury will simply slip quietly in the door, with his real influence not felt until next month.
Again your Monthly Reports will provide more information on where all the cosmic activity this month will fall for you, as will the Monthly Horoscopes. The problem with the Monthly Horoscopes is that while any cosmic conditions that influence you financially, professionally or with matters of the heart and/or your relationships will make it into the Monthly Love, Money or Business Horoscopes, when I’m writing the General Monthly Horoscopes I have a limited amount of space and can’t go into every detail, so there will be instances where I don’t get to explain everything, but I do in the Monthly Reports.
All the very best of for the coming month and the exciting times we’re moving into.

Anne Macnaughtan
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