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This month we are witnessing the end of one era and the full blossoming of another and just like the seasons, where one day we’re in spring and the next back in winter or in the northern hemisphere, where one day it feels like fall and the next it still feels like summer, every new season overlaps and that is what is happening cosmically.

Jupiter’s departure from Virgo on the 9th September brought his massive year long visit to an end and with this the major focus of the solar system shifted from the Virgo ruled area of your chart. Yet with the Sun there until the 23rd September the solar spotlight remained there for another two weeks, but even then, with Mercury not due to leave until the 7th October, this is far from the end of the story. Mercury’s final week in Virgo is a chance to keep your head in the game, tie up loose ends, make the choices, decisions and plans that will define where to from here, but more important adapt the mind set. If you don’t already have a Monthly Report subscription, if you have had one in the past and they have expired or you have a subscription and it’s about to expire, it is so important to have all the details this month that I have decided to put them on special. Normally $39.95 (New Zealand dollars) for a 12 month subscription that gives you an approx. 20 page Report for the next 12 months, they are now on special for just $20 (see below for details).
But why is this so important now. Firstly, both here and in the Monthly Horoscopes I can only go into generalities and while I can say that it is beyond important to make the most of Mercury’s final days in the Virgo ruled area of your chart, that doesn’t help too much if you don’t know which area of your chart/life this rules or the details of how this will play out and how to work with it. However, sticking to general terms, until Mercury leaves Virgo on the 7th October it is all about having your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, knowing that he is not only the last planet standing, but with the North Node staying on until May 2016, he is the means of programming your trajectory for the coming months.
Think of Mercury as the circuit board in a model boat or car and the North Node as the motor that will keep the momentum going, what you want to do in his final days is ensure that things not only continue, but on the course and way you want them to.
Yet as I said, as one era ends another is already beginning and any doubt that Jupiter’s first full month in Libra would get your attention, will be squashed with a New Moon in the early hours of the month. For those in New Zealand, Australia and the UK the New Moon falls on the 1st October, but for those in the US and North America this falls on the 30th September, but wherever you are, with the Moon remaining in Libra for the first few days of the month, the month will begin with the tailwind of a New Moon, allowing you to draw a line in the sand and embrace this powerful new era.
The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in Libra, so the solar spotlight is always going to be on the Libra ruled area of your chart at this time of year, but it has been over a decade since lucky Jupiter was on board, leading you into the most important and expansive year here in over a decade. Not due to leave until October 2017, while the Sun will leave on the 23rd October and Mercury will move through from the 7th October to the 24th October, when you reach the point where things have usually run their course for the year, Jupiter’s journey will just be getting started. This brings you to the dawn of a new era and the start of your biggest, luckiest and most expansive year for the Libra ruled area of your chart for over a decade. As I said previously, at this major turning point, not just of the year but a major turning point in general, it is important to know where this is playing out and while your Monthly Horoscopes will provide some details, the Monthly Horoscope Report will provide all the information you need – see below for details on our special.
It won’t be all plain sailing for the planets moving through Libra this month, despite the fact that they are under the protection of Jupiter, for as has been the case since 2010, it has been impossible for a planet to move through without moving into opposition with Uranus, over on the other side of the sky in Aries. In the heart of his retrograde phase Uranus and the Aries ruled area of your chart are as much in need of these wakeup calls as the planets moving through Libra are, able to raise the bar and keep you on your toes on both fronts.
If there is going be any tension it is more likely to be midmonth, with the Sun and Uranus moving into opposition on the 15th/16th October, just as a Full Moon on the 16th October will also bring tensions to a head. Just as they’re easing off Mercury will move into opposition with Uranus on the 20th/21st October, with all oppositions and the tension this might bring to a head all happening in a six day period between the 15th October and the 21st October. Again, the Monthly Horoscopes will provide some details but the Monthly Horoscope Reports a lot more, for example:
Aries and Libra – this will come to a head as personal and/or relationship tension, but at a time when balance between your personal and relationship needs has never been more important.
Cancereans and Capricorns - the conflict will be between your home and professional lives, bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head.
Virgo and Pisces - this will be between income and financial forces, bringing financial tensions to a head.
Yet for all Signs and wherever this falls for you, where there is pressure you must also read ‘opportunity’, especially for a breakthrough.
On the 23rd October and the 24th October the Sun and Mercury will leave Libra, where Jupiter will take over and continue to steer things until the Sun returns next September, turning their attention for now onto the Scorpio ruled area of your chart. However, while this is where the solar spotlight will shift and just a day later you’ll have a chance to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, this is far from the start of the planetary activity here and in fact, they will return to finally bring things home. It is here that those in New Zealand, Australia and UK will experience the second New Moon of the month, this time in Scorpio on the 31st October and the 30th October for those in the US.
It was right back in the very early days of the year, as in the 4th January that Mars first returned to Scorpio, for what should have been a six week mission to fuel your passions and fighting spirit, get you motivated and make things happen in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart. However, six weeks came and went and while he did eventually leave in early March, he returned late May for a double dip visit that didn’t run its course until the 3rd August. It was just over seven weeks later that Venus, moving incredibly fast at the moment, returned and like the Three Bears returning to their home to find someone had been eating their porridge, sitting in their chairs and lying on their beds, we’ll move into October to find Venus still there. It has been three years since Venus has been here this early in the year, but it’s been two decades since Mars has spent this long here, leaving the planet of desire and attraction furiously capitalising on everything triggered since as far back as January. Before she leaves on the 18th October Venus will remain committed to fuelling your confidence, desires and expectations and attracting opportunities in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart.
However, the fact that the Sun will return to Scorpio on the 23rd October, just five days after Venus’ departure and Mercury just a day later, frees Venus up to focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. Venus isn’t concerned with the ‘when, where and how’, for that is the Sun and Mercury’s forte, focused only on establishing what you want and why you want it, for if you know those, when the time comes to get your head in the game and make things happen, you’ll know exactly what you want. However, Venus is also quite capable of attracting opportunities and these could be some of the best weeks of 2016 for the Scorpio ruled area of your chart, especially after Mars has already invested so much.
On the 18th October Venus will leave Scorpio and return to Sagittarius, this time missing Mars by just 21 days, returning to find that his equally long visit here has also fuelled your passions and fighting spirit and got things moving, this time though they’re a lot more potent and easy to pick up and run with. With the Sun not returning to Sagittarius until the 22nd November, Venus is returning over a month ahead and as she starts to race ahead it means we’re heading for a Venus retrograde phase. That won’t happen until next March, but the fact that she is racing ahead of the Sun means she’s able to get in first to each new area of your chart, fuel your confidence, desires and expectations and start attracting opportunities before the Sun and his reality checks.
The other advantage is that Venus is now snapping at Mars’ heels and while she returned to Scorpio just over seven weeks behind Mars, and will return to Scorpio only three weeks behind, by the time she returns to Capricorn next month Mars will have left just three days earlier, finally catching up in Aquarius, though not aligning until the New Year. Why this is important is that while the gap between the Sun and Venus is widening, the gap between Venus and Mars is closing and she is starting to align herself less with reality checks, returning to areas of your chart where Mars has already fired things up and then capitalising on them. Venus is a planet that has no qualms about stealing the glory and the prize after Mars has done the hard work, which is why, for the rest of this year, anywhere that she touches is likely to have the Midas touch.
Yet where Venus is capitalising on all the potential Mars has created in the Scorpio and Sagittarius ruled areas of your chart this month, Mars is creating potential this month that she will capitalise on next month, with the scene already been set for opportunities that won’t be fully exploited until next month. It was late last month that Mars returned to Capricorn just hours after Pluto’s direct turn, in one fell swoop releasing the handbrake, turning the tide and turning the lights green. The planets of war and revolution have only been together for a few days by the time you move into the new month, but with Mars not leaving until the 9th November they’ll spend the month shaking things up, getting things moving and firing up your passions and fighting spirit, along with an urge for change and all out rebellion. With Venus returning just three days after Mars’ departure, this gives you the confidence of knowing whatever they start, she’ll be along next month to capitalise on it.
With such a big month and so much happening I have tried to cover all of this in the Monthly Horoscopes and of course I will be guiding you daily and weekly through the Daily and Weekly General, Love, Money and Business Horoscopes, the Monthly Reports will give you a road map and a complete picture of where these cosmic developments are unfolding for you. If you don’t already have a Monthly Report subscription then this is definitely the time to try it out, if you have had a subscription in the past and it has expired or you have one and it is about to expire, you are able to renew or extend your current subscription by a further 12 months. These are not one off Reports, with the subscription giving an approx. 20 page Report, Reports that I write myself each month, for the next 12 months. For example, a subscription taken up now at this special price will be for 12 months, with the first Report being the October 2016 Report and the final Report being the September 2017 Report – and if you think there is a lot happening this month, just wait to see what is happening over the next 12 months! 


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All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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