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December looks, for all intents and purposes like a cosmic smash and grab or like those challenges they used to have back in the day, when there were challenges to see how many people you could get into a Mini or a phone box. It’s as though the gods got together to try and decide what there was room to put into this, the final month of 2016 and not being able to agree, decided to let everything in.

Lined up at the door, waiting to enter are some major and I mean major developments, two of them in particular not just in the once in a year or once in a decade variety, but the once in a lifetime variety, along with conditions that we haven’t seen in decades. Yet it’s not just the separate developments that make this such a jaw dropping month, but how they dovetail together. It’s as though the gods have been working on this intricate pattern or dance all year, with everything designed to come together at the last minute. This is more accurate than you might think for in one case, what comes together this month has been building for two years.
What has been building for the last two years is a trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected has been in Aries since 2010, with the much faster Saturn having returned to Sagittarius in December 2014. Now, to call Saturn ‘much faster’ is purely relative, considering he is so slow that it will take him almost two years to the day, to finally reach this aspect.
Yet from the moment Saturn returned to Sagittarius in December 2014 these two unlikely allies began working together. Unlikely, because Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos is all about discipline, rules, doing things by the book and taking responsibility. Saturn is all about measuring twice and cutting once, taking your time and doing it right, slowly, diligently and deliberately. Uranus, on the other hand, is the planets of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected and he works through out of the blue Eureka or serendipitous moments, those moments when electricity strikes and in a moment everything can change. To Uranus, Saturn is an old fuddy duddy and to Saturn, Uranus is just a cavalier. Saturn would want you to plan something to the ninth degree, while Uranus would say ‘just wing it’.
So to have these giants of the solar system working together has been incredible, but it has taken two years for them to even move close to being in an exact trine. They have come close before, but never this close and just when it looked like it was going to happen one would turn retrograde and they would start to pull apart again.
This positive trine aspect between Saturn and Uranus is rare, having last come together like this in 2001/2003 and the time before that, in 1971/1973. However, the last time that this happened with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, was in 1927, 79 years ago. That is a big deal, for not only falling in Fire Signs Aries and Sagittarius, bringing a lot of passion and action together, this is a big deal for the Aries and Sagittarius ruled areas of your chart.
As an example,
If you are a Cancerean, you have Saturn in your work sector and Uranus in your career sector. 
If you are a Libra, then you have Saturn in your communication sector and Uranus in your relationship sector.
This is not only one of the biggest events of the year but in over a decade and even more so because of the timing. This will peak from the 20th December to the 29th December and this is not just a significant point of the year and just as we’re poised to move into 2017, but this is a significant point of the month for both Saturn and Uranus.
Saturn is due to leave Sagittarius on the 20th December 2017 and then won’t return for another three decades. This positive trine aspect to Uranus begins on the same day that Saturn moves into his final year and I can’t imagine a better push to make that final year count.
This is also an incredibly important time for Uranus as well, for in an incredible stroke of good timing and by the kind of coincidence that can only be put down to divine intervention, support from Saturn locks into place at the very moment he needs it.
Uranus has been in Aries since 2010 and while there were some challenges in the early stages, ironically due to an opposition with Saturn, things have settled since then. However, Uranus is facing an opposition with Jupiter, something that has been building since the planet of luck and expansion returned to Libra in early September. Since then they have been slowly moving closer and with Jupiter much faster than Saturn, the distance it took the hard taskmaster of the cosmos two years to travel, Jupiter is crossing it in just over three months.
Jupiter and Uranus will move into opposition this month, a fairly rare event in its own right, so what are the odds that this should happen just as he has the full support of Saturn? Whatever the odds they have worked out impeccably, with Jupiter and Uranus moving into opposition from the 22nd December to the 31st December. Just as Uranus and the Aries ruled area of your chart are under pressure, support also peaks. When you have a balance of pressure and support you have the recipe for a major breakthrough and will have implications across the Sagittarius, Aries and Libran ruled areas of your chart.
Now we know that this is the first time in eight decades that Uranus and Saturn have moved into this rare trine aspect across the Sagittarius and Aries ruled areas of your chart and that despite the fact that this has been two years in the making, just how rare is it to have Jupiter and Uranus not only move into opposition at the same time, but where they do?
Jupiter and Uranus will move into opposition, on average every 13 years, but the last time they moved into opposition with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, was in 1934, 82 years ago.
So just to recap, we have two major cosmic aspects, both happening where they do for the first time in eight decades, one has been building for the last two years and the other for the last three months, but they both come together at the same time? This is going to create a lot of intensity in the last 10 days of the month (and year), but with the planets of luck and synchronicity involved this can’t help but work out to our advantage. But boy, I think we’re in for a bit of a ride during the final days of the year.
Now the one elephant in the room is, what about Jupiter? Uranus is under pressure, but he has the full support of Saturn and I can tell you, if I’m ever in trouble, this is the kind of support I would want – big, tough, strong and reliable Saturn.
Well, this is where things get really interesting and just a little spooky, in that the timing is once again so auspicious that I have to wonder whether I have made this up. I mean, if I decided I was going to make up the most improbable set of circumstances, I couldn’t create fiction that is any better than reality.
Enter Venus and Mars.  
Mars returned to Aquarius in early November, something that in itself is not unheard of, but he hadn’t returned in November since 1999. The Sun doesn’t return to Aquarius until January and it’s not possible for Mercury in December, so this was a real advantage. Why? Because this puts Mars in fellow Air Sign and at a positive aspect to Jupiter in Libra. In fact, their trine aspect is exact from the 1st December to the 3rd December, so is in effect from the get go. However, due to leave Aquarius on the 19th December, this would take the warrior planet of the cosmos out of the game and effectively desert Jupiter in his hour of need, had the next coincidence not happened. That coincidence is Venus. Now it is possible for Venus to return to Aquarius in December and if she does it will either be at the end, middle of the month or occasionally as early as the 8th December.
Due to the partnership of the Sun and Venus, there can never be more than 43 degrees separating the two and with the Sun not returning until the 19th January, the 8th December is the earliest that Venus could possibly return. So when does she return? The 8th December – of course!
That means that we not only have Venus and Mars supporting Jupiter, it also means that when Mars leaves on the 19th December Venus will stay on, supporting Jupiter throughout Christmas and the New Year. Venus will leave on the 3rd January, three days after Jupiter’s opposition with Uranus ends.
During Jupiter’s hour of need Venus will be there, with the planet of luck and expansion looking over at Venus, planet of desire and attraction and saying ‘I owe you one’.
Now again, we have to put this in perspective. To have Mars return to Aquarius in November and be in position as we move into December last happened in 1991, to have Venus arrive early enough to take over the reins this early in December is possible but rare. And the last time that Venus and Mars were both in Aquarius before Christmas at the same time – well that was back in 1971.
All these different players and very rare cosmic events are all coming together at the same time, to create some extraordinary circumstances in the final 10 days of the year. Yes, Jupiter and Uranus will move into opposition, but Jupiter has the support of not just Venus in Aquarius, but all that Mars had invested since early December. At the same time Uranus has the support of Saturn, something that has been building for the past two years.
There is something very special happening across the Aquarius, Libran, Sagittarian and Aries ruled areas of your chart, that not only promises to create a very interesting final 10 days of 2016, but will get 2017 off to an incredible start in those areas of your chart.
If you have a Monthly Horoscope Report subscription I will go through all of the details there of which areas of your chart these will fall, but also the implications this will have in terms of what is developing in these areas in 2017.
Even this month’s Full Moon seems to be in on a sense of synchronicity in play this month, for falling in Gemini on the 14th December, this will dovetail into what is happening between Jupiter in Libra and Venus and Mars in Aquarius.
As an example of what I mean:
If you are a Taurus, you have Jupiter in your work sector, Mars and Venus are meeting up in your career sector for the first time before Christmas since 1971 and this Full Moon will fall in your income sector, ready to capture the financial fallout from these incredible cosmic conditions. With that you have to bear in mind that December is not a particularly active point of the year for Taurus, yet this year it is off the chart.
For everyone this is playing out somewhere and in the Monthly Horoscopes I have done my best to cover everything, but with so much going on and only so many words available, that isn’t always possible. I will obviously keep you updated through the Daily Horoscopes, but if you have a lot going on financially, professionally or in your relationships, then it might pay to keep a track of things through the Daily and Weekly Love, Money and Business Horoscopes. You will find all these on the Horoscope tab on the website.
Now there is literally just too much going on this month to include it all here, but I will finish on what is my personal favourite and the one thing I am desperately looking forward to. Now I am a Cancerean, so I have Saturn in my work sector and Uranus in my career sector, so there is zero chance I will be taking my professional hat off over the Christmas/New Year period. However, I know that I must, because with Jupiter in my home and family sector and the opposition with Uranus bringing work/life balance issues and challenges to a head if I don’t, this is going to be my challenge.
However, I know that by then I will have a secret weapon and that secret weapon is Mars, who makes a surprise return to Pisces on the 19th December. Surprise in that Neptune only turned direct here on the 20th November, Chiron on the 1st December and with the Sun not returning until February, there is not normally too much happening here in December. The last time Mars spent Christmas/New Year in Pisces was in 2001 – 15 years ago. Mars is not only going to move into the New Year here, but will be aligned with Neptune from the 31st December to the 2nd January. If moving into the New Year with the planets of dreams and passion aligned isn’t a dream start, I don’t know what is.
Now for everyone Pisces will rule different areas and for Leos, you will need to keep your money hat on over the Christmas/New Year period but you’ll get a dream start, while for Geminis it will be your professional hat. However, I am being entirely selfish here and for all my fellow Cancereans who share the same fate this Christmas/New Year period, because for us Pisces is the ruler of our sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. Now I don’t know about you, but I could do with one very large dollop of adventure over the holiday period, especially with so much going on.
On behalf of myself, Dianne and the rest of the Forecasters team, whether you have just found us recently or you have been with us since 2002, thank you so much for your support, your interest and for letting me be your tour guide for this crazy tour and adventure through life. I hope you have a wonderful end to the year, Christmas/New Year and I can’t wait to do it all again next year. 


Anne Macnaughtan

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