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February might be the shortest month of the year but it has some serious attitude and is not only punching its weight against all the other months of 2017, it completely blows them out of the water. February and what is playing out this month, is so important that it is no exaggeration to say that this is the month that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from.

And when I say ‘everything until now has lead up to’ I’m not talking so far this year, but in an obvious way for the past two years and in a less obvious way for the past seven years, ever since Uranus first returned to Aries in 2010.

Now before I go into the details of what February holds, both in the major and other significant areas, I have to discuss the elephant in the room, a period in the month where things could get bumpy and we have the most extreme conditions of 2017. In terms of major cosmic challenges, it has been said that 60 percent of this year’s challenges will be over by mid March, where in terms of major cosmic pressure is concerned is definitely the case. Unfortunately that 60 percent mostly plays out this month and in particular, the final part of the month. The planets obviously want to get everything out in the open in one fell swoop.

What is coming up is an extremely rare cosmic alignment, a triple alignment between Mars, Uranus and Eris in Aries, something that hasn’t happened in hundreds, if not thousands of years and probably won’t be repeated again for thousands or hundreds of years. There are very few cosmic events that hold that claim, but this one does. That is because Uranus only visits Aries once every 84 years and Eris every 500 years.

There is every possibility that every single person reading this was born with Eris in Aries. Unless you were born prior to 1926 you will have Eris in Aries. You would have to be over 91 years old not to have. At the same time every new soul born between now and 2040 will also have Eris in Aries. She is here for a very, very, very long time. Eris is a dwarf planet that orbits just beyond Pluto and is larger, so if Pluto has an influence and he does, then Eris has an even bigger influence. For the most part we don’t notice her, because she has been there all of our lives. In terms of your solar chart, Eris has been in the same area for the whole of your life.

For example, if you are Pisces, Eris has been in your 2nd House (income) all your life, while the Moon will move through once a month, Venus, the Sun and Mercury once a year, Mars once every two years, Jupiter every 12 years and Saturn every 28 to 29 years. They return, leave and come back, so we can feel their influence come and go, but Eris is always there and is our natural default on how we approach things. Your Horoscopes will tell you where Eris is and your Monthly Reports definitely, but for the most part I won’t mention her by name. But when you read about Mars or Uranus, then know Eris is there as well. As an example, for Cancereans, Eris has been in your career sector since 1926, Librans your relationship sector and Scorpios your work sector.

Why is Eris so important this month, if for most of us she has been here all our lives? Ever since Uranus returned to Aries in 2010 he has been slowly drawing closer to Eris, in what will be a repeat of their last alignment, in 1927/1928. That was during Eris’ first visit in 500 years and no one alive at the time had Eris in Aries. Back then they wouldn’t have known how to respond and this is part of the reason for the upheaval in the late 1920’s/early 1930s and why you are already hearing reports in the news that compare conditions now to conditions back then, especially political.

It has taken Uranus eight decades to come full circle, only to find Eris still here, but in that time the world’s population had almost been replenished, with only those in their 90s around the first time. It has not only been replenished, but by billions of souls all with Eris in Aries. Back in 1927/1928 no one was ready for this. But all of us, under the age of 90, are ready for what is set to explode this month. So in a sense, ‘everything until now’ might well be everything in our lives until now.

I do have to stress that every human on the planet has Eris in Aries and everyone under 90 is being impacted by what is about to happen, so this will be felt globally, so much so that this might spark a global movement, a global rebellion or anything that evokes change. It’s as though we were all born with a secret switch that will all be flipped at the same time.

So what is happening this month, after seven years of slowly moving together? Uranus and Eris will finally align in Aries from the 26th February to the 19th March. By pure coincidence, Mars will come along at just that time and will align with both from the 26th February to the 28th February. We had a Uranus/Eris alignment back in 1927/1928 but it has been hundreds, if not thousands of years since we had a triple Mars/Uranus/Eris alignment or will do again. Yet as they say in the TV infomercials, ‘but wait, that’s not all’.

Over Christmas and the New Year Jupiter and Uranus moved into opposition and that’s what made the final weeks of 2016 so tense. Well, Jupiter will turn retrograde on the 6th February and head back towards Uranus and back into opposition again and when do they move into opposition? From the 27th February to the 6th March – of course they do, what could possibly make this potent cocktail boil over the way it will – explode more likely.

So why is a triple alignment between Mars, Eris and Uranus such a big deal?

For that you have to understand these planets to get a sense of what they mean. Mars is the planet of war, so give him a bit of pressure and all the intensity of an alignment with Uranus and Eris and he’ll be in seventh heaven, with all guns blazing. Uranus is the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected, but also the planet that represents a truth that has found its time and Eris, she’s the planet of discord and strive, but don’t panic, she is ultimately a good guy. Eris is the planet that sits around, watching everything and when the time is right, she calls us out.

In Greek Mythology Eris might have been the goddess that technically started the Trojan War, but only by bringing simmering rivalries to a head. Eris was the goddess that rolled the golden apple into the wedding feast, but not before etching into its skin ‘to the fairest goddess of them all’ – bearing in mind that she rolled it into a wedding feast packed with goddesses who all thought they were the fairest of them all. When the evitable cat fight then erupted, Eris stood back and asked ‘what did I do’?

It was Paris of Trojan war fame that was given the impossible task of having to decide who the apple should go to. Some offered him all the wisdom in the world, others lands, others riches and it was Aphrodite (Venus) who won and she did that by pulling back her robes and offering Paris what any hot blooded male would want, along with the hand of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. The very married Helen that is, who Paris stole anyway and hence a thousand ships were launched in her name and the Trojan War began. All because of one little apple. 

Uranus is the truth whose time has come and for seven years he’s been slowly drawing towards an alignment with Eris, who doesn’t like anything simmering and prefers to get it all out in the open just as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos shows up and Jupiter moves into opposition. Anything simmering or that isn’t the truth will be exposed.

This is more likely to be felt globally rather the personally, though you need to know where Mars, Eris and Uranus are, because you definitely don’t want to be anything other than authentic there. If you are, then this has the potential to be an enormous breakthrough.

I can’t explain enough here on what this means, so I am going to refer you to someone who explains this all beautifully and throughout February, in his weekly YouTube videos will keep you posted. I can’t recommend or stress how valuable it would be to listen to his videos and subscribe. The first I would recommend are ‘Week Ahead Early February’, your monthly video ‘e.g. Virgo February, ‘global February’ and ‘Sunday sermon sort of …’ Steve and I work on the same page, so I can’t recommend his channel highly enough, especially this month.

Steve is an Astrologer and friend who lives in London and he puts out amazing videos that get to the heart of all these gnarly transits. The conditions playing out in Aries this month are the kind that come along once in a lifetime if that, so any help I can seek to help explain I am going to draw on.

Steve Judd:

If this sounds dire it’s not, think of it as a clearing out of all that gunk that has been festering away. The world is going to get a spring clean and a good clear out of clutter.

This is being balanced by a lot of support, which is what gives me the confidence to see this as something very positive. That support is coming from Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos and if he’s supporting this, then it has to be in our best interests.

There is so much going on this month that I will leave it to the Monthly, Daily and Weekly Horoscopes to explain, but what does make this month even more dynamic is the fact that we have two eclipses, a lunar eclipse in Leo on the 11th February and a solar eclipse in Pisces on the 28th February. The solar eclipse will fall right in the middle of Mars, Uranus and Eris’ alignment and Jupiter’s opposition, so this might be a major trigger. This falls in Pisces and not in Aries, so that will be interesting to see how that plays out. The lunar eclipse in Leo is a honey and in fellow Fire sign to Aries, will have the weight of all that Aries support and the support of Saturn. Again your Horoscopes will go into the details.

For example:
If you are a Cancerean then all this Aries energy is playing out in your career sector, Saturn is providing support from your work sector and the lunar eclipse falls in your income sector, bringing the potential for unexpected income developments.

All the very best and please don’t be put off by the huge conditions this month. Things might get stressful towards the end of the month, but I will be here, through the Horoscopes, to guide you through and use this to change things up in a way that empowers you.

All the very best for this short but kick ass little month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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