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There is something about moving into the New Year that brings with it a sense of a fresh start and an opportunity to write from a blank canvas. I have to admit that I prefer an early night on New Year’s Eve, for the pure joy of waking before dawn and then watching the Sun rise on the very first day of a brand new year. Whatever your rituals are around the New Year, most of us have them, for they really are the symbolic starting of a new chapter.

In reality, nothing changes but the date on the calendar and the Sun will continue to rise and set as it always has. Added to that, for many people on the planet this isn’t even the start of a New Year and especially not the start of the Chinese New Year. Yet despite that, there is no doubting that the physiological impact is immense and very, very real.
What then, when it isn’t just a symbolic reboot, but a cosmic reboot as well? That moving into the New Year really was an opportunity for a fresh start. When I wrote the Horoscopes for the early days of January, the phrase that often came to mind was ‘we’re not in 2016 anymore’, in reference to that famous line from The Wizard of Oz – ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’.
When I’m writing the Horoscopes and especially when I’m down to the nitty gritty of what is happening on a daily basis I can really get a feel for what is happening, whether I have physically experienced it yet or not. And I can tell you, the feeling in those early days of January are very different from when I am writing this, in the final days of December.
I am not at all surprised to see news reports of brawling teenagers in shopping malls around the US, fights breaking out on planes or other stress related events. Just today I have heard of two couples breaking up. I wrote a lot in last month’s Overview about the tensions in the final days of 2016 and as I am writing this, we’re right in the middle of it.
Fortunately, by the time you read this we will thankfully, not be in ‘2016 anymore’. Yet how then, can things change so dramatically over the course of just a few days and why, just as we’re moving into the New Year.
As is often the case, there is never just one answer and a number of different factors that all come together at the right or wrong time. In the period between Christmas and the New Year they all came together at the same time and in the wrong way, but that flips around in just a few days.
In between Christmas and the New Year things got a little tense when Uranus, preparing for his direct turn on the 29th December, moved into opposition with Jupiter. Couple that with the stresses that often come to a head at this time of year, this had the potential to create a pressure cooker environment.
Yet it was the ending of that opposition and Uranus’ direct turn, that blew the lid off all that tension that had been building for weeks, if not months, where it could escape. Uranus’ direct turn then shifted the focus from the road behind to the road ahead and that’s when a shift in perspective took place. Tensions are still easing and Uranus is still in his early days in direct motion, but both sides are waking up to the benefits.
For the first time in 12 years you’ll move into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in Libra and that is very good news for the Libra ruled area of your chart. As this is where there was pressure over the holiday period that is going to wake you up to the value behind those wakeup calls. As for Uranus, the planet that rules our personal truth, simply by shifting focus from the rear view mirror to the road ahead changes everything. While it is likely that everything in the Aries ruled area of your chart will still feel stalled and going nowhere fast, but with pressure dropping off and Mars returning later in the January, ahead lie nothing but opportunities.
That instead would have and did create a major shift, but it was a series of coincidences that happen just as one year is ending and another is beginning, that creates a tailwind that will see us all move into January on a much lighter breeze.
Those two coincidences involve Venus and Mars, the planets that rule all things close to the heart and all things passionate. If there was ever a time we needed these colourful planets, this is it. Mars returned to Pisces on the 19th December, so he has been here for 12 days by the time we move into the New Year. After nearly two years, Mars is firing up your passions, confidence and fighting spirit in the Pisces ruled area of your chart, just in time for a new year full of new possibilities. It was only in November that Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies turned direct in Pisces and under pressure for much of the previous 18 months, this was an area of your chart that was overdue some good news.
That Mars and Neptune would eventually align is a given. Neptune is in Pisces from 2012 to 2026 and as Mars moves through in six weeks, he can’t move through Pisces without crossing and aligning. While a Mars/Neptune conjunction isn’t rare, happening on average every 22 to 24 months, despite the fact that Neptune has been here since 2012, they are still fairly rare here, in the Pisces ruled area of your chart.
Before returning to Pisces in 2012, apart from a few months of sticking his nose in the door in 2011, Neptune was last here from 1847 to 1862, so not in our lifetime. That is significant, for Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and he is making his only visit here in his lifetime. Under pressure from a truckload of planets that moved through Virgo, opposing sign to Pisces over the last few years, we have yet to see this magical planet really stretch his wings.
It is not that Mars and Neptune will align, but when they align that is significant, with just their third alignment here in our lifetime, beginning on New Year’s Eve (New Zealand time) and running through to the 2nd January. No matter where you are in the world, whether you’re watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, watching the dawn rise on New Year’s Day or at any time during that critical first 24 hours of the New Year, Neptune and Mars will be aligned in Pisces, bringing your passions and dreams together.
While this will be felt more specifically in the Pisces ruled area of your chart, this is a dream start to the New Year. To have our dreams and passions fired up and especially as the back had just broken on some tough conditions just days earlier, is going to bring a massive sense that the tide really has turned. This is like nothing you have experienced at any point in 2016, apart from on New Year’s Eve itself.
However, it doesn’t end there, with the Moon returning to Pisces on the 2nd January and Venus on the 3rd January, the earliest in the year she has ever returned, in our lifetime and I mean EVER. The earliest Venus has returned to Pisces before this year, was the 4th January. Venus’ cycles are eight years, so once every four years she will return in the very early days of the year, but until now the earliest date has been the 4th January. This brings Venus into the picture just a day after Mars and Neptune’s alignment ends and while the Moon is still here, creating a potent cocktail of emotion, passions, dreams and desire in the early days of the month. Having the planets of passions, dreams and desire lead us into the New Year is a great way to start the year, especially in dreamy Pisces.
However, that isn’t the only thing that makes the New Year special and such a line in the sand. Venus will end 2016 and start 2017 in Aquarius, an area of your chart that she will spend a very short amount of time this year. When Venus leaves Aquarius and returned to Pisces on the 3rd January that’s it, we won’t see her here again until 2018. For those here in New Zealand Venus will spend less than 72 hours of 2017 in Aquarius and for those in the US less than 48 hours. Either way her time here is precious, especially as this is where your heart will be drawn as you move into the New Year. Another case of good timing means that Venus will not be alone, thanks to the Moon’s return to Aquarius on New Year’s Eve.
While passions and dreams are aligned in the Pisces ruled area of your chart as you move into the New Year, your heart and emotional responses will be aligned in the Aquarius ruled part. While Venus will move on and not return, like a bell that can’t be unrung, this will leave a strong impression on what you want and crave as you move into 2017, especially in the Aquarius ruled area of your chart. With the Sun returning to Aquarius on the 20th January, when the Moon comes full circle and returns again from the 27th January to the 30th January, it will be as a New Moon on the 28th January. Where Venus will start the month on a high, with a lot of desire and a call for blind faith, will have a chance to become reality later in the month.
With Mars not leaving Pisces until the 28th January and Venus staying on until the 3rd January that dream start will continue to unfold and not just this month. Venus will move through an area of your chart in 24 to 26 days, so arriving on the 24th January she should leave with Mars on the 28th January or around that time. The fact that she doesn’t and will stay on for another week is a direct consequence of her early return to Pisces.
There are rules governing Mercury and Venus, the only planets that orbit between the Earth and Sun, in terms of how far ahead of the Sun they can move without being pulled back. As this is the earliest Venus has ever returned to Pisces in the year and with the Sun not returning until the 19th February, it was a given she would be pulled back. The reason that she will spend 31 days rather than 24 days is Venus will be slowing down and while she won’t turn retrograde here, she will retrograde back in for a double dip visit in April. So not only has Venus returned early, but she’ll remain for the rest of the month and then return for another four weeks in April. Venus is going to be spending a lot of time here and arriving after Mars and Neptune just finished fuelling your passions and dreams, she will have a lot to capitalise on.
Whether it is Mars and Neptune in Pisces or the Moon and Venus in Aquarius, together gives a really exciting start to the year, in stark contrast to the pressures that came to a head late last year. So it really is going to feel like a fresh start, even more so because of the New Year.
Adding to this sense of excitement and liberation, is the big boys are pulling back. The big boys are the major planets in the solar system and include Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus, the planets that came together in a spectacular way in the final weeks of 2016. For it wasn’t just Jupiter and Uranus in opposition, but Saturn and Uranus who joined forces in a way that they hadn’t been seen between the Aries and Sagittarius ruled areas of your chart in eight decades.
Yet, moving into the New Year it’s as though all three have said what they want to say and are ready now to take a back seat. Jupiter, who for the first time in 12 years has moved into the New Year in Libra, will turn retrograde early next month, so as the month progresses will start slowing to a crawl. After all that fuss and all that pushing the Libran agenda at the end of December, Jupiter is likely to pull right back. At the same time Uranus, on the other side of that cosmic battle, only turned direct on the 29th December. Still in his early days in direct motion and with Mars not returning to fire up the Aries ruled part of your chart until the 28th January, is happy for things to turn over slowly. At the same time Saturn, who for the third time in three years but for the last time for another three decades, is moving into Sagittarius and boosted by his alliance with Uranus, also has the urgency bottom out. Even more so with Mercury retrograding back into Sagittarius from the 5th January to the 13th January, giving you a chance to head back to the drawing board. It’s not until midmonth that Saturn will be ready for his march forward again.
Even the Sun, who will always spend the first three weeks of any year in Capricorn is in no hurry either. Despite the fact that the Sun will leave on the 20th January, with Mercury retrograding back out on the 5th January and not returning until the 13th January there is no urgency there either. Coupled with the fact that both Venus and Mars moved through late last year, this allows you time to let things play out.
The only potential fly in the ointment is a Full Moon in Cancer on the 13th January, the same day that Mercury returned to opposing sign Capricorn. However, with so much support in fellow Water sign Pisces, even the first Full Moon of 2017 is looking good.
This reminds me of when my children were teenagers. For the majority of my children’s lives or from when the youngest was 6 years old anyway, I was a single parent of four, with very strong minded children and when they were all teenagers at the same time – well, it had to be experienced to be believed. But why this reminds me of the cosmic conditions this month, is a very familiar scenario that would play out. All four would be tired or grumpy for some reason, something would happen and World War III would erupt. Rather than getting caught in the middle, my job was to minimise collateral damage, which mainly involved making sure no one was physically injured and the house wasn’t destroyed. Then something would break, the tension would clear and they would all be off in their own room doing their own thing, laughing, talking together and acting as though it had never happened. This is why I never got too caught up in it, because I knew the familiar pattern.
That’s how it feels this month, that the solar system got heated, everything lost their cool, tensions came to a head and then, next minute the solar system is at peace again. My belief is that when you have four teenagers in the same house you needed those blow outs and I think we all do and that’s what we had in the final weeks of 2016. If you still need to let out some steam in the early days of the year, hook up with Mars and Neptune and throw yourself into the things you’re passionate about.
We have an exciting month and an exciting year ahead of us. I’m glad you showed up and you will be as well.
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On behalf of everyone on the Forecasters team I want to wish you all the very best for the coming year. 

All the very best for the coming month.
Anne Macnaughtan

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