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If you have been looking out for this Overview since the 1st March you will have noticed it was late and I am glad it is. Had life gone smoothly, this would have been written weeks ago. In the blissful ignorance of the middle days of February, I would have looked ahead at challenging times in the closing days of February and early days of March, calculated how it might impact and would have written from that perspective.


Instead, I am only just writing this on the 1st March, a day after it should have been posted and I am writing it from within the eye of the hurricane. I am not looking ahead and imagining the impact, I am living it.

This is a period that I have been acutely aware of for some time, like a meteorologist watching a cyclone form out at sea, calculating the potential strength and course, in the comfort of a nice, warm office. Not this month, it is happening all around me and as I speak it is the very reason why this is late and why so many other balls I am juggling are so challenging.

So what the hell is happening?

You could call it the perfect storm and the reality is that is exactly what it is. Perfectly intense, perfectly challenging and perfectly amazing. A whole series of coincidences had to come together to create an intense period that has been building for a few weeks, but began in earnest on Monday and will start to blow over during the course of the weekend of the 4th/5th March.

It is hard to know where to start, so I will just introduce you to the players. In the centre of things is Eris, dwarf planet and the goddess of discord. We don’t need to worry about her most of the time, because she has been in Aries since 1926. Everyone under 90 has Eris in Aries in their chart. This is nothing new. Since Uranus returned to Aries in 2010 they have been slowly moving towards their first alignment since 1927.

Eris sows discord, but for all the right reasons. Imagine you were in the wrong job but you kept making excuses for not leaving, so you put up and put up with things, in the process losing part of your soul and who you are. Eris would pile on the pressure to see what it would take for you to finally get the message. She might swing things so that your car broke down or something happened that you couldn’t get there. Horrible things and that’s why Eris gets a bad rap - but for all the right reasons!

Uranus is the truth or personal truth and when we’re off course, he’s the planet that will flip things, bringing sudden shifts to get us back on course. You can imagine then, what would happen if Uranus and Eris were ever to align, which they haven’t in 90 years. Well, we don’t have to imagine, for they are aligned right now, for the first time in the lifetime of anyone on the planet under 90.

As I said, Eris has been in Aries since 1926 and Uranus since 2010, so they have been slowly coming together for seven years. Longer if you count the decades it took Uranus to get back to Aries. They finally aligned on the 27th February and will stay aligned until the 19th March. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos, moves through Aries once every 22 months on average, so every other year will align with Uranus and Eris, just not at the same time.

This is the point where the coincidences start to pile up, for Mars aligned with both Uranus and Eris on the 27th/28th February, just as Uranus and Eris’ alignment began. That’s right, a triple alignment. Mars can only align with Eris in Aries as it has been here for over 90 years and will remain here for several more decades. A triple alignment with Mars, Eris and Uranus is rare, so rare it has been hundreds, if not thousands of years since this has happened before or will again.

On its own this is not challenging and instead for many it will be a moment of truth and stunning breakthroughs and had this been ‘it’ I wouldn’t still be writing this Overview, a day after it should have been posted.

The next coincidence.

Jupiter returned to Libra, opposing sign to Aries last September and over Christmas and the New Year briefly moved into opposition with Uranus. At the time Uranus was in retrograde motion and Jupiter in retrograde motion. Now Jupiter is in retrograde motion and Uranus direct and since January have been moving back into another alliance. Yes, we have another Jupiter/Uranus opposition and when do you think that is, of course, when else could it possibly be?

Jupiter not only moved into Uranus on the 27th February but with a triple alignment of Eris, Uranus and Mars, into opposition with all three. This is so bizarre that it can’t be a coincidence. A once in a lifetime triple alignment in Aries, at the very moment that Jupiter moves into opposition Uranus and Eris, for the first time since 1934 and not when they were aligned, as in two separate events.

Yet the coincidences didn’t stop there. Something locked into place on Monday 27th February, that had been building for weeks, but it brought together an extreme opportunity for a breakthrough and an extreme amount of pressure. Remember, Eris has been here your entire life, so this is something that may have been building for the whole of your life. Whatever your personal truth is, this is your moment to claim it. So Jupiter comes along at that very moment to push things.

Now there was a solar eclipse in late February, as near to a total solar eclipse as it’s possible to get. I can imagine gods deciding when to schedule this solar eclipse and then one of them says ‘well the 27th February seems pretty popular’ and that’s when the solar eclipse fell.

Whatever has been unleashed has now taken on a life of its own and while Mars moved out of opposition with Jupiter on the 28th February, Jupiter is still in opposition with both Uranus and Eris and will be until the 6th March, the first Monday in March.

However, things will start to improve dramatically over the coming days, i.e. the weekend of the 4th/5th March and as it was a number of things coming together at the same time that has created so much pressure, it is a number of things coming together at the same time that begin to turn things around.

For you see this appears to be very challenging, the perfect storm where everything has gone wrong but it hasn’t, this is a brilliant strategy that sets the scene for a major breakthrough. In order to have a breakthrough you have to be at breaking point, that point where one more pushed button and that’s it. Jupiter was that one last push and as the planet of luck he’s playing his role to perfection. He’s coming across as the bad guy but he’s anything but.

Things start to reveal their true colours over the first weekend March. It begins Friday or even today (2nd March) if you count the Moon exacerbating things. On Friday the 3rd March Jupiter’s opposition with Uranus and Eris will peak. That’s the point where it’s as bad as it is going to get and will then start waning, before technically moving out of opposition on Monday 6th March.

However, over the weekend a number of things happen. The first is that a friendly trine aspect between Mars and Saturn is in effect over the 4th/5th March. After all that cosmic angst, this is the first sign of a breakthrough. Saturn has been a silent player in this, for while he’s the ‘bad cop’ of the solar system, he has been secretly supporting both Jupiter and the planets in Aries. So to have Mars and Saturn come together is the start of things turning around.

Then on the 4th March, the same day that Mars and Saturn come together, Venus will turn retrograde in Aries. Venus wasn’t involved in the melee in the later days of February and early days of March, so she’s able to distance herself, while bringing a chance to back things up. Knowing now what you didn’t before this started, she brings an opportunity for a do over.

Most of the heat will go out of things when Mars leaves Aries on the 10th March, which will be good news for Taurus and the Taurus ruled area of your chart, but Venus’ retrograde phase is the real turning point.

While Venus and Jupiter are on opposite sides of the sky they won’t move into opposition until late May. For example of how positive this is, if you are an Aries or a Libra then obviously this is hitting you hard. I am a Cancerean so for me this has been career and home and I am going through the toughest work/life balance issues I have ever faced, which is exactly what I knew would happen. For Aries and Libra this is playing out between your personal and relationship needs and this will be creating personal and/or relationship tensions. If you are an Aries, Jupiter is in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. If you are a Libra, then the line of planets in Aries are in your relationship sector. On the 4th March Venus will turn retrograde – if you are a Libra, Jupiter is in retrograde motion in your sign and Venus is in retrograde motion in your relationship sector and vice versa for Libra. Remember, they’re not in opposition as the planets of love and luck this is when the rebuilding starts.

The big boys of the cosmic have made this mess, but Venus is going to clear it up.

This is a major turning point and all the pressure in these early days is just going to crumble. As for the Aries ruled area of your chart, by mid March this will be the best thing that has ever happened. Tough at the time, but this is clearing the way for something stunning.

The Aries ruled area of your chart will continue to dominate, with Uranus and Eris aligned here until the 19th March, Mars leaves on the 10th March but Mercury arrives on the 14th March and the Sun on the 20th March. By the time we reach the New Moon here on the 28th March, we’ll scarcely remember the bumpy start the month got off to, but we will be enjoying the benefits.

My advice in the early days of the month is to breathe, don’t sweat the small stuff and cut others some slack, especially yourself. This is only for a few more days and the forces behind this are on your side. Nothing has gone wrong, nothing is broken and if anything this is a birth, into a whole new and exciting era.

It has been said that 60 percent of this year’s challenges will be out of the way by mid March and if that’s the case, the majority of that will play out between the later days of February and early days of March. The tension breaks over the weekend of the 4th/5th March, the heat goes out of this on the 10th March and that’s when the benefits will come rolling in.

At the end of the day it is all about balance. Your Monthly, Weekly and Daily Horoscopes will guide you through this, but you will find all the details in your Monthly Horoscope Reports.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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