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June is a month where a lot is being packed into the early days and a lot into the final days, with not a lot in the middle. That is not exactly true, but in terms of planetary activity it is all happening in the first and final 10 days of the month. I wouldn't say that the middle bit is boring, more that it is stable.

It is during the first and final ten days that we will find all the action.

Within the first 10 days of the month we have three planetary moves and one major planetary turnaround.

It begins with Mars, who on the 5th June will leave Gemini and return to Cancer. Having spent six weeks firing things up in the Gemini ruled area of your chart, he’ll leave things in safe hands. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in Gemini, this year benefiting from the fact that Mars had already spent a month firing things up before he even returned. Another planet here is Ceres, who having returned at the end of April will stay on until the 10th July, spending the whole month here. That is important from the get go, for Ceres gives us a sense of what we’re fighting for. I’ll get to the other reason why this is important when we get to the final 10 days of the month.

The second planetary move happens the next day, when Venus finally leaves Aries and returns to Taurus. This is almost exactly four months to the day from when she first returned in early February. Apart from the 26 days she retrograded back into Pisces in April, Venus has spent all this time in Aries. This, Venus’ longest visit since 2009, coincided with some major cosmic alignments here. We also had Mars and Ceres move through this year, in addition to the Sun and Mercury of course. Venus leaves the Aries ruled area of your chart with plenty of momentum, high expectations and plenty of support. That includes from Uranus, in Aries until 2019 and Eris, here until 2047. There is little fear of things going off the boil anytime soon.

What Venus’ departure does is take the immediate focus off the Aries ruled part of your chart, in terms of day to day focus. This allows Uranus and Eris to regroup, but also to focus more on building links with Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo. This is a powerful grand trine that will dominate much of June. Your Monthly Horoscopes will provide more insight into which areas of your chart these forces rule, with the Monthly Horoscope Reports providing more detail.

But in terms of what a grand trine means, this is when three complementary areas of your chart are working together. For example, for the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), this grand trine forms between your income, work and career sectors. This is the North Node’s first full month in Leo and this is putting a fateful new current in play for the next 18 months. This also sets the scene for a total solar eclipse here in August.

The third planetary shift again happens the next day and in fact less than 15 hours behind Venus. Mercury will leave Taurus and return to Gemini on the 7th June. This is essentially a case of musical chairs. Mercury is taking Mars’ seat, Venus is taking Mercury’s seat and the seat Venus leaves vacant will be filled by the planets staying behind.

This will keep the Taurus and Gemini areas of your chart active, but on the Taurus front it will change from Mercury’s strategic and ‘head’ rule, to Venus’ more heart focused rule. Here you can expect something special. For by the time Venus returns there has been planetary activity in Taurus for four months. Because Venus rules through the laws of attraction, in that she attracts opportunities to you, she’ll return, find the hard work done, realise you already have your head in the game, so will switch on the laws of attraction and sit back and wait. Venus has a very cruisy month and not due to leave until the 5th July, this is where she’ll spend the rest of the month.

The only move that will bring a whole new dynamic into play is Mars’ return to Cancer on the 5th June. There has been no planetary activity in Cancer since mid 2016, so the warrior planet of the cosmos will crank up an area of your chart that has been right off the boil. This also makes Mars the first planet to reach Cancer this year, starting things off in a passionate and fiery way.

These are the three planetary moves in the first 10 days of the month, on the 5th, 6th and 7th June. The planetary turnaround is Jupiter’s direct turn on the 10th June. This is not just this month’s major event, but in terms of 2017 as a whole, this is a major event. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and rules growth and expansion in our lives. In retrograde motion since early February and under pressure for much of that time, Jupiter has not been in a powerful position.

That all changes on the 10th June, with Jupiter’s direct turn not only turning the tide and taking off the handbrake, but he will turn his back on some challenging  months. Venus’ opposition with Jupiter was the last opposition for some time, with just one more with Eris and Uranus before leaving in October. However that won’t be until September.

This is a very big deal for the Libra ruled area of your chart, but in terms of the year itself this is a loosening of the pressure and a real turnaround in general. With the Sun and Mercury in fellow Air sign Gemini by then, there will be plenty of support for Jupiter. Where the North Node is helping to create a grand trine between Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the South Node is doing the same here, though not to the same exactness. This does create a triad of support around Jupiter.

However, just to cram as much into the first 10 days of the month as possible, it is on the 10th June that we will also have this month’s Full Moon. Falling in Sagittarius, this will be the last Full Moon with Saturn here for another 28 years. With all that support around Saturn, this Full Moon could be a real catalyst.

Once we reach the 10th June things will settle down, there will be no more planetary activity shifts and things will remain settled in place.

Then we hit the 21st June and things start to move again. Both the Sun and Mercury will leave Gemini on the 21st June, joining Mars in Cancer. Now I said earlier that there was another reason why it was important that Ceres was spending the whole month in Gemini and that I would get to it later, when we got to the final 10 days of the month. Venus is running behind schedule because of her retrograde turn in Aries, so won’t return to Gemini until the 5th July, two weeks after the Sun and Mercury leave. That is a long time for things to go cold and expect Venus to pick things up and run with them, as she is in the Taurus ruled area of your chart.

This is where Ceres comes in, for not due to leave Gemini until the 10th July, she will stay on until Venus gets here, ensuring there is plenty of continuity.

The Sun and Mercury’s return to Cancer will stir up a lot of activity in the final part of the month. It is here that a New Moon will fall on the 24th June, 19 days since Mars first returned. It is in the later part of the month that Mercury and Mars will align and when they do, they can cause a bit of trouble. These are planets that egg each other on, but as Mercury’s brains and Mars’ brawn come together, this can really make things happen.

It is during this period that both will move into opposition with Pluto. Mercury will move into opposition on the 30th June, so in the very final hours of the month, but Mars won’t move into opposition until the 2nd July. However, any pressure will be building in the later days of June. When Mars and Pluto move into opposition, which they do once every two years, the effect can be explosive and even volcanic, sometimes literally. When the planets of war and revolution go head to head, sparks definitely fly.

So this is June, a month with a very active first 10 days and a very active final 10 days, but a lot of stability in the middle. This is a month that is dominated by two grand trines, one a fiery one between Leo, Sagittarius and Aries and the other an Air ruled one, between Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. On both fronts you have some powerful planets and also a lunar node in each. So don’t be put off by that quiet middle bit, for nothing will be shifting on you, but there will still be a lot happening.

Anne Macnaughtan

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