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(1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008)
The Year of the Monkey is your kind of year and a year you have a special affinity to. You will always fare much better in either the Year of the Monkey or the Year of the Dragon. There is something about the Year of the Monkey that fosters both success and fruitful outcomes. This can be a year where there can be professional success, income growth and important friendships and relationships can develop, but in most cases this is because of what has been invested in the past. The Year of the Monkey comes along and encourages growth where before now there has been little support. The Monkey is the year that you’ve been waiting for and it’s finally here. This is an innovative and exciting year, with the only real danger being taking on too much or getting ahead of yourself, in which case just dial it back a bit until everything catches up. The only real problem with the Year of the Monkey is that every year isn’t a Monkey year, for this is the kind of year you’ve been waiting for. Everything is going to look up but especially professionally. Your success star is burning bright this year, with not only professional success likely, but success with any goals and ambitions you put your mind to and are able to channel a sense of competitiveness into. With this comes an opportunity to increase your income, but for the Rat the Year of the Monkey is also a good year for investment, especially in the property and real estate market. To begin with the focus is more on your overall professional journey, with a chance to update work matters during the Month of the Snake, which begins in March. The Year of the Monkey is also a good year for travel, study, higher learning and even publishing. Anything that allows you to open your mind to new experiences will be well supported by the Monkey. What the Year of the Monkey does is bring those moments, when out of nowhere a sense of gratitude washes over you, as you realise how much you have to be grateful for. However, if you count your blessings at the start of the Year of the Monkey and again at the end, you’ll find that you end with far more than you started with. However your greatest areas of wealth come through your friendships and social circle, with people especially important. In a year that also supports throwing yourself into your passions, having the right work/life balance is essential.
(1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009)
Let’s just say that when the Year of the Monkey comes along the Ox is likely to be perplexed to say the least. Not sure what to think of the cheeky, creative and agile Monkey, when he prefers to plod through life. The Monkey takes one look at the Ox and thinks ‘well, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have too much fun, you’re a bit too dull for me’. Needless to say there are reservations on both sides and for good reason. The Monkey likes to think on his feet, whereas the Ox likes to think things through in his methodical way. Yet despite your initial reservations, thinking that the Year of the Monkey is just a bit ‘over the top’ for you, this might be just what you need. If you can hold onto your tenacity, ability to think things through, stay the course and follow things through in a methodical way, while taking on board some of the Monkey’s quicksilver and creative influence, you might just accomplish much. Above all the Monkey is here to ask you to lighten up and have some fun. What makes the Ox such a determined and often successful sign is that you don’t give up, no matter how hard the going gets, then you knuckle down and persevere, traversing the highest mountain ranges and the deepest gorges. In essence, the Ox is the ‘little engine that could’. The problem you might have with the Monkey is that he comes along with smart solutions that can make life a lot easier for you. But do you trust these short cuts and isn’t life supposed to be hard and difficult? If the Monkey comes along with all these ingenious short cuts and offers to make life easier, your biggest problem is adjusting a mindset that is perfect for when the going is tough, but may turn into the voice of guilt in your head when the going becomes much easier, which it will this year. While the Year of the Monkey is destined to eventually become one of your biggest and most potentially successful professional years in over a decade, it won’t start out that way and if anything you’ll feel an urge to shun all that and rest on your laurels. You’ll get no complaints from the Monkey, for with the big opportunities not coming until the second half of the year, this buys you time to consider and think through your options. The Chinese New Year begins with the Month of the Tiger and for the Ox that’s all about income, so both professionally and personally you’ll be looking at ‘what’s in it for me’? Your biggest challenge this year, apart from learning that life doesn’t have to be hard and challenging, is opening yourself to the adventures that await. This is having an influence on and is being influenced by money matters, for while the Year of the Monkey is a good year for money matters, it’s not about the pursuit of money but how money can be used to enrich your life. Whether through travel or study, there is a hunger for richer life experiences and the gaining of knowledge.
(1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010)
The Year of the Monkey might present some challenges for the Tiger and is often the most challenging of all the years, only because you’re now halfway between the last Year of the Tiger and the next and halfway through the 12 Year Chinese cycle you are often put to the test. While some say it’s because the Tiger is used to getting its own way and is fiercely independent, while the Year of the Monkey is more about relationship building, that’s only part of the reason. A year so important for relationship building means compromises will be required, but it’s less about what this asks of you and more a battle to hold onto your own individuality and making sure your own needs aren’t forgotten. Once you can appreciate that any challenges are likely to be about balancing your personal and relationship needs, you’re able to make the most of what is a huge year for both personal and professional relationship building. There’ll be little patience for anyone who plays mind games, but you will need a confidant or two. Yet what the Monkey does is challenge you to think on your feet and as Tigers are the kings of the jungle and survive through their wit and intellect, you’ll be challenged to use those natural skills. Tigers are naturally smart, but when you’re not tested you can get rusty, with the Monkey testing you just enough to keep you on your toes. Where the Monkey can help is with your verbal skills and to help ensure the communication lines open, for above all, for the Tiger the Year of the Monkey is all about relationship building. While your relationships may become challenging at times, it’s because more is on offer and more is therefore required of you, making it important from the get go to ensure the communication lines are open and then continue to work on keeping them open. Professionally you’re able to build on the challenges of the past and while you may still be dealing with some, this is more likely to be a case of tying up loose ends. What you have is fairly successful professional year, one that can benefit from what you’ve experienced in the past. There is also an opportunity for income growth, though don’t be greedy or look for excuses. If you aim for modest professional success and income growth and continue to keep your head in the game, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful. Financial and money matters themselves require a more big picture approach and while there could be financial tensions at times, this is more likely be about balance, with a need to continuously watch that you have the right balance between money coming in and money going out. Your greatest strength and support throughout the year will come from your friendships and social networks, which need to be nurtured. In the final four months of the year an opportunity for travel, learning and discovery will open up, something that will blossom even further in 2017.


(1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011)
While at first glance the gentle Rabbit and the charismatic Monkey might not have a lot in common, from the get go there is all round admiration. You’re going to love this year! The Monkey brings a wit, a sense of intelligence and the ability to think on your feet and on the run that you’re going to love. With this comes a sense that you might not be able to trust all that everyone and everything is telling you, especially on first impression, but at the same time ‘who cares’? Suddenly you’re able to take things on face value. At the end of the day you’ll know which side of the bread is buttered and that you’ll do well in the Year of the Monkey, even if that means adopting some of its ‘devil may care’ attitudes. The gift that the Monkey brings is the gift of flexibility. When you stand rigid in your planning, beliefs and attitudes and expect the winds of change to bend around them you’ll be disappointed, but when you make plans, have beliefs and attitudes that are flexible and bend with the prevailing winds, then you’ll not only survive, but thrive. The Chinese describe this combination as the Rabbit being the long grass and the Monkey the wind and the more they can bend and flow together, the more your life will be enriched. It’s those winds that disperse the grass seed, so you have a year where ideas can be left to run wild and propagate, to take root as new opportunities either this year or over the coming years. The Rabbit and Monkey are also good business partners, with the Rabbit able to produce the products and the Monkey sell them. The Year of the Monkey is not only set to be an auspicious professional year, but for income, work and career matters across the board. You’re also likely to find yourself popular at work or in demand, becoming the favourite ‘go to’ person for advice with work mates or to ‘get the job done’ by bosses. This will extend to your social life as well, where a feeling of popularity, respect and support is going to do wonders for your self confidence. This is what the Monkey does, takes the Rabbit under its wing and reminds it how talented it really is. This is also an important year for both personal and professional relationship building, though at times this might become challenging, especially as you balance your own and your relationship needs. For as your confidence grows you’ll find that you’re more ready to stand up for yourself and your needs. At the same time, despite the fact that this is a big year for your relationships, income, work and career matters, that a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences is also never too far from the surface.
(1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012)
This is the year that you’ve been waiting for, because when the Year of the Monkey meets the Dragon it really is a match made in heaven. There is something about the innovative Monkey that the Dragon loves and this means two things – good times and good news. The Monkey is smart and has the brains that the Dragon needs to bring its ambitious plans to fruition. Creative, smart but also realistic and flexible, the Monkey is able to provide the support to break big dreams and flamboyant ambitions down to manageable and doable chunks. Expect a year full of improvising, thinking on your feet, negotiating and even bargaining, with lots of things on the go. The biggest danger here is a sense of bravado that has you believing that you can do everything yourself, to a point where you might take on too much. You’ll therefore need to learn to delegate or ask for help when you need it, realising that it’s not a sign of weakness. This year talent, luck, support and determination come together to spell success. That is especially so on the work front, with plenty of opportunities to impress with your abilities, talent and determination, but more importantly there is a lot of luck and support when it comes to job growth. Don’t worry if you take a while to establish what you’re working towards, for that will evolve over the course of the year itself. Because of this there could be a change of job or possibly a promotion. A year that has the potential to be very successful, will see a lot of this play out on the professional front. While this lends itself to a lucrative year for income growth and that will be especially so around April and May, what makes this a good year for financial matters as a whole is the confidence to take money matters by the horns and take your power back. However, don’t expect a year that is all work and no play, for the Year of the Monkey is an especially good year for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. This is also the ‘Marriage Year’ and especially so in the final four months of the year, when favourable conditions for both personal and professional relationship building will prevail. A good year for work, career, financial, romantic and relationship matters should have a down side? Well, if there is any downside it’s that your excuses are being challenged, especially if you try and remain in a rut or in your comfort zone. There is an opportunity for learning, travel and discovery, though you will have to work for it. All in all the Year of the Monkey is set to be a good year for the Dragon, full of joy, the potential for success and prosperity. The one downside is that it can’t be the Year of the Monkey every year.
(1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013)
The first thing that the Snake must realise when entering the Year of the Monkey is that not everything is a competition. Both the Monkey and the Snake are what you might call stubborn minded, in that when you make your mind up over something, that’s it. In a year that is likely to present some situations or developments that don’t want to appear to budge, your tendency could be to do the same. At some point during the year you’re going to have to learn to be more flexible, so you may as well make that a priority from the get go. The Year of the Monkey is a clever and quick witted year, but the Snake is even smarter, so it’s your mind not will power that will serve you well this year, so long as you don’t over think things. Because the Monkey does grate on the Snake you may find that there are some people or situations that could annoy you at times. Either avoid those people or situations, limit your time or learn to be more diplomatic. The one area of your life that is likely to present as important when first entering the Year of the Monkey is a bit of a false impression and that’s professionally. While February and March are some of the most important months of your professional year, as it always will be during the Month of the Tiger, the year itself presents as low on challenges but no overall support. However, gain some professional momentum in the early months of the year and it will be easy to maintain. It’s in the final four months of the year that there are major changes on the job front, with a chance for a promotion or just overall job growth. While the Year of the Monkey is destined to be a lucrative year for income opportunities, you won’t have to wait until later in the year and it’s not as a result of what you’re investing professionally in the early months of the year either. Most of your wealth and income opportunities will come from what has been invested over previous years. The focus is more on stable, slow and continuing growth. What is going to be important this year are home and family matters, with work/life balance more important than other years. There are things in life that are becoming more important than financial and professional success with family life, loved ones and relationship building high on your list of priorities. This is also an important year for friendship building, with lots of social support and interaction. The key feature of the Year of the Monkey is balance, wanting to have it all and with some smart time management able to pull it off. Especially important is a balance between work and play.


1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014
The Horse and the Monkey isn’t a match made in heaven but there is enough mutual respect to make this a good year. Each year is a combination of the Year itself working out how to deal with the Horse, while the Horse works out how to deal with the Year of the Monkey. Allow for some ‘sizing each other up’ time, which shouldn’t take long. What you will find is that there is a lot to be gained by compromising and working together. You’ve got things that the Monkey needs and the Monkey has things that you need, so while it might not be a match made in heaven, this could be a good working relationship. You both like to get things done, you know the importance of seeing the big picture and that in every aspect of your life it’s about working together. The Year of the Monkey loves to bring change and the Horse loves change, so you’ll find that you adapt easily and cope with any changes the year might throw at you. A combination of adaptability, ability to think on your feet, a good sense of the big picture and a ‘can do’ attitude should see you do well this year. The Horse likes success and the Monkey has the intellectual savvy to help you pull it off and it’s this concept of partnership that will translate into the real world, able to partner up and work with others, in what is probably the most important relationship year in several decades, even more so than the last Monkey Year in 2004. While personal and professional relationship building will remain a huge factor throughout the year, it’s the last four months of 2016 and early weeks of 2017 that are set to be especially auspicious for romantic love. Love and the spirit of romance are set to blossom from late August onwards. In the meantime, expect a busy year and chances are you’ve already got first hand experience of that. Yet a busy work load is a chance to impress, which will eventually bode well for your overall professional development. Any income opportunities will come from that, with the middle months of 2016 likely to be the most lucrative. In a year when personal and professional relationship building and also home and family matters are set to be so important, so too is communication. The Monkey is a smart, articulate and intellectually savvy year, something that is right up your ally. As well as finding it easy to keep the communication lines open, you’ll do well in talks and discussions.


(1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015)
While next door neighbours on the Chinese wheel, these two couldn’t be more different. Where the Goat likes to take things slowly, grazing in the paddock while contemplating life’s mysteries, the Monkey is swinging from the trees, ready for the next adventure. Monkey is charming, cheeky, charismatic and ‘out there’, whereas the Goat is a retiring soul, happy to stay in the background. Yet for all your differences, the Year of the Monkey is the year that you desperately need. It’s going to get you out of your shell, get you back into life and hopefully get you to lighten up. The Year of the Goat can be a hard year for some Goats, with the weight of life’s responsibilities on your shoulders. The Monkey comes along, just when you need it most. It’s time to have some fun. All in all the word that most expresses this year is ‘comfortable’. While your problems and life’s challenges won’t go away, what changes is that feeling comfortable within your own skin nothing will seem so daunting and that in turn will see things come together more easily. What you have in the Year of the Monkey is a lot of variety and a very balanced landscape, which means you’re not going to get bogged down with any one area of your life. Yes, this is going to be a busy year and you will have to work hard, but with that comes rewards and not just professionally. You’re likely to find that you do well professionally this year, with some unexpected developments around March and April, but more importantly the Year of the Monkey is an especially lucrative year and in fact, you could see a real growth in your income opportunities and earnings. If the money doesn’t come flooding in, you will at least find that it flows more easily. The Chinese New Year always begins with the Month of the Tiger, a month that for the Goat is all about financial housekeeping and with so much income potential this year, it’s important to get money matters themselves sorted in the early weeks of the Monkey year. There are some surprise developments on the romantic front this year and that makes it important not to let life become all work and no play. Yet while the year will remain busy and the Year of the Monkey will continue to support income, work and career matters, the final four months of 2016 are likely to be especially auspicious for home, family and/or property matters and that will continue right through to the early months of 2017 and into the Year of the Rooster, which begins next January. In what is destined to be a busy year find time to embrace a sense of adventure when you can.
(1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016)
The Year of the Monkey not only brings you back into the energy you were born into, but brings you to the start of a new 12 year cycle. Having been born into the Year of the Monkey, you began life thinking that Monkey energy was the norm, only to find that as the years moved on and you moved through the different sections of the 12 year Chinese cycle, that this wasn’t the case. Once every 12 years you ‘come home’, to a year where all your natural qualities can express themselves. Throughout the year you will become more aware of your own skills and talents, with many ‘I didn’t realise I could do that’ moments. You’re likely to find that your competitiveness returns and a desire to win in all that you do will see you become more driven, but with this comes a warning against pushing yourself too hard and far. Life isn’t a success only journey and if everything you try is immediately successful that will suck the fun out of life. In general, when Monkey meets Monkey luck is on your side, especially when it comes to new beginnings and enterprises. While there isn’t a lot of focus on career this year, with so much already invested and the means to continue to keep the wheels turning on the work front, what you have is an auspicious year for income opportunities and growth. If there are going to be any changes on the work front then this is likely to happen early on or at least the ideas are being planted, though the focus needs to be more on establishing a sense of direction, for if you’re on the right path the money will follow. While this is an extremely lucky year for income opportunities and growth you will need to keep an eye on spending and your overall financial well being. What you don’t want is money coming in, but just as quickly going out the other end. One of the reasons why this is not a big professional year, with just enough momentum on the work front to keep the wheels turning on this auspicious income year, is that life has other priorities. At the same time that a balance between work and play is a lot more important, with matters of the heart a big priority throughout the year, so too are home and family matters. You’ve learned the hard way the importance of having the right work/life balance.
(1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017)
While the Year of the Monkey is not one of the better years for the Rooster it is definitely not one of the more challenging years. The only complaint you’re likely to have is the amount of time you’re spending in your own head, especially if you allow this to spiral in the Rooster’s tendency to worry. Yet if you can steer yourself away from that minefield you’ll find that your mind becomes sharper and you can enjoy time spent within your imagination and daydreams. So long as you can avoid the dangers, which are all to do with over thinking things and worrying needlessly, you will find this a mentally stimulating year. In fact, you will find that your interest in general is piqued, wanting to know more about what is going on around you, whether it’s office gossip, keeping up with social trends or becoming more socially active. It’s a desire to be plugged into life’s network and not wanting to miss out on anything that is going to make this a fun and socially connected year. Any chance to catch up with friends, share ideas and interact with others is set to bring much happiness this year. While the Chinese New Year always begins with the Month of the Tiger, a month that for the Rooster is always focused on work matters, this is more a chance to get your new working year off the ground and pointed in a direction that will bear fruit later in the year. There’ll be a chance to focus on overall career matters during the Month of the Horse, in May/June as you line up for auspicious income developments in the final four months of the year. If there are any job changes this year they are likely to have already happened or you’ll be in the process of considering your options, with where things stand mid March where they’re likely to remain, with a chance for another push in the final months of 2016. The Year of the Monkey is destined to be a lucky and auspicious year for income matters, though this won’t come together until the final four months of the year, having until then to slowly work on your professional year. However, your heart isn’t really in it this year, more focused on home and family matters. For that reason work/life balance is a major priority this year, for you also need time to focus on your relationships. Because of that communication is not only especially important this year, this is something that the Monkey is able to support you with.
(1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018)
While the Dog and the Monkey aren’t necessarily the best of friends, there is plenty of mutual admiration. You’ll love the ‘busyness’ of the year and a chance to display your loyalty. You’ll like that the Monkey provides a stimulating, creative and exciting atmosphere that you’re able to enjoy when you want to, but when you’d rather be off doing your own thing you’ll be able to. All in all this should be a good year for the Dog, with the Monkey evoking a sense of confidence and optimism, making you a lot more innovative. One of your biggest challenges this year is going to be reining things in, with the Monkey an impatient energy that wants to see things moving, while this is one year when you’re not ready to rush into things. There will be times when it will be to your advantage to slow things down, but there will be times when you need the push that the Monkey can bring. While you have plenty of good luck on the income and work fronts, the best way to describe this is stable. There is something rock solid about work developments that gives you a stable platform to work from. This means there isn’t the need to prove yourself as you may have had to do in previous years and you’re a lot more aware of what's in it for you. It is more about the money this year and a sense of entitlement has the potential to raise the goal posts and the level of your glass ceilings, but you’re also more aware that this comes at a cost. The money itself, over and above what’s required in order to make you comfortable, doesn’t hold that much appeal. You’ll be able to put in the effort and be quite successful at making money when you put your mind to it, but other aspects of your life are becoming more important, like work/life balance, home and family life and your own personal journey. You will find it hard to compromise your values in almost every aspect of your life, a lot more aware of your needs. What is missing is the pressure of previous years, which is giving you permission to take things more slowly this year, especially in the first half of 2016. You’ve lost your lust for the fast lane or pushing yourself beyond your limit when you don’t have to. What the Year of the Monkey will reveal is the value of friendship and your social circle, with people making your world go round. While this is an important year for focusing on your health, if you go down the sport and fitness route take it easy, for this is one year when less is more. There will be plenty of times when you want to put out the 'do not disturb' sign and there’ll be no complaints from the Monkey, though when you issue an IOU he’ll expect you to honour it.
(1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019)
The Year of the Monkey and the Pig ‘get’ each other. The Monkey is an outgoing year and the Pig is an outgoing sign. This is a year for going after big goals, with the Monkey inspiring your competitive spirit while giving you the confidence and support to chase your dreams. What you will find this year is there is a sense of support and confidence that you haven’t felt for several years, where instead of tempering your ambitions you’re not only being encouraged, but you have the ability to think big as well. This sets the scene for a potentially successful and prosperous year. What you do need to guard against is over extending yourself or carrying the weight of too many others. While the Year of the Monkey is destined to be a successful and ambitious year, with conditions looking good for professional success and for positive outcomes across the income, work and career fronts, you will also find that this can’t be all there is to life. There is a greater than normal need to have a social life, but also for love, romance, joy and creativity in your life. In short, professional success needs to go hand in hand with a balance between work and play and to learn from the work/life balance lessons of the past. It’s been a long time coming, but you’re finally finding the courage and support to follow your heart, with the Monkey refusing to let you slip into old habits. This is also an important year for personal and professional networking, with the Monkey attracting the right people into your life at the right time. You’re likely to find that your social circle increases or that professional networking, teamwork and collaboration becomes a lot more important. This is also a year where you need to be a lot more invested in following your passions and the things that excite you. After years of having to work with the conditions and everyone else’s needs, throughout the coming year you’ll find the confidence to start following the beat of your own drum. If you find that you start to slow down in the final months of the year then don’t be alarmed, for as the year progresses a need for time to hear yourself think will become more important. Depending on how well you’ve managed your time this will either happen naturally or life’s events may force you to slow down. While you might be prepared to work yourself into the ground, the Monkey isn’t. This comes at a time when you’re looking at what’s in it for you, across all the currencies in your life.


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