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This month’s claim to fame is that this is Jupiter’s first full month in Scorpio in over a decade, but also as the month that marks the start of a domino effect that kicks off a major period of change.

In terms of the dynamics that will shape 2018, they are not only very different to 2017, but too much of the last three years. Not a lot has shifted in that time. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are always on the move, creating the seasons within any given year, but not shaping the year itself. At the other extreme we have the outer planets that are locked into place for years if not decades. In fact, these outer planets are often referred to as the ‘generational planets’. E.g. the majority of baby boomers have their Pluto in Leo.

In between, we have Jupiter and Saturn, the planets that determine the thrust that any specific year will take. While Jupiter changes signs once every 12 to 13 months and they will usually change signs once in any given year, Saturn can be in a sign for three years. What we have had over recent years is very little movement from Saturn out. Saturn has been in Sagittarius since 2014, Neptune in Pisces since 2012, Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces since 2010 and Pluto in Capricorn since 2008. There hasn’t been any change to the major backdrop of our lives in three years and it has been nearly six years since any of the outer planets shifted.

Yet over the course of the coming months that domino effect will really start to take hold and we can see signs of what is developing this month. The major change will begin with Saturn’s departure from Sagittarius and return to Capricorn next month, where he’ll team up with Pluto, followed by Chiron’s departure from Pisces and return to Aries in April and Uranus’ departure from Aries and return to Taurus in May. Consider that it has been three years since Saturn moved and nearly eight years since any of the outer planets moved, to have three within the space of just five months and to have Jupiter only just in his first full month in Scorpio, brings us to a huge period of change.

When you have a lot of the major planets shifting, it breaks up some partnerships and begins others. For example, with Jupiter having left Libra last month and Mars ending all planetary activity there early next month, this will take away the pressure between the Aries and Libra ruled areas of our charts, which has been there since mid 2016. At the same time, Uranus’ departure from Aries will take him out of a difficult aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and while Chiron will return to Aries, he will remain in the early degrees for years.

At the same time, new partnerships are being forged and in particular, between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, but also between Uranus when he returns to Taurus, with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The whole dynamics of the heavens are set to change in 2018 and that change has already begun.

With Saturn not returning to Capricorn until the 20th December, there will be a chance to let Jupiter steal a lot of the attention as he spends his first full month in Scorpio. It isn’t that this will remain any less important and in fact, with Mars in Scorpio from early December to late January, the Scorpio ruled area of your chart will remain very important. But with no other major changes happening until next month, this is a chance for Jupiter and his new reign in Scorpio to put down roots and become established first. While Jupiter is here until November 2018, other planetary activity will keep things in play until early 2019. Where Jupiter goes the rest of the year follows and in terms of the area of growth, opportunity and expansion in 2018, it is in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart.

With Mercury in Scorpio until the 6th November, Venus from the 8th November and the Sun until the 22nd November, there is plenty of support and focus here this month. It is also here that this month’s New Moon on the 19th November will bring a chance to commit to new beginnings, for the first time with lucky Jupiter on board in over a decade.

With Neptune turning direct in Pisces on the 23rd November, this will bring the planet of dreams back into the game, in time to support Jupiter and all that is transpiring in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart. It is Chiron’s direct turn early next month that will see the planet of healing begin moving forward, a move that will see him leave in April.

In the meantime, while Saturn won’t leave Sagittarius and return to Capricorn until the 20th December, after nearly three years this hard taskmaster of the cosmos moves into his end game this month. This is all thanks to the help of Mercury, whose return to Sagittarius on the 6th November will bring the intellectually savvy edge and articulation needed to get your head in the game. Normally moving through in just 15 days, Mercury should be gone by the time the Sun returns on the 22nd November and not much help for Saturn, as he moves into his final month.

However, instead of leaving Mercury will slow down, eventually turning retrograde early next month. This will not only keep Mercury here until January but makes him the last and only planet to align with Saturn before he leaves next month. Except Mercury won’t just align once but twice. The first time will be on the 28th/November when Mercury is slowing down but still moving forward. Then after turning retrograde on the 3rd December, Mercury will do a U turn and come back and conjunct Saturn for a second time, from the 6th/7th December. These will be the last Saturn conjunctions in Sagittarius for another 28 years.

When Saturn returns to Capricorn next month he will beat the Sun by just two days, so there will be no more shifts or changes until he returns, which is when everything will change. However, Pluto is already here and in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart there is already likely to be a yearning for change, even if for now it feels more like you are window shopping.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

One of the biggest new developments in 2018, as opposed to the other major shifts where there is already planetary activity, is Uranus’ return to Taurus next year. There has been no major planetary activity here since Jupiter was here in 2011/2012 and no outer planet has been here since Uranus himself was last here, from 1934 to 1942. The Sun, Mercury and Venus move through Taurus once a year, Mars once every other year, Jupiter once every 12 years and Saturn once every three decades. But there has been no out planetary activity here for literally decades and unless you’re 74 years old or older, you have never had any outer planet here in your lifetime. What an outer planet does is locks the influence into place for years. By that, I mean that while Uranus will return next year, he won’t leave until 2026. He’s sticking around for a long time and this will keep the Taurus ruled area of your chart active for years.

This makes it important to pay attention to the Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th November. As the only significant event in the Taurus ruled area of your chart before the planets start returning next year, the gods will use this as a stepping stone, but also as a chance to push things onto a path that might not make sense now, but will do when things start to move next year.

With all this talk of what lies ahead, it’s important not to overlook Venus and Mars, who are tying up loose ends after Jupiter’s departure from Libra last month, working to exploit as much potential as possible. While Venus will leave on the 8th November, Mars will stay on for another month, spending the whole month here. The planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos is the last planet to move through and the perfect planet to ensure no stones have been left unturned.

In closing, I am pleased to let you know what I will be doing the 2018 Personal Charts and Reports this year. Last year, because of overwhelming commitments I had to put this on hold. This was the first time I have had to cancel this since starting Forecasters in 2002 and hopefully will be the last. Yet no matter what it took, there is no way I would miss out on giving you a front row seat to 2018. If you are subscribed to get the Daily Horoscopes I will be sending out an email within the first two weeks of November letting you know that orders are open. However, as I work on each chart individually, if you would like to jump the queue and go on our early bird list, let me know. If you email we will send you an email a day or two before the general email goes out.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting period of change we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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