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When I sit down to write the Monthly Overview I usually start with the most important events of the month and then work my way down and usually there is a fairly clear order. Not this month. As I looked at my blank page and began to think about where I could start, I could almost see and hear the whole solar system talking at the same time. As you do with any out of control meeting or just your kids all talking to you about different things at the same time, all I could say is ‘one at a time’. So all I can do is go through what his happening this month one at a time and note, this is not in order of importance. Because almost everything is important this month.

I am starting with what is happening in Leo, only because it is in our face from the get go. Mercury will retrograde back into Leo on the 1st September, for a short nine day retrograde phase and this couldn’t be more important or significant. It is not just that Mercury retrogrades back in over a month after leaving, but where he retrogrades back to and who he finds there.

Before I do I have to explain a phase I will be referring to over the coming paragraphs. That phase is eclipse point. Last month we had a lunar eclipse in Aquarius and a total solar eclipse in Leo. These were over within a matter of hours, the impact will continue for months, if not years. That is because of the eclipse point created. The eclipse point is the point in the heavens where the eclipses fell. In the case of the total solar eclipse, this fell at 28 degrees which, until the North Node leaves in November 2018, is the eclipse point.

Every time a planet passes over 28 degrees Leo or anything happens at 28 degrees Leo, it is like being transported back to the eclipses. In the Horoscopes I have said to think of it as a point in the sky that the gods have bookmarked. This is a point that has been electrified, a life socket if you like, that has life and constant eclipse energy flowing. And of course, where there is eclipse energy you find a direct connection to the North Node, the force responsible for the solar eclipse and the other eclipses here over the coming years. The North Node is a direct link to fate, destiny and the future. 

As far as last month’s lunar eclipse is concerned the eclipse point is 15 degrees Aquarius. We don’t have any planets in Aquarius at the moment and won’t until the planets start arriving in January. When they do they will all trigger that eclipse point, along with a solar eclipse there in February 2018. For now it is just the Moon returning to Aquarius once a month that will trigger the eclipse point.

However, there is a lot of planetary activity still in Leo and this eclipse point is still very active. This is what makes Mercury’s return to Leo so significant. Having turned retrograde in Virgo, Mercury will retrograde back into Leo and by the weekend of the 2nd/3rd September will come to a standstill, at 28 degrees Leo – the eclipse point. By coincidence this is just as Mars, who will leave Leo on the 5th September, also reaches 28 degrees Leo.

Just having Mercury and Mars together in Leo is a big deal. They haven’t even been here at the same time since 2006 and they last aligned here in 2004, 13 years ago. Mercury is only back for nine days, so the odds of them aligning anywhere in Leo is a big deal, let alone at 28 degrees, right on the eclipse point. At full speed Mercury travels a degree every 12 hours, so a Mercury/Mars conjunction should run for 12 hours or less. But because Mercury has come to a standstill in order to turn direct, this will be exact on the 3rd/4th September – two days.

Mercury is all brains and intellectual focus, whereas as Mars is pure passion and warrior spirit. Mercury returns having already spent weeks here, so brings 20/20 hindsight to the game. Aligned over the eclipse point this will be like having the total solar eclipse all over again, except a lot more potently.

This will be felt outside the Leo area of your chart, but by coincidence, this happens just as Uranus reaches 28 degrees Aries and moves into an exact trine aspect to both. Mars will be in this aspect to Uranus on the 2nd/4th September but Mercury, because he will stay at 28 degrees for a week, will remain connected with Uranus from the 3rd September to the 8th September.

Mars will leave Leo on the 5th September and Mercury will leave on the 10th September, but watching from the sidelines is Venus, who won’t leave until the 20th September. The Moon will come full circle from last month’s solar eclipse from the 16th September to the 18th September, with both the Moon and Venus both hitting the eclipse point on the 28th September.

This is a month where the focus should be on the Sun, who will always spend the first three weeks of September in Virgo. The planets will all return to Virgo when they leave Leo, but it is the Leo ruled area of your chart that will have your attention in the early days.

The Virgo ruled area of your chart has been a slow burn. It first became active when Mercury returned in late July. But from the start Mercury was dragging the chain, as he slowed down ahead of the retrograde turn that saw him retrograde back out on the 1st September. Mercury was already in retrograde motion when the Sun returned, so this gave things a slow start this year. Mercury’s departure has given the Sun a rare few days on his own, the first in Virgo in three years. In the Virgo part of your chart, this is a chance to catch your breath in the early days of the week.

For once they start to move they will take off, with a rush to get everything done before all the planetary activity for the year ends later next month. Things will take off when Mars returns on the 5th September, followed by Mercury on the 10th September and Venus on the 20th September. The timing of the Moon’s return from the 18th September to the 20th September is important. The Moon will not only be here when Venus returns but will align with the Sun just hours later to create a New Moon. The Sun will leave on the 23rd September and with the Moon leaving just hours after the New Moon, the timing is incredible.

The New Moon falls on the only day that every planet that will visit Virgo this year are all here at the same time. In fact, the window is even narrower. Less than nine hours separate Venus’ return to Virgo on the 20th September and the Moon’s departure on the same day and it is right in the middle (almost exactly) of that nine hour period, that the New Moon will peak. This will create an opportunity for new beginnings and to kick start things in the Virgo ruled area of your chart, during one nine hour period all year, when the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all here at the same time. It is as though the gods have called a briefing, so that all the forces that will go out into the coming year and make things happen, are on the same page.  The planets will move on but the Moon will return every four weeks and he was an integral part of that briefing.

September is also an important month for Saturn, as he spends his first full month in direct motion in Sagittarius. A nearly five month retrograde phase ended in late August, but also his last retrograde phase here for another 28 years. For now, in direct motion, Saturn will gradually build up speed over the coming months, before leaving on the 20th December, almost exactly three years to the day since arriving. This has seen the tide turn in the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart, with a slow and steady building of momentum over the coming months.

September is also Jupiter’s last full month in Libra and leaving on the 11th October and then not returning until 2028, this almost makes this an important area of your chart this month. There should be a lot more urgency than there is, but Jupiter is building for the future. The planets that will return to help bring things home don’t start arriving until later in the month. It begins with the Sun’s return on the 23rd September, Mercury’s on the 30th September and Venus and Mars’ return next month.

Jupiter has two challenges to face before he leaves and they are familiar ones. When Jupiter moves into opposition with Eris, over on the other side of the sky in Aries on the 6th/12th September, it will be for the third time since December. And when Jupiter moves into opposition with Uranus, from the 26th September to the 1st October, it will also be for the third time since December. This time, however, this will be their last opposition between the Libra and Aries ruled areas of your chart in our lifetime. I will walk you through that through your Horoscopes when we get closer.

This month we have quite a nice Full Moon, falling in Pisces. Pisces is a dreamy sign anyway, but even more so now that Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasy is making its only visit in our lifetime. Here from 2012 to 2026, we are just five years into a 14 year journey. The Full Moon will fall at 13 degrees Pisces and Neptune is at 12 degrees Pisces, so just a degree away. A Full Moon in dreamy Pisces, conjunct dreamy Neptune, adds up to a dreamy Full Moon. All that water might equate to more wet spots around the globe or just a lot of watery emotions at the time. This is a Full Moon that, regardless of which area of your chart Pisces rules, is all about escaping into your imagination and daydreams.

I will end with the area of the chart that is now on my watch list and should be on your watch list as well. I will start talking about this more in the Horoscope and will definitely make sure I help you prepare, but this is the area of your chart that there is a watch on. That area is the Capricorn ruled area and if you are a Capricorn, then do I have a deal for you coming up.

Pluto has been in Capricorn from 2008 and won’t leave until 2024, making this an area of your chart that is active 365 days a year, year after year, after year. This becomes the wallpaper of our lives, something that is constant but because Pluto is an outer planet, not the main influence in our lives. Pluto spends from April to September in retrograde motion and we will come out of his retrograde phase when he turns direct on the 29th September.

At the moment there is nothing unusual here. Pluto is in his final weeks in retrograde motion, he will turn direct and then slowly build up speed before the next planet arrives in December and kicks off the next active phase. Nothing to look at here, just what we see every year since he returned in 2008. Except for one thing. In the Capricorn ruled area of your chart, there will be a new sense of anticipation that you can’t explain. This year Pluto is not on his own, with the asteroid Juno along for the ride this year. Juno turned direct late last month, creating a situation where Pluto is still in retrograde motion but she allows you to look over your shoulder and see what lies ahead. Juno isn’t big or powerful enough to change anything, but she doesn’t have to.

Her gift is that she allows you to get some early eyes on the future. If this was any other year the reaction would be ‘so what’? You could almost write the book yourself. The Sun will return in December, Mercury and Venus will follow and maybe, once every other year Mars might move through at the same time. Nothing to see there that you haven’t seen before. Except that’s not what a sense of anticipation will be telling you.

The next planet to return to Capricorn and to get things moving will return in December, but it won’t be the Sun, who returns on the 22nd December, as he does each year. The Sun will be beaten at the post by Saturn, who returns for his first visit to Capricorn since 1991. As Pluto is making the first and only visit to Capricorn in our lifetime, this will be the only time Saturn and Pluto will meet up here and this is huge. Take every cosmic event over the last decade, add them all together and it doesn’t compare to this. Pluto and Saturn coming together in Capricorn is huge. Saturn will be in Capricorn from the 20th December 2017 to the 17th December 2020, creating the most powerful three years in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart ever. Not only that, Jupiter will move through Capricorn from the 3rd December 2019 to the 20th December 2020, with the final year having Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all here at the same time.

What is set to develop in the three years from December 2017 to December 2020 is why the Capricorn ruled area of your chart is now on the watch list. When Juno turned direct in Capricorn at the end of last month she became the first to see what lay ahead. Already she is tapping you on your shoulder, telling you that you’ve got to see what she can see, except she can’t talk. All she can do is fuel a sense of anticipation and gut sense that something big is pending. I will update you through the Horoscopes as the time draws closer, but this is powerful, expansive and positive.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting point of the year we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you a lot more information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan


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