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There was a lot of reshuffling last month, with a giant game of musical chairs taking place. There were planets swapping signs, moving and shifting, the last of which only happened on the 30th April, less than 24 hours before moving into May.

It was as though the planets were rushing to be in position before the clock struck midnight on the 30th April. Yet for all that shifting not a lot has changed.

April began with Venus and Mercury in Aries and it ended with them both in Aries, yet both were gone for the majority of the month.

I will go through all the shifts last month, which is in stark contrast to the stability this month. It’s as though the planets are where they want to be and are now staying. During one 36 hour period in April, we had as many planetary shifts as we will have during the whole of May.

The best way to explain is to run through each of the planets, what they did last month and what they’re doing this month, remembering that you can read about the influences this will have on you in your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

Venus – After an incredible two months in Aries, Venus retrograded back out on the 3rd April and back into Pisces. This was only the second time that Venus has done that in our lifetime. By ‘that’ I mean left Pisces, did a U turn and came back for a double dip visit. In retrograde motion until the 15th April, Venus spent the next two weeks retracing the same steps she had already crossed twice before. Venus made it back to Aries on the 29th April and she will stay there until early June, spending the whole of May there, in direct motion and slowly moving forwards. This is in stark contrast to last month that saw Venus change signs twice and turn from retrograde to direct motion. This will see Venus more focused, on track and not flipping on you.

Mercury – Mercury also left Aries in the early hours of April, but instead of retrograding back he moved forward into Taurus, only to turn retrograde a week later and begin his trek back over ground already covered. This saw Mercury retrograde back into Aries on the 21st April. Like Venus, this saw Mercury change signs twice last month and move from direct to retrograde motion. This month, Mercury will turn direct on the 4th May and leave Aries on the 16th May, where he’ll join the Sun in Taurus and it’s here that he will see out the month.

Mars – Mars left Taurus on the 21st April and returned to Gemini, bringing the first planetary activity here in nine months. Now in Gemini Mars is staying put until early June. Last month saw Mars shift sign, but this month he will spend the whole month focused on the Gemini ruled area of your chart.

Ceres – was the last planetary shift last month, wanting to get this extreme period of change over with by the end of April and therefore helping to make May the stable month it is. Ceres left Taurus and followed Mars into Gemini on the 30th April. This is the first time they have met up here in 23 years and while Mars will leave on the 5th June, Ceres will stay until early July. Ceres will not only spend the whole of May in Gemini, but the whole of June as well. So for Ceres, one shift last month, no shifts this month.

Saturn – Saturn turned retrograde in Sagittarius on the 6th April, not only beginning a five month retrograde phase, but his last here for another three decades. Saturn has a lot of support from the planets moving through Aries, but will face an opposition with Mars in Gemini at the end of the month. But in general is now in position and will stay in retrograde motion until late September. So April – Saturn one retrograde turn, May no shifts.

Pluto – as he has done since returning to Capricorn in 2008, Pluto has turned retrograde each April. His retrograde turn on the 21st April was one of the shifts during a hectic 36 hour period. In retrograde motion now until September, Pluto is now locked into his retrograde phase. So April – Pluto one retrograde turn, May no shifts.

Venus, Mars and Ceres will all remain in the same sign all month and apart from Mercury’s direct turn on the 4th May the planets are all where they need to be. The Asteroid Juno will turn retrograde on the 10th May, with the queen of commitment joining Pluto in retrograde motion in Capricorn. However, this won’t do much to rock the boat, in what is shaping up to be a stable month.

This month will see just three shifts – Mercury’s departure from Aries and return to Taurus on the 16th May and the Sun’s departure from Taurus and return to Gemini on the 21st May. The third shift however is in a whole league of its own and with the rest of the planets so stable, this will make this shift a lot more obvious. Apart from Saturn and Uranus moving back into a positive trine aspect, the biggest shift this month takes place on the 10th May, when for the first time in 18 months the lunar nodes shift. This is a big deal and will have a big impact on the Aquarius and Leo ruled areas of your life, both this month and over the course of the next 18 months.

For the last 18 months the lunar nodes have been in Virgo/Pisces, but on the 10th May the North Node will leave Virgo and move back into Leo and the South Node will leave Pisces and move back into Aquarius. The lunar nodes aren’t objects and are instead more gravitational pulls. These are the points where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is intersected by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Because of that this dictates where the eclipse falls. This is reason why we will have a lunar eclipse in Aquarius and a total solar eclipse in Leo in August. Until then this will switch on a gravitational pull or current, in areas that have had no planetary activity for months. This really will be like pulling a switch.

Maybe this is why the planets jostled to get into position last month, so they could remain in place this month. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 11th May will throw another new lot of energy into the mix, just a day after the lunar nodes have shifted.

A very stable month for the planets, with a lack of movement will instead see the heavens behind them shift, giving you a whole new perspective on areas of your chart that have had no attention for a long time. There is a quiet and unrushed feel to the month that gives you time to adjust and soak it all in.

As is always the case, I will talk you through all this in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly General, Love, Money and Business Horoscopes.

Anne Macnaughtan


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