Gold Club Membership
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Gold Club Membership

A Gold Club is a 12 membership subscription, giving you two separate Reports each month. As well as the Monthly Report for your Sign, a monthly Personal Chart details the personal transits impacting your natal planets. Neither is more important than the other but together give you a complete overview of how the cosmic conditions are impacting you. Astrology doesn't predict but it does explain and often the answer to what is happening to you at any given time can be found in one or both of these Reports. You may be feeling a lot of stress and not know why, only to find that you're going through a difficult transit. On the other hand all of a sudden things may be falling into place, only to find that you have a positive transit taking place. The wonderful thing about Astrology is that you know when these are coming up, ahead of time.We have road signs on our streets, warning of speed bumps or passing lanes ahead, so why not have the same information for the cosmic conditions?
While the Monthly Report is applicable to everyone who shares your Sign and your Personal Transits are only applicable to you, with the first Report representing the outer conditions and the second your inner influences, it’s by having both that you get a true picture on how you are being impacted. Some months there may only be minor planetary influences impacting your chart, but other months there may be influences that only come along every 12 or even 30 years and you definitely need to know about.

View Monthly Personal Chart sample * View Monthly Horoscope Report Sample

Please Note: Both Reports are emailed out to you at the end of each month, so you have them for the new month before it begins. 


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