Astrology has been a part of human life and experience across all cultures, since the dawn of time. Astrology or 'science of the stars' was mans' effort to understand, through studying the heavens and the cycles and patterns of the stars, the seasons and the passage of time. In ancient times this was developed for more practical purposes like when to plant, when to sow and when to reap, rather than simply being able to read their Horoscopes. However Astrology has left us with a rich legacy of myths, stories, knowledge and wisdom, that is woven into the Horoscopes that we know today, which in the form we know them is a very modern aspect of Astrology.

In this section you'll find articles that give you a brief window into the world of Astrology and to keep you updated. I have included articles on the planets, the houses and the history behind Astrology to give you a better understanding of what lies behind the Horoscopes that you read or enough information to start your own search.




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