SunThe Sun takes around 365 days to move through the 12 Signs of the Zodiac and it is where the Sun was when you were born, that determines your Star or Sun Sign. In reality the Sun doesn't orbit the Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun, so while we talk about the orbit of the Sun and the Sun's cycle, we are really talking about the Earth's cycle around the Sun.

The Sun's influence on our lives is very apparent. We could do without any of the other planets, but without the Sun life itself would cease to exist, just 8 minutes later. The Sun is the centre of our universe and it is how your natal Sun is being impacted at any given time that has a huge impact on what is happening in your life. If you took the Sun, all the planets and their Moons, plus all the rest of the orbiting debris in the solar system and put it together, the Sun would make up 99.8% of the mass, with everything else representing just .2% of the total mass of the solar system. So while, when I sit down to the write the Horoscopes for your Sun Sign I am also talking to the 1 in 12 people who share the same Sign, bare in mind what a huge influence the Sun is having on you.

We all know where the Sun was when were born and even if you were born near the cusp, you will know which two Signs we are near the cusp of. Very few people are unaware of their Sun or Star Sign.

But what if you are born near the cusp and what does that mean? You aren't actually on the cusp, for your Sun will be in one sign or another. If you were born on or near the day that the Sun moves Sign, an Astrologer would need to look at your chart to tell you exactly which Sign the Sun was in when you were born. I'm happy to do that for you, just visit our On the Cusp page.

As the Sun moves through each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, including when he moves through your Sign he throws a huge spotlight on things, as well as putting his full weight behind that area of your chart. This makes this an area of real focus and where the Sun is, at any given time, indicates where you're able to gain insight and clarity, where you're able to take action and where your focus is naturally drawn. Spending around a month in each Sign and therefore in each area of your chart, this becomes part of your annual pattern, for the Sun's cycles are like clockwork, moving into and through the same area of your chart at the same time every year, year after year, after year. This becomes part of the annual pattern, so much so that our body clocks are geared towards this, anticipating the Sun's arrival before he even gets there. This means that over time we have developed periods of the year that the same themes tend to repeat.

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