Cancer loveprofile 1Please note that this is a general guide to your compatibility with other Star Signs, based purely on your Sun and doesn't take other factors into account. A Time Together Report or a Togetherness Report provides more details on the dynamics of your particular relationship.


The most compatible Sign for a Cancerean is either a Scorpio or a Pisces, for it's only a fellow Water Sign that can really relate to and understand this gentle creature. Sometimes though, all that Water can see a relationship drown in emotion and a Cancerean may seek someone outside their elemental energy.

In a Scorpio, Cancereans will find their most romantic match and if they can come into the relationship with no hang ups or without too many battle scars, this will be a match made in heaven. They'll be drawn to the artistic and dreamy Piscean, who will help a Cancerean bring out their own creativity. These two could make beautiful music together and so long as they have other, more practical planets in their charts, could work well together on a joint, creative passion, as well as enjoying a very romantic relationship.

kissingcoupleIt's worth taking a gamble on opposing Sign Capricorn, for their strength and dependability will impress your average Crab. A female Cancerean will be particularly attracted to the often successful and authoritative Capricorn, for they are drawn to a mate that can provide for them and Capricorns will be very good at doing that. They might be a bit too rigid for the free spirited Cancerean and sometimes their black and white view of the world could hurt the sensitive Crab who relies on its emotions, but the Capricorn can give the stability the Crab desires.

A surprise connection could take place between a Gemini or a Leo. Those born earlier in Cancer are most likely to be attracted to a Gemini and later born Cancereans to a Leo. Geminis might not give the sense of stability that a Cancerean craves, but will push them out of their comfort zone. You'll be drawn to Leos by their bright, colourful nature, which will help rescue you from the moods that can strike you unawares. They'll lift you up when you're feeling down and bring out your creativity and imagination.

In a nutshell:

Cancer and Aries: Opposites attract with an appealing sense of curiosity drawing these unlikely lovers together. Water and Fire create steam and a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Cancer and Taurus: Deep love and commitment will spring from this union, with both preferring a stable and sensuous love affair. Some problems, but easily overcome.

Cancer and Gemini: Geminis tongue may be too quick and sharp for a sensitive Crab, but each has a lot to teach the other. Operating on different systems, this connection could struggle.

Cancer and Cancer: Hopelessly devoted, so long as they can synchronise their moods and leave the past behind, they'll at last find someone who really understands them.

Cancer and Leo: Leo loves to be the centre of attention and Cancer longs to make someone the centre of their attention. Both find what they're looking for, in each other.

Cancer and Virgo: While at first the distance between these lovers is wide, the closer they get the less their differences will matter. This is marriage potential, rather than a fling.

Cancer and Libra: Both Cancer and Libra hold missing aspects of each other's psyche, so when they meet they seem to complete each other. This couple gives us all hope.

Cancer and Scorpio: This is about as good as it gets, with a romantic and passionate attraction drawing these two lovers together. Love is likely to strike fast and stay that way.

Cancer and Sagittarius: At first glance this couple has nothing in common and everything to indicate that it won't last. But if they take the time they'll see they have a lot to offer each other.

Cancer and Capricorn: Opposites attract to form the foundation for a long term relationship or marriage. Each has found the stable and loving companion they've been looking for.

Cancer and Aquarius: This couple make great friends, but both will have to compromise to allow a romantic relationship to work. A slow approach will allow the warmth to build.

Cancer and Pisces: There's a deep emotional connection between these two, that could be suffocating if they don't develop their own interests, outside the relationship.

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