Sagittarius child 1Your Cosmic Seeker comes with a Cosmic DNA that will always have them seeking. Seeking more knowledge, more understanding and more enlightenment. You’ll read or have heard that Sagittarians love to travel and explore and they certainly do and you’ll have to make sure your property is fenced with this little one, but it’s a sense of discovery that lies behind it all, for this is a very curious Sign.

This is also a very rich and symbolic Sign, full of adventurous tales, epic morals and human triumph and at its core is learning and knowledge. From the moment your Cosmic Seeker is born, they’ll be on a life long quest to find answers and often they’ll be answers that can’t be found. They’ll want to know the meaning behind everything, fascinated by how things work and what things are. Get used to the word ‘why’ very early. When they’re little, before they start driving you crazy with questions, you’re likely to find that they’ll lie contently for ages, just watching something. While you’re seeing a contented baby watching in rapt concentration as their mobile goes round, there is a mind in their ticking away, wondering what it is and what it’s doing.

Feed this hungry mind with tales of adventure, mystery and fantasy and keep answering questions and if you don’t know the answer, making finding the answer an adventure. I’d enrol your little Cosmic Seeker in the local library at a young age. They will in particular like mythic tales and will enjoy watching fantasy movies and when they’re older, they’ll be into epic tales of adventure. This is not a particularly intellectual Sign, although most Sagittarians are very intelligent, for they want to know the meaning, not the facts. They are always on a quest of some sort and as your little Cosmic Seeker goes about their day, make sure there is lots of stimulation and ways to feed their curiosity about life.

These are happy little souls who from the moment they are born seem to sense the ‘bigger picture’. They’re not too worried about the little things in life and tend to be calm and content souls. They have a great sense of excitement and when they’re little, the night before Christmas, Birthdays or special events will be especially tortuous, for they simply can’t wait! Their sense of excitement about life is high and they see adventures where we don’t.

While you’re paying the bills, doing the washing, juggling a job, family and responsibilities, your little Cosmic Seeker is playing out fantasies in their head, wondering what this could mean and what that could mean.

Sagittarius 2 Although this is the Sign of travel, in my experience Sagittarians actually don’t travel any more than any other Sign, but I have also observed that they don’t need to. In the 21st Century, where the Internet, books and DVD’s can bring the world their own living room, many Sagittarians spend their whole life travelling the world and having adventures, without wandering too far from home, simply because they don’t need to. It’s the spirit of adventure and discovery that is important to them. Let them follow their interests and no matter what the subject that is the ‘flavour of the day’, encourage it. Get them encyclopedias and lots of books or give them a world globe or a world map to hang on their bedroom wall. When my little Cosmic Seeker was young we had a large world map on the dining room wall, the kind and size you find in school classrooms. As we watched news or heard about events around the world, he’d love to find the places on the map.

This is one fun little Angel to have in your family and you’re going to love them to pieces. They’re happy, cheerful and the flame of hope, optimism and the utter joy of discovery burns brightly in their eyes. Keep it aglow and this little cherub will enrich your life beyond belief.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and those born under this rule are warm, generous and larger than life. They seem to have such a relaxed nature and approach to life that your own stress levels decrease, just being around them.

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