taurus 1In Taurus we find one of the most ancient of all Signs, with links right back to prehistory. Ruled by Venus, goddess of fertility, Taurus is a Sign that represents new life, growth and richness. The symbol for Venus is the Bull, which is the ultimate of fertility symbols and in ancient times played a major role in fertility worship. Even the bull's horns represent fertility, growth and regeneration. Taurus personifies the quintessential concept of spring in all its aspects. That's why Taureans make such wonderful gardeners and have such wonderful gardens or if they don’t like to get their hands dirty themselves, have a love of flowers, nature or for springtime.

Ruled by the Bull, people often mistakenly think that Taureans are ‘bull headed’ or stubborn, when in fact they’re not. They certainly know their own mind and as a Fixed Sign are patient and stand firm, but they don’t stand their ground because of ‘bull headedness’ or stubbornness. Rather they are prepared to stand their ground because of their own high expectations and their awareness of what they want and because they’re prepared to stand up for that.

Venus, a planet of exquisite beauty, rules Taurus. Venus rules two Signs, Taurus and Libra, but each share a different side of Venus, a planet that represents the pursuit of desire and all things heart related. Here Venus is a very real, hands on and earthy Venus. Venus brings a sense of beauty and all Taureans have a love of beautiful objects and for the beauty of nature, with a real eye for aesthetics.

As an Earth ruled Sign it’s not enough for a Taurus to be able to imagine something, as Venus does in Air ruled Libra, they want to be able to see, hold and touch it, for it has to be real. Beauty in all its aspects is important to Taureans and beauty and pride in their appearance is paramount. Taureans live in a very symmetrical world, where things need to be just right so that they fit into your concept of how they should be and look. Because of this they’ve developed a sense of patience and a willingness to keep going at something until they get it right. Rushing through something and doing an ‘okay’ job won’t do. It’s got to meet their standards, which are high.

As a Venus ruled Sign Taureans share a lot of the characteristics of Venus, who like all of us has both her positive and negative qualities. Venus is a complex goddess and while she brings the desire for love, pleasure and passion, if she doesn’t get what she wants she could also get very jealous. While Taureans are prone to jealousy, especially if they fear losing something they cherish, their humility means that they’re usually forgiven.

At the heart of all Taureans is a sense of self love and love for everything and everyone around them. A happy Taurean is one that is surrounded with a loving home and family, a sensuous love life and whether they’re rich or poor, it will be filled with splashes of colour and items of beauty that means something to them, spending time making their homes and gardens look just right.

As a very ancient Sign the past is also important to a Taurus and there is bound to be a lot of momentos around from past generations or from their own early life or childhood. For a Taurean roots and memories are very important. Now matter how far they go in life, they will always have their feet on the ground, remembering where they came from.

Taureans come from an astrological time of year where there is abundance. This is an energy that is very fertile, abundant and full of celebration. Because of this Taureans love to eat well, to entertain and to celebrate and don't 'get' the concept of delayed gratification that other Signs may have mastered. This can lead to excesses and as a Sign are probably more prone to excesses in diet, especially now that we live in a time of plenty. Regardless of their financial situation a Taurean will always aim to enjoy some of life's luxuries. Living frugally is not for your average Taurean. They are good with money and can manage money well, but there will always be a little put aside for life's little treats.

Taureans aren’t afraid of hard work. This doesn’t come from a work ethic itself, but because a desire for the good things in life motivates them to do well. They want more, so they work harder to get more. As they acquire more, they’ll work hard to keep it. This can make Taureans a little materialistic, but in a natural and non pretentious way. They just like nice things.  Taurus is a very sensuous, loving and fertile Sign and has a spring fresh quality that others are drawn to.

There’s something luxurious in their aura and they add a dash of colour to and enrich all our lives.

To read more about the origins of where these characteristics came from and the history that makes a Taurus who they are click here

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