Scopio child 1Bringing a brand new Scorpio into your home is like bringing home a riveting best seller, one that is full of suspense and mystery, but one you’ll never have to stop reading, for as long as this Mysterious Little Angel is in your home, you’ll still be turning pages.

Scorpios are the most mysterious and also the most misunderstood of all the Signs. It is in their very nature to keep things to themselves and if you are used to openness, this can be hard to understand and you’ll want this little Angel to ‘open up’. They will, but in their own time, but as with all the Signs, they’ve got to be allowed to be themselves.

As your little Scorpio reaches an age when they can talk, be prepared for the most unusual of questions, for they’re fascinated about things that we don’t usually talk about. One of the most valuable things that you can do for your little Scorpio, is to be as open as you possibly can and even when there are adult things happening in your life, don’t keep them from your little one, thinking you’re protecting them. They can smell a secret from a mile off and what information you don’t provide them with, they’ll fill in the gaps, with their own vivid imagination.

Scorpio 2 Scorpio doesn’t operate in the light. Everything about Scorpio is hidden or dark. From ancient times the Scorpion has been associated with the hidden aspects of life. It is Scorpio’s role to see the things that the rest of us miss. You’ll find that your little Angel loves to play hiding games, like ‘where is she? I can’t see her anywhere – boo, there she is?’ They’ll love to have secret hiding places for their favourite things and if you want to see your little Angel bristle with excitement, start a sentence with ‘Do you want to know a secret?’ or ‘Can you keep a secret’? They just love the concept of things being hidden, with 'hide and seek' a favourite game. You’ve also got a very passionate little Angel here, one that will love mysteries and intrigue. As a Water Sign introduce them to water at an early age and keep them safe from a natural curiosity about water, by teaching them to swim as early as you can or being aware of potential dangers. As a Water Sign Scorpios are emotional, but because they feel things very deeply and hold things in, they are susceptible to getting a little too deep. They will need lightening up from time to time. If your little Angel is hurt, they’re quite likely to take it inside where no one can see. On the outside, everything seems fine but inside they’re still hurt about something that happened to them. Your little Angel is very sensitive, so if you even suspect that they are upset about something, don’t assume that because they tell you’re they’re fine, that they are. You don't even know what it is, with a hug telling them that you're there for them if they need you.

You’ll never truly understand your little Cosmic Mystery, but this will be one of the best reads you’ve ever had. They are just like a favourite book that never ends, never quite knowing what’s coming on the next page and just when you think you know your little Scorpio, they’ll surprise you all over again.

They are an absolute delight and most Scorpio children have an ‘X’ factor, there’s something about them that is intriguing and charming. When they get older they’re likely to be attractive to the opposite sex and if your little Scorpio is a girl, her Daddy is going to have some uneasy teenage years, for there’ll be boyfriends lining up at the front gate. These are delightful children and although you may never truly understand them, you’ll be under their hypnotic charm from Day One.

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