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Please note that this is a general guide to your compatibility with other Star Signs, based purely on your Sun and doesn't take other factors into account. A Time Together Report or a Togetherness Report provides more details on the dynamics of your particular relationship.

Gemini's were born for love and the very concept of romance has their inner flirt working overtime. It's words, flirting, chatting and pillow talk that has the heart and mind working overtime. They are so charming that they even get away with flirting long after they're already attached. They are so used to turning on the charm that they don't know when to turn it off. If you're in any way the jealous type, then you'll find it hard coping with a Gemini, because they're born flirts and they're likely to be that way till they die. They are just so damn loveable though, that they get away with it.

Geminis are shooting stars and always on the move. Their quicksilver tongue is matched by a quicksilver mind, always flitting from one thing to the other and they like their love life to be exactly the same way. They are infamous for being supposedly unfaithful, so if you're looking for someone who only has eyes for you, then head for the hills, especially if you can’t understand that just because they look, doesn’t mean they’re going to stray.

Geminis aren't necessarily unfaithful, but they will always flirt and if you want undivided attention, they might not be able to give you what you want. On the other hand if you love the sense of excitement and unexpectedness that comes from this charming and charismatic lover, then you've found your match made in heaven.

Geminis love the mental stimulation that comes from courtship and seduction and while at times you might wonder how sincere their words are, the compliments you get from a Gemini are going to be so nice that even if half of what they say is true, you'll stick around for more. Life is too short to waste for a Gemini, for there'll never be enough time to do all the things that they want to do. Their minds are always on the go and they’re constantly switching from one foot to another, so much so that you might find it hard to get their attention sometimes. If you make plans with a Gemini, expect them change and often at the last minute. The words you're most likely to hear from your Gemini lover are, 'I've got a better idea'.

Geminis are naturally curious and are true multi taskers. Don't get mad if you're talking to them and they're working on the computer, watching TV or reading the paper, for Geminis really can multi task. They don't tire easily either. While you're ready to curl up for the night they're just starting. A childlike curiosity and wonder for life will keep them young, well into old age and with their charm and black belt in flirting, most Geminis are never too old for love, they just get better and become more experienced.

Geminis are sweet talkers who have a penchant for stretching the truth, but they get away with it, for they're are often all talk and no action.Don't get too heavy with your Gemini or try and change them, for this is one creature that if you let go, there'll be a line at the door to take your place. Keep it light and don't nail them to their own words too much, for chances are they've moved onto other thoughts since then.


It's going to take a formidable Sign to keep up with a Gemini and the most likely candidate to do that are the other Air Signs Libra and Aquarius, who are equally intellectually nimble. Libras are focused on long term connections so might be put off by the apparent flightiness of a Gemini. They could see a Gemini as a flight risk, unable to give them the commitment they need. Once they scratch below the surface however they'll see that they want what everyone else wants and like a lot of things that Geminis do, you can't trust first impressions.

Aquarians are a good match for a Gemini and are likely to match them step for step. Aquarians truly understand where a Gemini is coming from, so rather than get jealous by the flirting and charm, they’re able to see it for what it is and they’ll probably find it endearing, either that or they’ll just ignore it. Aquarians don't have the emotional hang ups to be intimidated by a Gemini. So either a Libran or an Aquarian would be a good match for a Gemini.

kissingcoupleGeminis love danger and daring and they'll find it in their opposing Sign Sagittarius. Geminis and Sagittarians, as well as being opposing Signs and therefore attracted to each other, share a love of travel, adventure and discovery. This is an exciting and stimulating connection and rather than tame each other down, they'll excite each other. This connection might get a little heated at times, but one thing you can count on, life will never be boring. A Gemini/Sagittarian match would see a life full of adventure, drama, battles, making up and continual discovery. Not a match for the faint hearted, but one of the more spectacular matches.

As Venus and Mercury, your ruling planet, will usually be found in your own Sign or the Sign before or after, therefor you might find a soul mate in a Taurus or Cancerean. Early born Geminis are more likely to find a match in a Taurus and later born Geminis are more likely to find a match in a Cancer.

At the end of the day a Gemini needs a lover that will appreciate them for the charming creature that they are and love them for who you are, without trying to change them.

In a nutshell:

Gemini with Aries: Lots of flirty chemistry and pillow talk leads to a very erotic connection. If this couple can avoid petty arguments they'll never tire of each other.

Gemini with Taurus: First meetings may reveal nothing in common, but if they take the time they'll find something special in each other. This connection is worth investing some time in.

Gemini and Gemini: There'll never be a dull moment with this couple. They'll captivate and enthral each other, making this a great meeting of minds. Both are impossible flirts.

Gemini and Cancer: Geminis tongue may be too quick and sharp for a sensitive Crab, but each has a lot to teach the other. Operating on different systems, this connection could struggle.

Gemini and Leo: While they'll be drawn to each other and will fall in love easily, Leo is possessive and Gemini loves to flirt. Insecurities could prove fatal if not kept in control.

Gemini and Virgo: As Mercury ruled Signs these two have a lot in common, but have a very different approach to life. They may annoy each other, but are both what the other needs.

Gemini and Libra: There's a love match here, with Gemini finding Libra's loving ways calming and beguiling. This is an exciting connection that will bring a lot of pleasure to both.

Gemini and Scorpio: Once in love this is a couple that have an almost unbreakable bond. Intense emotional intimacy will see lots of bickering, with intense making up sessions.

Gemini and Sagittarius: Opposites attract to bring these star crossed lovers together. An affair between these two will move quickly through the phases and will never become dull or boring.

Gemini and Capricorn: This couple will be drawn and attracted to each other, but will find it hard to reconcile their different approaches to life. They'll find it's worth the effort though.

Gemini and Aquarius: These Signs are so complementary and so good for each other, that they'll fail to notice their differences. Each has so much to offer the other.

Gemini and Pisces: A surprise kinship comes from an unlikely compatibility. This is a very creative union that will forge a strong friendship, as well as a deeply romantic connection.

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