Libra child 1You’ve got a little Cosmic Angel here, one of the most angelic of all the Signs. This is a loving and peaceful Sign, that requires and strives for beauty, balance and harmony. Because this is a Venus ruled Sign, your Cosmic Angel is a lover and pursuer of beauty, as well as fun and pleasure. When they’re little they’ll love to dress up, which is something they’ll never lose.
Libra is the newest of all the Signs and before Roman times, didn’t exist as a separate Constellation. It was the Romans and their love of balance and harmony, who couldn’t abide a solar system of 11, unequal Signs. To bring things together and have everything balanced, they created Libra, out of space in the heavens previously occupied by Scorpio.
This embodies the whole energy of Libra, where everything must be in harmony. In the nursery, your little Cosmic Angel will be more content if their toys are neatly arranged and everything is symmetrical. They prefer a home that is peaceful and harmonious and deliberately shrink from disharmony in their lives.  But don’t think you’ve got a ‘namby pamby’, for this little Angel can stick up for themselves. In fact, because they have a lot of catching up to do as a Sign and because they are ruled by Venus, they have a real sense of ‘look at me, notice me’ and a strong sense of what they do and don't want.
Libra(2)Not only is Libra ruled by Venus, planet of love Libra itself, as the 7th Sign of the zodiac, rules relationships. This is a Sign that is very focused on relationships and in adult years, relationships will be a central theme in their lives. This makes it important when they are little, both in the relationship that they form with their parents, but also the relationship between their parents, that things are as healthy as possible, for from the very start, you are modelling for them. This little Angel needs to see more than just harmony between his or her parents, they need to see love and affection, the way you work things out and they need to receive a lot of love and affection themselves. They’re learning, right from Day One, more than any other Sign, how relationships work.  As they get older, the relationships they form with friends, siblings, grandparents and other significant people in their life will be important. These are ‘people’ people and it’s human connecting that will make this little Angel happy.
You’ve got one of the most mild mannered and easy going of all the Signs and so long as everything is in balance and harmony in their world, and they’re getting what they want, you’ll have a dream child. They love to preen, so they’ll love mirrors and if they are girls they'll be into make up and nail polish from a young age.

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