Leo childWhat a delight! You have your very own adorable, fun loving Cosmic Cub, a mini Lion or Lioness. You’ve certainly got a Prince or Princess on your hands and they won’t let you forget that. A little bowing to their higher majesty will keep them happy.  These are the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac with the Sun, the very centre of the solar system, their ruling body.

Just as the Sun is the centre of the solar system, with all the other planets orbiting around it and it is the giver of all light, so are these little cosmic limelight stealers. They just love to be the centre of attention and to feel that they’re the centre of your universe.

Leo 2 Your little Cub has earned that right, simply by being born a Leo and don’t ever try and take that away from them or try and take them off that pedestal. They belong up there and they were born to shine. Your job, as a parent is to make sure that all the creativity, colour and magic in your little Cosmic Cub can find its way out and that they have plenty of opportunity to explore their creativity, their a love of colour, of performing and of music.  Your little Cub has so much pride, that the way that someone can hurt them the most is to hurt that pride. Even when they’re taking themselves far too seriously never laugh at them, just keep them close to you and make sure that they know that they’re Daddy’s little princess or Mummy’s knight in shining armour.
Your little Cub’s hero and one of his ruling gods is Hercules, the deity behind this Sign. Hercules struggled to find his own strength and achieved success by harnessing his own talents and skills. Your little Cub belongs to one of the most talented of all the Signs and from an early age is likely to display a talent, even if it is to just whirl around the living room, singing out ‘watch me dance’ or 'Let it go'!
As your Cosmic Cub grows up let them experience opportunities to find their niche. Let them be the guide, for there’ll be a talent in their somewhere, trying to come out. Don’t hinder that or decide what it is. It’s god given and it will come out naturally, at the right time and at the right stage. All you’ve got to do, as the parent of a Cosmic Cub, is to keep that confidence strong.
Leo energy is one of love, laughter and play, yet Leos can have their dark times, especially when they fail to live up to their own, really high expectations. One of the saddest sights of all is a Leo with a sad and droopy tail, so do anything you can to cheer this little Cub up, as quickly as you can. They bounce back surprisingly quickly and just as quickly, they forget all about it.
You’ve brought a little ray of sunshine into your home and that light will grow stronger through the years. Everything about your Cosmic Cub is creative and fun. Love them and watch how they develop and how they continue to surprise you. Just when you think you know them, they’ll surprise you with their creativity. Your Cosmic Cub will thrive when there’s lots of open love and affection in the home and when they have a chance to explore their creativity. Expect your little Cub to be quite possessive of their things though.

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