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Please note that this is a general guide to your compatibility with other Star Signs, based purely on your Sun and doesn't take other factors into account. A Time Together Report or a Togetherness Report provides more details on the dynamics of your particular relationship.

A Leo in love is one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. They are the lovers of the zodiac, a Sign born for love and romance. When it comes to love a Leo doesn't want to dip their toe in the Sea of Love, they want to dive headfirst into the deep end. You'd think that they'd get hurt by love, which they do from time to time, but it's so addictive and so enjoyable, that they'll keep coming back for more, time after time after time.

Just as their ruling body, the Sun is the centre of the solar system Leos like to be the centre of attention, specially the centre of their lover’s attention. It's only then, when they feel that they're the most important person in someone's life, that they feel totally comfortable. For this reason you'll rarely find a single Leo, or if you do their next romance is never far away.

A sad sight is a Lion out of love, with his tail dropped and his mane saggy. It's such a forlorn sight and in such obvious need of being loved, that a Leo becomes irresistible. Someone has to love this creature, so much so that lovers are drawn by some inexplicable force or by a need to rescue them from their loveless state.

These are the lovers of the zodiac, so able to give and receive love that being loved by a Leo is one of life's real experiences. There's no doubting where things stand with these guys, you know you're loved because they'll shower you with attention and affection and they expect the same in return. They're demonstrative and they’ll lavish you with so much attention that sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. Sometimes the lover of a Leo has to put the brakes on, just to catch their breath!

All this love makes a Leo a wonderful lover and both in and out of the bedroom, they'll try and make each date an event to be remembered, but because they put so much into love, when this is rebuffed or rejected, their pride can really suffer. Leos can take things personally and while it takes a lot to knock a smile off their face, the way to do it is to hurt their pride. If you're in love with a Leo then you have to avoid that at all costs. They need to know that you appreciate all that they're showering on you. This may make them a bit demanding, but the rewards you get from having a Leo in your life, far outweigh any disadvantages. So they're a little high maintenance at times, but they will brighten your life and make it worth the effort.

Once a Leo has found a mate, they are possessive and are prone to jealousy. In fact, they are the most possessive of all the Signs and will be constantly on the lookout for anyone that might come along and steal their lover away. In love, this is one of their major preoccupations and they'll never let their guard down.

Leos aren't the most practical of Signs, preferring to be taken care of, instead of doing the care taking. For a Leo it's a full time job showering you with attention and being the centre of your world, let alone getting out there and mowing the lawns or tidying up the garage. 'I'm here aren't I', 'Isn't that enough'?

Leos can be forgiven for thinking that you're lucky just to have them in your life, simply because you are. A Leo is a ray of sunshine and they make wonderful lovers. The question is, can you afford to keep this majestic king of the beasts and all the upkeep that comes with it? If you've fallen under their charismatic spell, then the answer will be yes.


Only a fellow Fire Sign can really appreciate and understand this charming and charismatic lover and the best choice of a mate can be found in an Aries or a Sagittarian. While these will both understand and love you, a long term relationship has some difficulties, all of which can be overcome. Leos love to be the centre of attention and with an Aries needing to be 'top dog' in any relationship, there could be a power struggle for who's going to get the most attention, unless you can find a way to share it.

You won't find that struggle with a Sagittarian, who is likely to bring a sense of adventure to the relationship that will delight your average Leo.

kissingcoupleOpposites always attract, so it's the cool and aloof Aquarian that will be a definite contender. A Leo's ego will be stroked by melting this Ice Queen or King's heart, for ice doesn't stand a chance against Leos’ flames. So long as there is a strong emotional connection, this relationship could work.

Cancereans and Virgos will probably share a lot of your personal stars, so a surprise connection could come from either of these Signs. Early born Leos are more likely to connect to a Cancerean and a later born Leo to a Virgo.

As the Moon orbits the Sun, Moon ruled Cancer would just love to orbit Sun ruled Leo, so this could be a very good connection. Cancereans need someone to shower attention on and to feel loved and cared for and Leos love to be in a position where they're needed, admired and appreciated.

Passionate Scorpios will bring a lot of passion and chemistry but you'll need to really understand each other. Scorpios are deep and often secretive, while Leos love everything to be out in the open.

A Leo is compatible with almost any Sign, because they are so easy and ready to love. So long as you're prepared to make them the centre of your universe and are prepared to be showered with love and show your appreciation, then you've found a very special lover.

In a nutshell:

Leo and Aries: Have a fire extinguisher handy, as passion and sparks fly with this connection. There'll be a power struggle, but lots of fun making up after any fights.

Leo and Taurus: A beautiful couple as much in love with each other as they are in the concept of love itself. Real life issues could see them locking heads however.

Leo and Gemini: While they'll be drawn to each other and will fall in love easily, Leo is possessive and Gemini loves to flirt. Insecurities could prove fatal if not kept in control.

Leo and Cancer: Leo loves to be the centre of attention and Cancer longs to make someone the centre of their attention. Both find what they're looking for, in each other.

Leo and Leo: There's a mutual attraction and instant chemistry between these two, but who is going to be the boss? Avoid power plays and dramatics, to make it last.

Leo and Virgo: So mismatched, yet so perfect for each other. This won't be love at first sight, with a slow approach giving each a chance to appreciate the treasure they have found.

Leo and Libra: This couple understands and respects each other and both want the same thing from love. This is a connection that will stand the test of time.

Leo and Scorpio: This is an intense connection, with equal amounts of passion and possessiveness. This could create an on and off again relationship or an addictive one.

Leo and Sagittarius: A real love match here with each in love with the other. The problem comes from a Sagittarians’ need for freedom and a Leo's possessive nature.

Leo and Capricorn: These two have so much to offer, that once joined, they'll make such a dynamic couple it will take a lot to break up. Each needs something the other has to offer.

Leo and Aquarius: While a battle of wills will exist between opposing Signs, this couple are inexplicably drawn to each other. Never dull, they'll continually push each other.

Leo and Pisces: So different in personality, but both are dreamers at heart and hopeless romantics. Each has a lot to offer the other and together create a dazzling couple.

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