The Houses

Housewheel1 1The Houses of the Solar Chart referred to in your Horoscopes:

The First House

Conjunction, beginning of a New Cycle – Directly in your Sign
This puts you at the start of a new cycle, a time for new beginnings, initiating new journeys, having an  eye on the future and for starting over, with fresh starts and new opportunities. Here you have a fresh slate, with life coming full circle and bringing an opportunity to branch out and embrace a new chapter. With a planet in your Sign there is also some pressure, for the planets are unwilling to let you settle for less. Ruled by Mars, when the First House is active it is always a time of action and for new beginnings.
The Second House
Income, Earnings and Self Value

Income, earnings, self value, entitlement, believing in yourself, standing up for your rights, expectation, entitlement and indulgence. Ruled by Venus, the Second House is all about self value, knowing what you deserve, what you want and what you are worth. While this is an abundant area of your chart where there is often a gain in income or material resources, it impacts all the currencies in your life. Ruled by Venus, the guiding principle here is desire, expectations and the laws of attraction.
The Third House
Communication, Smart, Intellectual thinking – The conscious Mind

Communication, smart thinking, intelligence, mental focus, decisions, written and spoken language. Ruled by Mercury, this is a smart and intellectually savvy part of your chart that has an impact across the board, impacting every area of your chart and your life. You're smarter, communication becomes more important, you’re more articulate and able to problem solve and become more mentally focused when there is planetary activity in your Third House.
The Fourth House
Home, Family and Property

Home, family, property, your lifestyle, home life and all things domestic, including your routines, rituals and daily habits. The Fourth House rules your roots, your heritage, your parents, ancestry and where you come from. It rules the foundations of your life, the basic day to day routines that allow you to function in an often confusing world, your soft place to fall, your sanctuary and your refuge. Ruled by the Moon, your emotions often come into play here, regardless of the planets involved and because of the square aspect to your Sun there is often some pressure.
The Fifth House
Love, Romance, Joy, Creativity and Children

Love, romance, creativity, music, fun, play and spontaneity. Ruled by the Sun this is a sunny and optimistic part of your chart inspiring a sense of confidence and playfulness. Following your creative talents, being playful and letting your inner child out to play are important. The Fifth House also rules children, pregnancy, conception, gambling, love, romance and artistic talents or pursuits and all things associated with the heart.
The Sixth House
Work, Employment and Health

Work, employment, service, duty, responsibility, hard work, productivity, health, time management and delaying gratification. This is a busy and selfless part of your chart, where the focus is on doing what has to been done now, rather than putting it off and on the concept of ‘service’. When your Sixth House is active you will be busy, with a lot on your plate and a lot of demands on your time. It’s a time to address any health, wellbeing, time management and energy issues. Ruled by Mercury in his most practical form, this is a no nonsense part of your chart.
The Seventh House
Relationships, Opposition – Half Way Point in a Cycle

Relationships, unions, partnership and marriage. The Seventh House is very clear cut and has two specific roles. On one hand this is your relationship sector, so the focus is on your relationships, with a great deal more scrutiny, focus and also support. The bar is raised and there is pressure, but it’s because there is more on offer. Secondly this puts the planet in opposition and you at the halfway point of your current cycle, so lots of questioning. However ruled by Venus, you have the planet of love’s support even when she’s not here.
The Eighth House
Finances, Passion, Transformation and Change

Money, passion, change and transformation. While the Second House rules your income your Eighth House rules your financial situation as a whole, including debts, loans, funding and even inheritances. The ancients called this the House of Other People’s money. Ruled by Pluto the Eighth House also rules our deep drives and urges and also the concept of change, coming from a cycle of death and rebirth, which is the cycle of life.
The Ninth House
Travel, Exploration, Learning, Study and Freedom

Travel, learning, knowledge, discovery, curiosity, adventure and the higher mind. The Ninth House also rules publishing, philosophy, richer experiences, the search for meaning and truth and all things global, international or foreign. Ruled by Jupiter, this is a larger than life part of your chart, where life becomes richer and the journey becomes more important than the destination. A low tolerance to boredom and routine brings a hunger to explore fresh trails and go in search of new adventures or meaning.
The Tenth House
Career and Professional goals and ambitions, success

Your career, professional and personal drives and ambitions, the striving for success, the ability to remain focused and to see something through. The ancients called this the ‘House of Fame and Public Recognition’; with all the focus, discipline and behind the scenes determination that has to go into something before it can happen. Ruled by Saturn, the Tenth House is all about the dedication it takes to succeed, setting goals and remaining committed, disciplined and determined.
The Eleventh House
Friendships, Teamwork and Hopes and Wishes

Friendship, teamwork, networking, inventiveness, camaraderie, togetherness, being part of a group, team or society, neighbourhoods, communities, clubs, organisations or affiliations. The Eleventh House is about strength in numbers, playing your part in society, being a friend, a team player, showing kindness and generosity to others. Ruled by Uranus, the Eleventh House is all about realising that no man (or woman) is an island. It’s about being part of society, feeling connected, a need to belong. It is about humanity and Aquarian principles, which sees the world as a global village.
The Twelfth House
Waiting, Preparation, Subconscious Mind – End of a cycle

Endings, internal focus, the subconscious mind, daydreaming and introspection. For a planet to be in your Twelfth House they are in the Sign before yours and they are in the process of bringing one cycle to an end, before a new cycle can begin. Ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasy, this is the realms of the subconscious and your intuition. Whereas Mercury and the Third House rule the intellectual mind, this is the part of your chart that rules the intuitive, subconscious and spiritual mind and your dreams, intuition and imagination. Here you are waiting and moving through a watershed period, closing old doors and laying the past to rest before moving on.
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