Terms of Trade

This Terms and Conditions document covers all Forecasters Services, both Online and Offline, including Online purchases, Phone and Personal Services. You can access these Terms and Conditions at any time from the bottom of any page of the Site.
Online Purchasing Terms and Conditions
Forecasters International Limited offers clients a secure, easy and efficient means of purchasing services promoted on this Site.

Services promoted on this Site can be purchased by customers worldwide, using our secure Online Mastercard, Visa and American Express Credit Card transaction facility, as well as Paypal. For New Zealand customers only, services promoted on this Site, in addition to our Online Mastercard, Visa and American Express Credit Card and Paypal transaction facility, can be purchased by cheque or Direct Banking options. All of these options are displayed on our Order Forms.

For overseas orders please note that the price advertised might not be the same price charged to your credit card, due to exchange rate fluctuations. Because we are based in New Zealand we have to convert your purchase from New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate of the day that it is processed.

Upon placing an order for any of our services, you will be notified via an automated response that your order has been received and will be processed accordingly.

When placing an order for a Chart or Report, please ensure your Birth details are recorded correctly on the order form to prevent a further charge to have the Chart or Report redone.
Daily Horoscope Subscriptions
By signing up to our Daily Horoscope Subscription service, your email address is held on an independent, secure site from which your Free Daily Horoscope will be sent out each morning, New Zealand time, via email. By signing up to receive your Free Daily Horoscopes, you are also giving us permission to send you a Monthly Newsletter and any promotional emails during the month, that are to your benefit, advising you of any specials or promotions. If you don't want to receive any of these additional emails, just the Free Daily Horoscopes, please email contactus@forecasters.co.nz
All products on this Site are in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) and include GST. (Please note  +GST applies to the 0900/0800/Skype New Zealand Service, as advertised next to the per minute price).

Any specials advertised on the Website or through a promotional email newsletter are valid only for the timeframe of the promotion. Acceptance of an order placed just after a promotion has ended, at the sale price, is at Forecasters International's discretion.
All credit card payments are processed using a secure online payment facility (DPS).  We do not store any of your credit card details at any time.
Contact Details
If you have any queries regarding any of your purchasing experiences or options, please email Forecasters International on contactus@forecasters.co.nz
Use of Service by You
We welcome you to use and explore this Site and take advantage of our free Horoscope services, both Online and via our Daily Horoscope Email subscription and we welcome you to pass this on, inviting others to use these Services. However you may not download, modify, transmit or otherwise use any Horoscope material on this Site, for other public or commercial purposes without our permission.
Forecasters is a trade mark of Forecasters International Limited. The copyright and the intellectual property rights for all Horoscope material on this Site belongs to Forecasters International Limited.
Policy Changes
Forecasters reserves the right to change, delete or modify its Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, however if that should occur these Terms and Conditions will be undated here. If you are subscribed to our Daily Horoscope Subscription service, you will also be notified by email.
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