Pisces child 1Heaven has blessed you with one of its most special little Angels. These are the Water Babies of the Cosmos, so emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Of all the Water Signs these are the ones that, just like their symbols the Fish, swim in water all their lives, the water of emotion that is. These are feeling and emotional Angels, who feel and sense everything at such a deep level. This combined with their love for beauty and music and a natural, beguiling charm, makes these one of the most loveable of all Signs. One look into these deep eyes is likely to have had you captivated, falling in love with them at first sight.
These are highly intuitive little Angels and very, very perspective, to the point of being psychic, for these little Angels were born with the gift of ‘second sight’ and a ‘sixth sense’. This means that they pick up on everything and I mean everything. If you think that they don’t know what’s going on, think again because even if they don’t know the details or whether they understand them or not, they pick up on the vibes.

Pisces(2)These are the dreamers of the zodiac, with vivid and rich imaginations. Don’t try and make this little Water Baby come down to earth or toughen up. These are heaven’s little Angels, here to bring colour and fantasy into the world. They will grow up to be very caring people and whether they take their creativity and imagination in to the world of the Arts, Entertainment or the Caring, Helping or Counselling fields, they’ll enrich anyone who is lucky enough to come into their life. They love to escape from reality, so lots of fairy tales, fantasy and make believe should be incorporated into their play. They’ll want you to tell them stories, not about real things, but about make believe and happy ever afters and they are likely soon become experts on inventing tall stories. They are so loving, soft, cuddly and affectionate, that you’ll be drawn to this hypnotic little Angel. These are gentle souls and at times they seem too fragile for this world and that this ‘dog eat dog’ world is too harsh for these caring Angels. But what a bleak and colourless world we would be without them.

Let them explore their imagination and encourage them in any of the arts or creative fields. Don’t push this little Angel or they’ll feel that it’s what you want and these are ‘people pleasers’. They’ll end up doing things they don’t want to do, if they think it will make you happy. Your job in parenting this special little Angel, is to let them find their own feet and to follow their own dreams. You won’t have to push this little Angel, just clear a path in front of them, to be all that they can or want to be.

They will have to learn not to take on too many of other peoples cares and burdens, which they’ll do willingly, until the burden gets too much and it gets on top of them, for they are born ‘people pleasers’. These little Angels love beauty, peace and the ethereal things in life. These are sensitive souls, so avoid harsh discipline. You may have to stand on your head and scream to get the attention of your other Cosmic Angels, but this little soul will only need the quietest of requests. This is a gentle soul, easily crushed. The greatest fear your Cosmic Water Baby has, is that they might let you down and one of the strongest statements you can use when disciplining your little Angel, is to tell them that they have disappointed you or that they have let you down.

Piscean energy is very old and ancient, even primordial, so they will have a love of the past, of their own ancestry and of history. They’ll love to swim and play in or with water, so teach your Cosmic Water Baby to swim from an early age. Raising a Piscean Angel is easy, for at the end of the day, all they really want is to be loved and they are so very, very easy to love. They’re sentimental and romantic, so expect many ‘sloppy’ cards, pictures and letters made just for you. Expect to see ‘I love you Mummy’ and ‘I love you Daddy’ over birthday cards or at any excuse, as they pour out those loving feelings they have.

As they get older, they’ll have to learn to adapt their often rosy eyed view of life, to the real world, but as long as they are loved and secure in themselves, that won’t be a problem. Love them, let them know how utterly special they are and foster a strong sense of self worth.Tell your little Cosmic Water Baby every day, in words, hugs and kisses, how much you love them.

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