Customer Feedback

Feedback 1I have been meaning to write to you for some time to personally "Thank-you" for the promotional chart that you did for me. As I began reading it tears flooded down my cheeks, you had given me an in-sight on why the last 3 years had been so challenging. I wish I had this info back then it would have shed so much light on everything & I wouldn't have taken it all so personally. Thanks  & Gratitude Anne for shedding so much light on the darkest of years! I feel like you’re my Fairy God-mother telling me to hold onto my faith in life!

Thank you for your wonderful reports and horoscopes. They really help with understanding the events of each day and help me to be more proactive in how I deal with the day's energy.

I have so enjoyed my daily emails and have sent many new recruits your way  - I am looking forward to more spot on daily messages.

Thank you so much for your amazing support, you have no idea what you guys offer very day for each and every soul here, love from Germany.

Thank you for your insight and dedication! Each day I wake with anticipation, looking forward to reading your forecast.

Just wanted to say I sooohhh love your internet site with the daily Horoscopes especially the Lovescopes.  Also I had a personal Horoscope done and I am most impressed with it. It certainly is the most understandable and it is backed up with proper dates and actual planet movements. Thank you Forecasters.

Just ... much love to you Anne ... and thank you for all that you do.  You play such a role to help many.
A few days ago I had trouble connecting to your website and I realized how much I enjoy and appreciate your horoscopes.  You have a great website and I hope you keep up the good work!  From New Mexico, USA.

I just wanted to reach out and say 'thanks'.  I love the work you're doing, and really value it.  It has made it so much easier to get through our challenging 2011, knowing what is going on in the cosmos, and drawing parallels between that and the 'energy' of our city and its people. :-)
I found your site when I felt I had lost allot of direction in life and felt extremely vulnerable. Through reading the website and understanding the principles of my sign and others it gave alot of comfort into life and a completely new outlook. Astrology has given me great comfort and whether that’s because I’m a Scorpio or just because it fascinates me - still deciding. But I wanted to say thanks for such a great site and in my opinion, the best astrology website on the World Wide Web.
I just wanted to write and tell you how strangely accurate your monthly and daily predictions have been for me.  I have always read horoscopes with a healthy scepticism but have always been drawn to them.  From forecasters I initially read my 2009 Yearly Predictions – Gemini and you were so so so spot on.  You talked in there about the challenges in the previous years and how tough things have been.  I have felt like that for oh so long, like it’s challenge after challenge, pushing uphill for some success and finding closed doors and things just so difficult.  The past 5 years especially I have felt like I have been in some sort of hell.  I read your 2009 horoscope with absolute pleasure to see that my efforts would at last be rewarded and that I would start to enjoy some successes on the business and social front.
After what I have been through over the past 4 years, and especially with some sad recent events, your horoscope today gives me hope for a better future!
I just want to tell you that your horoscopes are the best I’ve read. I had my first real reiki session yesterday, and the things I found out are in direct alignment with what your daily messages tell me (and not to mention my own instincts and intuitions).
I’m so appreciative that this is your path for now – I’ve shared your horoscopes with many people and the feedback is all so positive.
Conversely, you would have to be one of the most unselfish people I have ever had the pleasure to connect with. :o)  Keep on being you Anne.  I assure you that you have NO idea how many people are grateful for YOU. You are one in a million.
Your work is phenomenal. Thank you for your light!
This is the best astrological analysis ever of how the energies are interwoven for a given month.  I always log in on the first of every month to see what you have to say and go back over and over many times throughout the month to re-read the article. It always made sense how things are tying from your perspective. I like your astrological mind.
I’m a true blue as they come, Gemini. I am going to print yesterdays Horoscope and put it on the wall to help remind me that I’ll get to where I’m going with constant action. My mother subscribes to the daily email and I think she gets the monthly as well. She absolutely loves it, it’s part of her morning routine and she reads all of ours every day and then tells us about it.
Thank you, I really enjoy your daily readings, and appreciate your positive approach to life.
Thank you so very much for your positive interpretation of my lovely Sagittarius planet energies.   You keep me full of cheerfulness and joyful vibes - absolutely spot on for how I am feeling which spurs me on further.
Thank you Anne, you are amazingly accurate. Friends - if this is your cup of tea then I would recommend Anne to be the best Astrologer I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
I just love it when organisations like yours provide such amazing and authentic customer service! BRAVO.
I am so glad I was given this horoscope site to subscribe to.  Thank you very much indeed.
Great work as usual, thanks!
Anne, you are so thoughtful, thank you.  I do get a monthly and a daily, it's a huge part of my life and I have put so many other people on to you too.  You have inspired me so much in the last 18 months and I have virtually turned my life around taking up the unexpected.  Your readings have given me the courage and I know I have to hang in there.
I didn't know how I could face the day today, things have been so tough with the business etc. and the stress and worry is almost overwhelming. However, as usual, your reading gives me motivation and I have to keep on believing that what I am doing will work out and I will reap the rewards. Thankyou for being such an inspiration and strength. 
Just a quick note to say THANX SO MUCH for the service that you provide and offer - I love your work and my forecasts are the first thing I go to each time I turn my computer on both at work and at home.
Just a quick thank you for my daily Aquarian updates, I find them inspirational and helps me to know I am on track. I also check out the Money scopes etc. I really like the positive slant you seem to put on the readings even if it is not so good you always remind me that we all have choices.
Your work is so accurate, it is absolutely amazing the synchronicity and alignment that takes place each day, and outcomes that are so positive, even on a so called karmic day. Thankyou for the most insightful information, at this time of global transition and transformation, information being put "out there"  on a positive and accurate vibration is imperative.........great work.
I am ever so grateful for your dedication and journey - wow what a gift you have and I feel so encouraged from reading my stars today.
I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine started forwarding your daily forecasts to me and they are great. I have signed up to get them directly but I wanted you to know that your work is appreciated.
Thank you so very much for doing your work in the ways you are to include being of service during extra important times to those of us who aren't always in the position to spend money in this way at this time.  I am so very grateful to you. KEEP UP the tremendous work I hear you are doing and THANK YOU!
Just  a  quick  note  to  say  thank  you  for  the  free  August  info.  Whew, a lot of work went into that!!  It is taking time to process it all in my head!!  Very, very   interesting and I am enjoying wading through it all. I read the whole of it as soon as it arrived.
I want to say thank you for your free individual monthly horoscope for August. I felt blessed to be able to read it, and felt immensely grateful for the astrological reassurance it has given me. So, thank you for the service you give—I feel very strongly that you are doing what you came here to do, and that what you write transmits the truth of who we are in relation to the stars and planets that mark our way.
Many thanks. This report is the most comprehensive I have ever found. I really appreciate your work.
Thank you so much.   These are the most detailed reports I have ever read.  Have a great month!
I am amazed at the accuracy of your daily forecasters horoscope email—even though it is just the star sign and not specific to the birth date and time, it has been, since I started subscribing to it, a source of wise counsel and comfort, through what has been the most powerfully transformative and yet, at times, emotionally overwhelming time in my life to date. It has held out clarity and calm. And I am very grateful to you for this.
I really appreciate the attitude you bring to your work.  I don't want bullshit - or to be told what will happen - rather the energy influences of the day.  I need uplifting too without crap - you do it so well.
Dear Anne Macnaughtan, I am continuously receiving your e mail and daily horoscopes. I am extremely thankful for this act of kindness. Your e mail gives me insight and future guidance. Your work is unique. Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much Anne................I find your interpretations helpful and empowering.
I have found your insights most helpful over the months, especially regarding career moves. I have been able to, I don't know how to put it, except to say "go with the flow" and seize opportunities as they have presented. I guess that’s what it's all about isn't it? Just cooperating with the subtle energy's of those fabulous dynamo's in the sky. Your monthly reports prepared me and helped me ‘tune in’.
Thank you so much for your daily readings, they are always a great inspiration to read.
Thank you for your support Anne you are always right on the button!!
Just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and inspiring words. I look forward to reading my horoscope daily, and at times it is simply uncanny how accurate you are. All the best!
Your service just keeps getting better and better!! Well done to you and your team.
The daily horoscopes have helped me open many doors and quit many bad habits (particularly recently) and I finally feel in control and taking life seriously. Thank you Anne for providing such accurate horoscope forecasts. Thank you.
Hi Anne, I have been receiving my horoscopes for well over 3 years now and If I was the Universe I would be giving you a BIG HUG!
I have been receiving your daily forecasts for the past two years. However I must say that you are the most accurate and informative astrologer I have ever known. You take your work very seriously yet, you do so with such care and enthusiasm, that every day I'm encouraged to move forward and aspire to be better than I was the day before. So thank you.
Thank you Anne I have been enjoying your daily stars. I look forward to them each day.
You are unbelievably kind, gracious and PROMPT! Bravo!
Thanks for your support! You continue to amaze.
You are amazing. This is what I am thinking about these days. I think you give me answers
and lead my way. I just needed some encouragement to make a choice.
Just a quick note to say thank you for your daily horoscopes. They are truly words of inspiration for me, and make me more aware of life’s moments. I give as many people your web site, as I believe it will help them in ways they may not have experienced without you.
I just wanted to say thank you for all the daily horoscopes. You truly are fantastic & help to keep things in perspective all at the right times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I absolutely LOVE having my annual plan - it is like a roadmap and I find it so useful to plan important meetings, decisions and activities.  And it is amazing how things happen now that I am so tuned to the messages from the stars. It is so incredibly helpful.
Wow! This is so good, how can these predictions be so pertinent to each day and what is going on for me...
Thank you soooo much.  I cannot believe how on target you are.  You are so inspirational. 
I look forward to continuing to receive these reports – they offer many insights!
I think you rock – I have never read such insightful and real words in a paragraph and whether or not my day is shaped by your words, I know my world is.  I share you with people I care about because you make a difference in day to day thoughts – and that is all there is – day to day.
Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the very comprehensive Monthly Horoscope.  Together with the daily scopes I find them all remarkably accurate.
Thank you so much for your continued dedication to my daily Scopes. I look forward to reading them, and it gives me great joy and incentive for each and every day.
I don't know how to say this but there is something very amazing about your writing...about you.  For me it always seems to be exactly right.

Your words are PURE WISDOM and I appreciate the flags you alert me to.
Hi Anne, I am so rapt that I receive my horoscope each day and you have no idea how much it amazes me when I read them some days. Thank you for making my DAY.
Your forecasts bring me more confidence. Thank you so much.
The horoscopes are fab. I get mine and my partners too for him to read. They are so correct it's almost spooky. The overview of our signs are amazingly right. There absolutely MUST be something to this astrological/horoscope stuff, as you are SO accurate. Thanks for the superb service you provide.
Already had a read of my report and it’s extremely poignant stuff, with excellent levels of detail.
I have to say that the eloquence of your reports is unrivalled from all other astrologers with whom I have contact. You communicate the idea without the need to reread over and over. Can't praise you enough - will spread the word. Your customer support is also excellent.
I need to tell you that your words are amazing.  Thank you!
Can I just mention that it was very nice to receive a personalised email from Anne Macnaughtan in response to a couple of questions that I had.  I was a bit surprised that it was Anne that had responded directly to me as often you believe that someone else may have written on her behalf.  It has given me a lot of faith in this website and what it has to offer.
Firstly I’d like to thank you for the work that you do. Both myself and my wife get great inspiration from the daily emails you send out. The way you interpret the heavens and dispense advice is always in such a positive and constructive way.
Hi Anne, thanks for the daily horoscope from forecasters. I always start my days with them and they’re always so true to how I am feeling and thinking, its quite comforting to know I am not alone……!  Anyways, keep sending them as I do get so much from the messages coming across especially in the last 12 months and there’s still much work to be done yet.  Ta heaps
I have read through the Monthly Report and found it excellent.  I have been developing a bit of an interest in this area and yours is the best work I have come across.  I now plan to buy the other reports around business – thank you Anne
I absolutely adore the way Anne uplifts me every single day!  She is brilliant! Thank you Anne.
I would just like to say that I find your site really great! Your daily forecasts, I look forward too every day. They are an inspiration to me!
I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ve read so much about my star sign that I now act like it, but your horoscopes always seem so accurate to how I am feeling, I enjoy reading them.
Thank you. You are so very accurate. Enjoy and rely on your horoscope.  Have a magic day.
Love them! Thank you for such fabulous insight into the week ahead!  So armed, positively dangerous.
Just to let you know that I am always so impressed with your daily horoscopes and can’t wait in the morning to open up my email. They are so informative and supportive. I just received my monthly horoscope and it is very interesting to find out what is ahead for me every month. Thank you so much for your all work and efforts.
I would like to thank you for sending the December monthly horoscope for Scorpio to me.
Very interesting reading.  I will be watching to see how this month unfolds & better prepared.
Have been reading my horoscopes for the past couple of weeks on XTRA msn - then found the forecasters site last night – were I stayed for a good couple of hours!!!! Have sent 5 of my friends the daily horoscope emails + my mother is having a read of the site now tooo......Very interesting reading through my December horoscope – is very much in line with where I am at right now – which I’m sure comes as no surprise to you guys.
Thank you Anne for today's horoscope. It comes on a day that is very important for me - major day actually. The horoscope has helped me and validated what I need to do today. Thank you so much.
Please extend my kindest regards to Anne and all her family.  I am so impressed with Anne’s horoscopes and reports. Anne is really in-sync and makes a lot of sense from otherwise problems.  I thank her for her writings. There are billions of people out there with my same birth sign, yet I wonder if Anne is able to touch them in the same way? Take pride in knowing you have her on your team...believe me I have tried others!  Forecasters and Anne are worth a million!
Thank you very much for the monthly stars.  Great format, easy to read and its looks like the start of a fantastic year for Taurus, and already things mentioned in my forecast are already happening. I look forward to receiving further monthly updates! Once again thank you.
Thank you so much, I think you are an amazing team.
Wow!!  Have just printed out the first half of my chart. This is way beyond anything I was expecting.  Thank you so very much.
Thank you so much, I am so excited.  I think you are amazing, I really do feel I have a connection with your energy and whether you like it or not, you are actually a real part of my day to day living.
Thank you Anne.  If you only knew what I have been through during the past 18 months.  I didn't think I would even be here anymore and yet I am, obviously because I have a grand plan to fulfil. I know it's just a horoscope, but what you give me each day is hope - hope when on some days I couldn't find it anywhere else and now that I am getting better you are encouraging me everyday to be brave, to hang on in there, and to live the life I was meant to live. Thank you so much.
I absolutely love your forecasts, I don’t think there ever has been a time in my life I have heard anything so accurate. It still amazes me.
Dear Anne may I write to simply thank you for your astonishingly thorough and elegantly detailed monthly horoscopes?  I am a full time astrologer for the last 25 years in California and honestly, I just send my clients to your save me alot of work so I don't have to write all this stuff on my own site weekly...thank you for your great make so many of the other sites out there just look superficial and fluffy by comparison!
Thank you so much for such a quick response.  Even before your reply, I decided to read some more or your website, "book marked" your site and will investigate purchasing the "for women only" reading/information that you offer for sale.  Sounds fascinating and now that I know that you are efficient as well as insightful, I am sure to follow through with this purchase. Thank you also for the daily readings.  Those who don't believe are such close-minded people.
I just wanted to thank you for being so specific and great in writing those horoscopes. I can never wait for them to arrive and they information has helped me immensely so far. Hope you get a lot of gratitude.
I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to let you know that my friend thought her natal chart was the most fantastic present.  Thank you to you both/all.
Just wanted to let you know that your readings are totally amazing and relate almost exactly to what is happening in my life.  Thankyou for your dedication and insight. Both my wife and I find it mind boggling - and really appreciate your gift.
Thank you and keep up the awesome work. These horoscopes always seem so relevant.
Absolutely love these readings, I always send them off to my girlfriend in Sydney as soon as I receive them as she is also a little Cancerian!
It is so nice that you put some much love and effort into your work and I can’t wait every day to receive your horoscope or my monthly one. They are so positive and accurate. Thanks so much for that.
I was compelled to write because today’s prediction was so accurate.  I was just amazed at how accurate your prediction was.  Thank you - keep up the great work.
I'm not sure if you get this personally, but just wanted to say how great your horoscopes are! They amaze me every day at how accurate they are.
Thanks Anne for your knowledge - very helpful and insightful. I often refer to my business chart and have a greater understanding of my tools, purpose and direction.
Thank you for the fantastic and very accurate chart! I will get in touch soon and have a reading done with you. Very much appreciated thanks once again.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy receiving my daily horoscopes.  This year I am really concentrating on getting my business moving and most days I receive a horoscope with just the right message for me.  I print them out and stick them in my business planner journal for inspiration. Thanks so much for making a difference!
Every day I have been very glad to get my horoscope reading from you. Always helpful.  Always very insightful.  But never more moving, or perfect, or real, or challenging, or gratefully received than this one below received today. I just can't tell how powerfully it has moved me - and given me the strength to dive deep - to go on - and to do exactly what I have to do. Thank you for your wonderful work.
Just wanted to wish you everything good the Universe has to offer you and tell you thankyou for your wonderful horoscope insights throughout the year.  I find them very helpful and appreciate your hard work and persistence.
Thankyou for your free readings every day! I thoroughly enjoy looking forward to the mail turning up, to see what the day has to offer!
Thank you for your very accurate forecasting and wonderful service, my gratitude to you all for your user friendly website and emails.
Have to say I am very impressed with the site overall as well as the excellent communication.
You are doing an amazing job - know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of the people you touch. You really are making magic happen.
I thought I would email you, as your emails have come daily and now consider them part of life and family, and wanting to support you and your team in anyway possible. Lots of energy and love to you and your team.
The first thing I check my mail is for your daily messages and sometimes it’s so uncannily resembles my thoughts and it’s always provides an interesting insight. I enjoy the daily dose of interpretations and you do a fantastic job.
I just want to thank you for your insightful readings which I receive every day like clockwork. I use them daily as a great source of inspiration and guidance. Next time we're in New Zealand I would like the opportunity of meeting with you. You truly have the gift. No others come close!
You are always on time and just to let you know that at the moment my (Libra) daily is particularly helpful as my job situation is very difficult and the guidance provided is particularly helpful, amazingly insightful and extremely helpful. Thank you!
You never cease to amaze me.  Your insight into me is sometimes (well most) astonishing!  My sister is a world famous Sabian Symbol book writer and yet I get such a feeling of knowing from your forecasts everyday.  I just want to finally say good on ya, from an Aussie admire of your talent.
Your website came up in a search for monthly horoscopes and I am most delighted to have read through it!
So thank you so much for all your guidance - it’s helped keep me on track and hopeful during often frustrating and low times.  I actually think of you as my own cosmic coach - so thanks again for doing what you do - and with such wisdom and style!!
Thanks for putting me onto these - I am finding they are VERY accurate!!
Thank you ever so much for the wonderful forecast for the month of September.  I do so enjoy reading it, it was a fantastic idea of my sister to have arranged it. 
Thank you for this message, I'm buoyed by your consistently insightful readings you send me every day.
I have been reading your forecasts every single day and have found all the time the predictions have been accurate.
I would like to take the opportunity to say just how wonderful the daily horoscope emails are. They are very inspirational, and more often than not, spot on. I am always excited to get them, and have told many people about them.
Just wanted to let you know how articulate and much needed I found the September reports...thank you thank you.  At least you know your work is a proper use of your god-given talents...I’ve never read anyone who can take a  complicated tangle of transits and turn it into a piece of coherent, good writing than you!
I know I've told you before, by your horoscopes give me the shivers! They are so bang on every single time!
I have been listening to Anne on Radio live and am disappointed that she has moved to the earlier time as I am not in bed by 8! I have also found my daily horoscope to be alarmingly accurate!!
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy my daily horoscopes that I have emailed.  They are always very positive and I look forward to the guidance. 
I really love your forecasts. You really "hit the spot"! I always want to get my forecasts from you.

Have been quite amazed by the accuracy of the daily horoscopes I have been receiving. Whoever writes these has a wonderful grasp of the written word, they are very readable.

Thank you Anne, your horoscopes are so accurate, reading it is the first thing I do when I get to work!  You’re amazing. Thanks so much for your fantastic site, and the monthly forecasts, which I have subscribed to, as well as receiving the lovely dailies. 

Knowing what's happening out there in the cosmic world certainly helps when one experiences sudden turbulence or other changes.  I've been really impressed with your reading - they have been pretty much bang on for me. And they've been very encouraging in terms of my taking charge of my life.  I thank you.

I have been following your stars for a while now and may I say that everything that you say is so true.  I did not believe in stars before and would read the stars in the papers but it never made any sense.  You are very talented.  God bless you.

Thanks so much. I love my monthly horoscopes sooooooo much!!!!

Thank you Anne.  Your accuracy continues to amaze me on a daily basis. You have captured my current situation perfectly. Many thanks

Thank you very much for the birth chart, which I've just printed out.  All I can say is - "Amazing!"  I appreciate it so much. I've just recently been receiving your daily email forecasts, which are brilliant!

Thank you SO MUCH for my birth chart.  My world suddenly makes sense and has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose.  THANK YOU!!!!!
I enjoy reading your email each day and it gives me a good start to the day. Thanks so much and keep them coming I thank you very much Anne for my daily forecast reading. I am glad that I registered with you. It hits my daily life you just touch me in the heart and my daily feeling and the way I operate everyday. I am a new client who just found you and look forward everyday for your medicine in the way of feelings.

Thanks for your wise guidance.

I already receive your fantastic horoscope every day, could you please send my partners.

Just wanted to say congrats on the new site - it's great.

You won't believe how accurate this is for me today.

The horoscopes you provide are some of the best I've seen and I hope you get a good, strong following as a result.

Your horoscope for me as a Leo this morning is (as is so often the case) is just what I needed to 'hear'. I don't know how you do it!”

Keep up the great information.

WOW......brightened my afternoon?? More like having floodlights turned on.

I can't live without them.

I haven’t read any as good and accurate as the ones I receive from you. I find your readings are so often ‘right on the money’ for me that it is positively scary!
I really look forward to your reading every morning they have been very interesting, sometimes I read them a day or so late and I have been amazed at how accurate they have been.
You are ALWAYS dead accurate.
I love getting the emails.
I enjoy your monthly forecasts .. most accurate I have found.
Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement.
Urgh- again you are hideously accurate.
How do you know these things.
Just love the way you write – totally unique and so accurate!
Thanks for all your wonderful daily horoscopes.
Anne, Thank you so much for your forecasts. It's such a treat to find them in my inbox amid the dreach of the work related stuff. You are a star.
Thanks so much Anne. Your horoscopes come highly recommended.
Just to say I am so enjoying your daily horoscopes and they are so so accurate!!
Thank you dear Anne, your words are very comforting, I hope for the best.
You manage to find my moods in words and sometimes I really need your good pieces of advice. Sometimes it feels like you look into me, in some strange way and I don’t mind.  And still you live so far way, it is amazing.
I've often re-read your words of wisdom for the month and found the reason why, it's a wonder you've not heard me giggling away. It's amazing how much you miss on the first read!
I signed up for your email service and I'm loving it. It’s there when I log in and is a very motivating start to the day. Seems to be spot on every day and a bit deeper than the usual paragraph you get on the websites.
Your horoscopes come highly recommended.
Your forecast has proven scarily accurate for an Aquarian friend of mine. Please add me (Virgo) to your list.
It's very refreshing to know there is someone who really does understand the value of the Universe! And can see it so accurately.
A friend tells me your horoscopes are pretty spot on. My solar sign is CANCER and I would be really pleased to receive your predictions.
I subscribed to your Horoscopes and found them simply ‘the best ever’ it was as if they were written for me, so precise I couldn’t believe it.
Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me and my friends. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Firstly, thanks again for your daily emails. They are so accurate and I look forward to reading them each morning!
Thank You again you are a positive force in my life and again. I only found your site back in July/03 and it must have been a GOD sent.
You are very very good at this I must add that at least in my opinion you are the best I have ever read!
I would just like to say that your daily horoscopes are so on the mark with where I'm at in my life at the moment. I've often read the ones in the Herald and they've never really meant much yet the ones I've received from you in the short time since I've subscribed are almost like they're written for me.
Thanks Anne, I have so appreciated your work and never cease to be delighted at its resonance.
It's uncanny how accurate and relevant your interpretations have been. I look forward to more inspiration from above.
Thank you! The day just doesn't start the same without my horoscope information!!
How can you be so right on??? It blows me absolutely away!
I have never had, and my friends agree, horoscopes that are so succinct, well written, clearly understood AND humorous. You have beautiful healing and funny explanations that always bring a smile to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
I get so excited when I read any of your stars....they are just so real and in fact I just can’t be bothered with any others stars now because I am so tuned into yours! FANTASTIC STUFF!
I have been reading your monthly readings for the last 6 months, the thought of not being able to read this months was too much for me to handle.
Wonderful Stuff! Thanks too for the way you write - your words are an absolute pleasure to read.
Thanks again Anne. I really enjoy your totally ACCURATE insights and have recommended you to many of my friends including my sister who is lives in Bangladesh.
You manage to find my moods in words and sometimes I really need your good pieces of advice. Thanks Anne, you guys all work so hard for us, we appreciate it!
Hello, a friend tells me your horoscopes are pretty spot on.
Thank you for your response! It's nice to know you take a keen interest in people and are so contactable.
It's very refreshing to know there is someone who really does understand the value of the Universe! And can see it so accurately.
Your forecast has proven scarily accurate for an Aquarian friend of mine. Please add me (Virgo) to your list.
Your horoscopes come highly recommended. Horoscopes in the media are quite silly, as they provide a detailed reading for a twelfth of the population!
I've read my monthly and my yearly forecasts and put all my friends on to your site too. If you ever need an endorser, let me know!
I've had two major job opportunities this morning- you are psychic aren't you!!!
I just wanted to say that I signed for your Free Daily Horoscopes and I'm loving it. It’s there when I log in and is a very motivating start to the day.
Seems to be spot on every day and a bit deeper than the usual paragraph you get on the websites. I'm really enjoying the service.
HI Anne, just opened my other email and this is what you wrote for Virgo today............ spooky but reassuring..........Have just finished reading the Gemini profile on your website and was much impressed.  A lot of places that provide astrological information don’t go into the detail that you have and made it so simple to understand. Awesome!  Thank you.
I love your daily emails and they have proven a wonderful start to each day.
This change has been provoked by deep reflection on my daily horoscopes and some major changes I am making to my life!
I am profoundly intrigued by your horoscope readings. May you be blessed with an abundance of love from those whom you “Serve” :o)
Thanks very much for sending the forecasts to me. Just to let you know that I am enjoying them very much and I think they are right on the button. Very good stuff.
It’s always an absolute pleasure to receive your dailies!!  And as I’ve mentioned before they are astoundingly accurate.
I just HAVE to tell you how much I love your horoscopes. They are the most informative, practical, useful, balanced horoscopes I have ever read. It gives me such a buzz to read my daily horoscope as it either confirms where I believe I’m headed or gives me a bit more awareness.
Really enjoy them - I use them all the time and especially at the moment I can realise what is going on with relationships (work and personal) thanks to the forewarning of my Saturn return. At least I’m aware of what’s going on.
Please let me extend our thanks for such a fabulous service! Every morning we read our horoscopes with delight. Your writing style is so upbeat and full of positive energy, it's just fantastic - keep up the great work!
I subscribe to your daily and monthly readings for my sign. Just to say... you have the most loveliest manner of putting together daily horoscopes - very positive, cosmic and kind - very angelic if you know what I mean.
Thank you for your insights, they are so apt and relevant to what is going on with me, the Leo!!! You’re the best!
I just can't begin to tell you how bang on the button your forecasts are!
How do you do this??? You must be one very gifted lady. Best wishes and thanks.
I look forward to your horoscopes they are wonderful, even my sister in the UK is hooked
I love getting your "train" of thought everyday and I love the way you word your letters.  Keep up the good work’re definitely an inspiration to me!
I just wanted to say thanks heaps! Your horoscopes are so positive, they leave me feeling inspired to live my life 'to the fullest'.
I just had to email you and tell you how fabulous it is, being a Libran, to read the monthly stars. My mum (also a Libran) ordered them for her birthday, and with mine today she passed them on. It seems as though the nervy anticipation I have been feeling lately has very good reason to be felt!!
Thanks for being such a wonderful bearer of such wonderful information.
I just wanted to say thanks for the daily inspirational words. I love receiving your horoscopes. They are absolutely always so very accurate and have helped me find strength in difficult times. The year from hell is actually over for this Gemini- Thank you.
I still absolutely adore your horoscopes and have either told people to ‘sign up’ for the daily horoscopes at least – or have signed them up myself and I know of a few that have enrolled for the monthly horoscopes. They are still awesome and so useful to me. You are so gifted.
Anne, I know your horoscopes go to a lot of people but I do want to thank you for your support and again tell you how amazing I think you are….
Thanks so much for your fantastic site, and the monthly forecasts, which I have subscribed to, as well as receiving the lovely dailies. Knowing what's happening out there in the cosmic world certainly helps when one experiences sudden turbulence or other changes.
I really love your forecasts, you really "hit the spot"! I always want to get my forecasts from you.
Thanks for the readings. I have been greatly benefiting by applying it.
I just wanted to say thank you for your stars as supplied - they are positive and well researched and even if one does not believe in such things -they are positive affirmations - never negative. I wish you every success.
I have been getting your forecasting for a few weeks now and I just want to thank you for the great advice you keep giving. I heard about you on Sunday nights on Radio Live. Please keep the great forecasts coming - they are a saving grace on days where one feels they are wandering in oblivion!!
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