virgo 1Virgo is one of the most complex and intriguing of the constellations and Virgos are some of the most complex and interesting people. Virgo energy is female energy, whether you’re a male or a female and is the only female symbol in the zodiac. Whether human, animal or inanimate, all the other Star Signs are represented by symbols that represent male energy, apart from Virgo, so Virgo stands alone, the only Sign that represents female energy and because of that she embodies aspects of all the goddesses.

All ancient cultures have worshiped the constellation of Virgo and the myths behind Virgo as the Sign that rules the harvest, agriculture and nature. Worship to the goddess of the harvest took place every year, at harvest time, when the Sun was moving through the Sign of Virgo.

Demeter is the Earth Goddess or Earth Mother and is the goddess that rules Virgo, so Virgo encompasses the Earth Mother in all of us. Virgos are in tune with the cycle of nature and growing things and on the cycle of life. They’re hard working and focused, for not only are they ruled by harvest energy and the concept of working hard and organisation, this is an Earth Sign, so is therefore practical.

Virgos are also very smart, have great common sense and they LOVE to talk. This is due to the fact that they are ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, not in the intellectual way that Mercury rules Gemini, but in a more practical way that doesn’t waste time or resources.

Virgo is the last of the summer triad of Signs and as such Virgo is a mutable, or changeable energy. Virgo energy comes from an Astrological time of year when people were very aware that the days were growing shorter and that a lot of work had to be done in a short space of time, knowing that winter was on the way and it wouldn't wait. While most of us aren't ruled by the agricultural cycles anymore. Virgos today still have that sense of urgency and an ability to put their own needs aside in order to do what has to be done, when it needs to be done. A Virgo knows that it's no point putting things off and that it's better to get it done and out of the way. Some could say that they do this too much, at the expense of their own needs. To a Virgo, putting something off for another day is too extravagant a concept. If a job needs doing, then it needs doing now.

Because of this Virgos are great organisers and planners. In family life they’ll have schedules for everyone in the household and high expectations. It’s almost impossible for anyone to come up to the expectations of a Virgo, so it’s often easier for them to do it themselves. Virgos are often successful in business, as they’re not only willing to put in the long hours, but they’re able to schedule and organise their time or business so that it’s running like clockwork. If you want a job done, give it to a Virgo to do. Virgo energy is organised, practical, hardworking and they like to stick to plans and have all details covered.

Ruled by Demeter, the Earth Mother Virgos are always more aware of their health and you’ll often find Virgos browsing for or buying organic foods or health supplements, preferring natural, earthy alternatives to modern medicine. They may be more preoccupied with the state of their health than their cosmic mates, so tend to take better care of themselves or may even worry about their health. They’re very aware of how fragile the human body is, so go to great lengths to protect it.

Some might say that Virgos are too fussy, but without their organisation and ‘mothering’ ways, we’d all be worse off. They just need to watch that they don’t take it to extremes.

To read more about the origins of where these characteristics came from and the history that makes a Virgo who they are click here

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