Aquarius child 1Heaven has lent you a little Angel here, but they were never really yours to keep, for these little Angels belong to the world and to all of us. Right from the start this little Angel still has one eye up in heaven and one eye down below, giving them a strong sense of what is happening in the world as a whole, to others and their sense of belonging and obligation to the planet.
Aquarius is the last of the Air Signs and a very ‘ideas and thought’ orientated Sign, yet despite the reputation that Aquarians have for being emotionally detached and aloof, in reality they care too deeply. Where most of us are selective in who we care for and what we care about, this little Angel cares about it all. They’re just as likely to get upset about Third World hunger, as they are about their own needs. Their caring is too big for one person or one situation, for this is a very humanitarian Sign.
This little Angel came down with a purpose and throughout their lifetime they’ll be riding on life's cutting edge, seeing further than their cosmic mates. These are the future scientists, discoverers and inventors of the world, looking beyond what is, to what can be. They are ideas people and altruistic. They are also technically savvy, so get your little Aquarian in front of a computer at an early age. Before you know it, they’ll be teaching you how to work any new technology that comes into the home.
You’ve also got a little conversationalist or environmentalist in the making, for they care about the planet. While most of us care about our own lives, these little Angels care about the planet and everyone in it. These Angels care more than you know, about everything.
It is their ability to detach from their own sentiment and emotions that enables them to see the big picture in life and also to take on missions that stop more emotional Signs becoming involved. What would swamp and overwhelm another Sign, to a point where they would back off, your little Aquarian is able to put that aside, seeing a need that was bigger than is own. So yes they can detach emotionally, but only so that they’re able to be more available.  Foster this caring for life from a very early age and feed this little Angel with as much information about their world as possible, for they are global citizens.

Aquarius 2 These are sociable little souls, so they’ll want to be around others that share their stage in life. As a baby they’ll want to be around other babies and as they grow and move through Pre School, Kindy and then school, they’ll naturally gravitate to the kids that share the same interests as them. To your little Aquarian, friends and friendship is paramount and a very important part of their lives. These aren’t loners, they need to be part of something, in order to thrive. These little Angels will need to find a sense of belonging, to find their clique or social network. Throughout life they will have a sense of purpose and a homing beacon that helps them gravitate towards other Cosmic Angels who are on the same journey.  You often find Aquarians in humanitarian causes, community groups, in Greenpeace, volunteering, fighting injustice or helping the needy, even getting involved in politics, if that’s what it takes to make a difference and change the world for the better. One of the most famous Aquarians, who really epitomises this Aquarian energy, is Oprah Winfrey. Networking, caring about causes greater than them, joining together with others, for a common cause, will always be greater than personal issues. Aquarians are born with a ‘sociological imagination’, which is the ability to see that what is happening to them, is part of a bigger picture or pattern. For example if they got bullied at school or something was upsetting them, they see this as a bigger problem and instead of thinking ‘how can I help myself’ or ‘poor me’, they would think that if I have this problem, then other kids have this problem as well and I’d better help them. By helping others, they end up helping themselves -  that is just the way they’re hardwired.
These little souls need experiences and it’s usually their own experiences in life that inspire them to help others. When your little Angel loses a first tooth or falls and cuts themselves, you’ll see a brave and stoic little soul, but just watch them when a friend goes through a similar situation and they’ll be there, helping them through it, telling them how they felt and what helped them. It’s as though whatever they go through, is so that they’re able to help others. They’re able to rise then, above their own circumstances.
You really do have a little Angel on loan from Heaven here, born with very high ideals and a sense of purpose that might see them strive too hard to rise, too much at times, above things. Love them while you’ve got them, knowing that this little soul will touch many lives. These little souls were born to be shared with all of us. You’ve got an original, radical ‘free thinker’ here, rebelling against the status quo and always striving for the ideal. Don’t even think of trying to impose your own beliefs on this little soul, for they’ve got to find their own.

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