Pisces loveprofile 1Please note that this is a general guide to your compatibility with other Star Signs, based purely on your Sun and doesn't take other factors into account. A Time Together Report or a Togetherness Report provides more details on the dynamics of your particular relationship.

There is something ethereal and hypnotic about a Pisces, that gives the impression that they're too soft and fragile for the real world, that they need protecting and nurturing. They're mystical, mysterious, emotional and when you fall in love with a Piscean, you fall under their spell. There IS something special about a Pisces and they are so feeling and approach love with such love, openness and a willingness to share themselves, that they are often taken advantage of. That is until they find that special person, who can appreciate just what a treasure they have found. To be loved by a Piscean, means that you're able to almost drown in the Sea of Love, so unconditional is their love. To be loved by a Piscean is to truly know what love feels like.

Pisceans have a deep sense of intuition, they're dreamers and they have a sixth sense that gives them the ability to tune into their lover’s needs. They’re able to offer their lover what they need, before they've even had a chance to ask for it or before they even realise themselves what they need, making them mind readers.

This brings two sets of problems. The first is that they're often so tuned into their lover’s needs, that they neglect their own. They allow their relationships to get so lopsided, giving out a lot of love and attention, but getting little in return, that when they do wake up to reality, that reality often comes with a thud, leaving their poor lover wondering what they did wrong. One day they're the centre of their Piscean's universe and the next they're standing outside, with their suitcases being thrown after them!

The other problem is that their lover is unlikely to get away with anything. Pisces’ radar like ability to pick up on anything will detect a lie or pick up when something isn't right. Don't try and hide anything from a Piscean, for they'll find out in ways that you'll never be able to understand. They don't even need proof, for a Piscean will have learnt to trust their instincts long before they met you. You need to be honest with your Piscean and even when you make a mistake, own up. They'll find out and as they're one of the most forgiving of Signs, they may sulk for a while, but they'll forgive you if you're repentant. If you try and hide or deny something and then try and cover it up, there will be no forgiveness, just the back end of the door.

A Pisces gives a lot and on appearance demand very little back, but they're keeping score. They know how much they're investing into a relationship and if it goes too far into overdraft, they'll bail out. Being in love with a Piscean means that you've often got to second guess their needs, because they're not going to tell you. They'll expect you to know what they need in the same way that they know what you need. But you don't have their sixth sense, so you're going to have to ask for their help.

It pays not to get too complacent with your Piscean lover, especially if this is a new love affair. They'll shower you with so much love that you will think that you can't put a foot wrong and that you're the only one for them. Wrong! Pisceans come from the ocean where there are many fish in the sea and Pisceans are notorious for being able to pick up their emotions and their love and simply give it to the next fish to swim along.

If you want to keep this loving creature, then you'd better love them in the way they deserve to be loved. This is a gentle heart that needs to be loved with a gentle heart, hand and mind. They're so ruled by their emotions that you won't always understand where they're coming from, but you don't need to, they just need you to love them for who they are.


A Piscean needs a partner who is grounded and also gives them a sense of emotional intimacy and because of this, Pisceans operate better with other Water Signs. Of all the Signs, Pisceans find it hardest to operate in a different element. As the Fishes of the zodiac, they can feel like a fish out of water, when they're with another Sign, other than a Scorpio or a Cancer. To be compatible with any other Sign, their lover would need to have a lot of either Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer in their chart.

Both Scorpio and Cancer have an added edge that Pisceans don't have and while they'll share your deep emotional nature and need for intimacy, they have a sense of practicality and determination to them that will help anchor you. Scorpios like to get to the bottom of things and will often 'nail you' and try and get to the bottom of feelings and emotions you can't explain. A typical conversation between a Piscean and kissingcoupleScorpio lover could go like this. Piscean: 'I don't know why I feel that, it just feels right (or wrong)', or ‘I don't know why I did that, I just felt I had to'. Scorpio: 'I understand, but there has to be a reason, lets talk about this, let's get to the bottom of it'. Pisceans might not want to get to the bottom of things. On their own they simply trust their feelings and that's that. But a Scorpio will demand that they own up to themselves and can force them to face up to the music from time to time. A Scorpio will love and understand a Piscean, but they won't let them get away with much.

A Cancerean on the other hand, is equally understanding and supportive, but in this connection you have a very ambitious and security conscious Sign that needs a lover that will help support them. So, a Cancerean lover will make sure that his or her Piscean lover spends enough time in the real world, to contribute to the relationship.

If you've found a Cancerean or a Scorpio you can't go wrong, but for a surprise connection, you could find that your opposing Sign Virgo brings an unexpected attraction. Opposites always attract and while Virgos may be a little too practical and they may find you too impractical, if other conditions are right, this connection could work, for often a dreamer needs someone to keep them grounded. Aquarians and Aries, your neighbouring Signs, could bring another surprise as there's a chance that they may have some planets in Pisces, so don't rule them out.

What a Piscean really needs is someone who will not take advantage of their loving ways, allow them to be the emotional creatures they are and when need be, help them keep their feet on the ground.

In a nutshell:

Pisces and Aries: Pisces is the moth to Aries’ flame and they're drawn together by an inexplicable force. They'll never understand each other, but will want to spend a life time trying.

Pisces and Taurus: Venus and Neptune meet in this couple, creating a beautiful connection. A happy and loving relationship is destined, with each being the love of each other's life.

Pisces and Gemini:  A surprise kinship comes from an unlikely compatibility. A very creative union that will forge a strong friendship, as well as a deeply romantic connection.

Pisces and Cancer: There's a deep emotional connection between these two that could be suffocating if they don't develop their own interests, outside the relationship.

Pisces and Leo: So different in personality, but both are dreamers at heart and hopeless romantics. Each has a lot to offer the other and together create a dazzling couple.

Pisces and Virgo: Opposites always attract, with this being a good match for both Signs. Though very different in personality, they form two halves of a great partnership.

Pisces and Libra: These are two gentle and peaceful souls that together will form an uncomplicated and romantic relationship. Their biggest danger is that they'll both avoid conflicts.

Pisces and Scorpio: This is one of love's most romantic connections, with a coming together of emotion, romance and passion. They need to avoid suffocating each other though.

Pisces and Sagittarius: From the outside this is unlikely pair, but both are dreamers and both seek things that are outside life's mainstream. They'll have a lifetime of experiences together.

Pisces and Capricorn: Practical and down to earth Capricorn will fall in love with the gentle Piscean, while the Piscean will see a rock of strength and security. An unlikely match that could work.

Pisces and Aquarius: This is a very caring and compassionate couple that is likely to work very well, or not at all. There is the potential here for a very deep and philosophical bond.

Pisces and Pisces: These are two sensitive and emotional souls and are both likely to be in love with love itself. Expect a lifetime of romance with the falling in love stage, lasting forever.

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