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December 2020

As if the last month of the year wasn’t important enough for that standalone reason, there is no way that 2020 was ever going to finish on a whimper or go out quietly. Instead, we not only have the impact from two eclipses but the biggest event in any year and the biggest event in three years both happen within the space of just a few days, shifting the dynamics of the year itself. At the same time, we have a rapidly increasing amount of planets that are now back in direct motion, with the pace of the year picking up.

I have to start with the biggest events of not just this month but of 2020, with Saturn finally leaving Capricorn and returning on 17th December and Jupiter less than three days later, in the early hours of 20th December in New Zealand but on 19th December in most other parts of the world.

We have been in a Capricorn dominated world since Saturn returned in December 2017, to what is his home sign and where he is at his most empowered and dominant. Saturn is known as the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and while he joined up with Pluto who had been here since 2008, it wasn’t until they aligned in January 2020 that the full impact of this began to manifest.

Saturn rules structure, resilience and the determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, while Pluto is the planet of change and revolution. Saturn resists change and Pluto wants change and has been building towards a change since 2008. It took two years for Saturn to catch up with Pluto but he not only caught up in January but just weeks after Jupiter, the planet that expands everything, returned to Capricorn in December 2019.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the three most powerful planets in the solar system while Saturn and Pluto’s alignment in January was their only alignment, Jupiter and Pluto have aligned three times this year, as recently as last month. 2020 was going to be a year of massive change, restructuring and a chance to push the ‘reset’ button and because it is happening in Capricorn, was something that there was never going to be any going back from.

2020 was never going to be just an ordinary year but how it manifested can’t be blamed on or for the Covid 19 global pandemic. The difference this has made is that while we would have all experienced this in some way in our personal lives, this has become a shared experience in a way that things rarely are and that positions us well to move out of this dominant Capricorn ruled era and into a new Aquarian era, which is about togetherness, whether on a personal, community or global level. If 2020 has taught us anything is that we all share the same planet and we are more interconnected than we realised.

Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 2023 but Jupiter will race through in just five months, leaving and returning to Pisces in May 2021 but then coming back for another five months in the second half of next year. This will allow Jupiter and Saturn, one the planet of expansion and the other the planet that is happy to slowly plough the field to separate and do their own thing.

That won’t be the case this month for while they will technically align in Aquarius on 21st/22nd December (right on the summer/winter solstice) they will reach the same degree (29 degrees Capricorn) on 15th December. For 56 hours Saturn will leave and will remain at 00 degrees Aquarius until Jupiter returns on 20th December and it is there, at 00 degrees Aquarius that they will align, to the minute, with Jupiter moving onto 01 degrees Aquarius by 24th December.

While Jupiter and Saturn have been moving towards each other all year, this is the first Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 20 years and the last for another 20 years and that it happens just as both leave Capricorn and return to Aquarius makes this one of the most sudden, powerful and game changing shifts that I have seen in the decades that I have been doing this. This is going to shatter the chains that 2020 has had on us, which in reality has been building for years and ushers in a whole new era.

If you hear people talk on social media about a major event on 21st December, this is what they are talking about. Yet while Jupiter and Saturn will come together in a powerful and game changing way, by 24th December they will separate and the gap between them will begin to widen dramatically, allowing them to play two very different games in 2021.

This is a massive shift and it not only makes December the most important month of this year but of at least the decade, the month that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from.

Yet we also have eclipses this month, with a lunar eclipse in Gemini on 30th November technically over but until the Moon leaves on 2nd December still very much in effect. This is the first eclipse since the North Node returned to Gemini in May but as it is here until January 2022 it is not the last. The true significance of this lunar eclipse, as is the case with any Full Moon, eclipsing or otherwise won’t be fully felt until the Moon comes full circle from 27th December to 29th December. What is significant about that is that Jupiter and Saturn will be in their early weeks in fellow Air sign Gemini by then and this will provide a window into the positive working relationship they will have to the North Node throughout 2021.

It is two weeks later that there will be a total solar eclipse on the other side of the sky in Sagittarius, on 15th December in New Zealand and Australia but 14th December in most other parts of the world. This is not the first eclipse since the South Node also returned to Sagittarius in May it is the first solar eclipse and it is the close proximity of the Sun, Moon and South Node that makes this a total solar eclipse. A New Moon is a time for new beginnings but a solar eclipse and especially a total solar eclipse is a time for major new beginnings.

While not directly related, it is significant that this solar eclipse falls just days before Saturn and Jupiter’s major shift.

Another significant factor this month is that the speed of the solar system itself is picking up. There was one point in the middle part of the year when there were only two planets in the whole solar system in direct motion but now, as we move into December there is only one planet still in retrograde motion and that is Uranus, still in retrograde motion in Taurus.

Last month saw Mercury, Mars and Neptune turn direct and while all three are still moving slower than they normally would they will pick up speed as the month progresses. It was last month that Mars ended a two month retrograde phase that has kept him in his home sign Aries since June, his longest visit here in 32 years. Mars will finally leave and return to Taurus on 7th January, a week before Uranus turns direct there. This makes Uranus’ last full month in retrograde motion and as the last planet in retrograde motion and important chance to regroup, because this last slow area of your chart in 2020 is set to become the busiest area in the early months of 2021.

Meanwhile, the faster moving planets are all on the move, with Mercury starting the month in Scorpio, spending from 2nd December to 21st December with the Sun in Sagittarius and then returning with him to Capricorn just a day after Jupiter leaves. Venus will divide her month between Scorpio until 16th December before returning to Sagittarius just a day after the Moon wraps up the total solar eclipse there. It is in Sagittarius that Venus will spend the rest of this year, including over Christmas, New Year, the holiday period and the first nine days of 2021.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes but you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

This Overview is simply my chance to tell you what the planets are doing each month and not how this will impact you personally, which I will do through the Horoscopes. However, the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide a lot more information and detail into exactly where, when and how this will impact you.

All the very best for the coming month and these uncertain but also extraordinary times.

Anne Macnaughtan

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